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  1. Most desktop motherboards support wake-on-lan, but it's a capricious technology, you probably just need to enable it in the bios (Wake on PCIE device) or a driver update (Realtek for example had Windows 10 WoL problems with older drivers). Or, you're not sending the packet correctly, you need to sent it from a device in your internal network, not from the internet. But, it's definitely not reliable enough to use as an alarm clock. Use an old phone in airplane mode.
  2. Why lock the fan speed? Let the card self-manage decreasing the RPM automatically for lower loads
  3. Openvpn is somewhat annoying to install, but fortunately some nice people made some scripts that are very helpful. This guy made one ---> Looks like some else improved on it: Definitely what I'd use to get setup quickly!
  4. Something really weird happened to me, my system would stop booting Win10 where it would be frozen on the spinning dots. I googled this and the solution was the clear the "nvram" by removing the Cmos battery. Suprisingly, that worked! Then I loaded my saved bios settings and everything was still fine. Before I solved this, I had another symptom - all of the sudden my fans stopped spinning [!]. They'd spin up at boot, then they'd go to 0rpm after POST and they'd stay there. My motherboard does have fan control, but it's never 0rpm. Running prime 95 _normally_ makes them spin faster at 70C, but in this case they were stuck at 0rpm until , well, reboot (for overheat ?). Asus p7p55d pro [ 1156] Core i7-750 GTX 1070 Anyway I can't reproduce the problem yet, I'm trying to figure out if the "corrupt cmos nvram" as per google was really the cause of both the fans stopping and the Win10 spinning dot freeze. I've now replaced the CMOS battery because it was a little weak. I haven't been very nice to my computer recently as Claymore miner has been making it BSOD/Reboot (intelppm.sys). If that helps... Nothing else has ever indicated to me that my computer wasn't stable, I always assumed these were CUDA crashes because of buggy mining software. I mucked around with speedfan and AIDA64 but I doubt thats relevant. Speedfan can't control my fans because the motherboard is set to control them. Also a speedfan problem wouldn't cause 0rpm issues to persist on reboot.... Hard Drive issues were ruled out because, the spinning dots freeze I was able to reproduce on my Live copy of Win10 on USB (before I'd reset the CMOS to fix this)
  5. check out Jordan Peterson's videos.
  6. The only thing I can suggest is the practice mode going in circles around the ball is a good way to test for frame drops. Recently It's gotten better, but not quite perfect. Hard to tell because I have expected "stuttering" when someone leaves the game because it hits my CPU hard for 1 second
  7. So, lots of news in the last few months. - Windows 10's builtin Bluetooth stack Claims to include APT-X Support (range is still terrible on most devices) - Galaxy S8 Includes Bluetooth 5.0 w/ long-range headphone support - Android is adding support for APT-X, APT-X HD, and LDAC
  8. Hi I'm trying to figure out why I feel little frame jumps in RL. My highest CPU Core is at 60% and my GPU is at 50%, with v-sync locked to 75Hz. Can I measure these drops with a graph? The last time this happened I resolved it by updating my graphics driver. Is there a known issue currently? i5-750 @ 3.8Ghz w/ GTX 1070. A mismatched pair perhaps, but there doesn't appear to be any bottlenecks at 75fps locked.
  9. I remember the 1070 having additional features for VR and h265... double check if that matters to you... personally I would do 1070 just in case, lower power consumption...
  10. Are you gonna play hard-to-run games at 30fps locked? I absolutely hate framerate varience. If you don't lock it I think it will vary too much and provide a worse experience than console, potentially
  11. Windows because I don't like to read. Linux makes me read.
  12. Asus (p7p55d pro) , i5-750 I'm just wondering why LLC increases idle voltage and not just load voltage. Wouldn't it make more sense to leave idle voltage alone and just increase load voltage to maximize stability under load? My board only has 2 LLC modes, Enabled and Disabled. When I enable LLC, it raises my idle Volts by about 0.03. This means that when leaving LLC ON, I have to lower my Volts by 0.03 ro avoid hitting the 1.4V limit. Unconfirmed: it feels like I can overclock slightly more with LLC off. With LLC off my offset can be set 0.03 higher without going over 1.4V. Thanks! EDIT: side question; should I use Small FFT or Blend in Prime95 to test max BCLK (a.k.a. lowerd multiplier, maximum BCLK)
  13. I've kind of been wondering if Displayfusion affects this one way or another on my setup.
  14. I fixed it! I had to put the monitor in gamer mode, if I switch to "Reader" or "Cinema" and try to play games I get this problem.
  15. I started noticing these occasional glitches in Rocket League and I was able to reproduce the problem with furmark, then with a camera I was able to get a picture of what happens I'm suspecting a HDMI problem or the fact that I put the monitor in "reading mode" instead of "gamer mode". I don't think my GTX1070 is dying because i wasn't (yet) able to reproduce the problem on my DVI 2209WA.