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  1. cloneman

    Philips Hue is a RIPOFF

    Does anyone have an IFTTT or other automation system that changes the Yeelight Color temperature automatically based on sunrise/sunset like f.lux? I would like my yeelight to automatically be Daytime white in the daytime and Yellow or Red at night. I'm trying to avoid learning how to use the API to accomplish this basic job
  2. cloneman

    Corsair Flash Voyager GTX

    Gonna necropost this thread to get some discussion going. Had anyone benchmarked this vs the Sandisk Extreme USB for running a full OS or a VM? Like Windows2Go, Mac OSX, or VMware workstation
  3. I've had this issue for a while since upgrading to Windows 10 on my old i5-750. If I run a single-threaded application, such as prime95 with 1 worker, it will not max out 1 Core and Leave 3 idling, it will somehow divide the load evenly, 25% per core, according to task manager graphs. Only if I manually set the CPU affinity in task manager will it max out 1 core properly. I don't quite understand this behavior. It's not a display glitch because if I manually set the affinity, the temperature rises on that core which is now working "alone" on the task. Otherwise, with no affinity, all the cores stay at roughly the same temp with occasional spikes on each core.
  4. cloneman

    Miracast receiver / sink?

    I would like to display the same content that is on my desktop into a Monitor in the Kitchen. I don't need "perfect" video fidelity or A/V Sync, but I'm trying to keep the cost of this project low by connecting a miracast "HDMI receiver". I might also need a miracast sender on my desktop, as It's quite old. What's a good Miracast "receiver to -HDMI output" device? I found only this so far https://www.gearbest.com/digital-antenna/pp_452931.html?wid=1527929 Chromecast is not acceptable as the delay would be too great.
  5. Aren't most full-size gaming PCs with fat rear ends basically that?
  6. - An Freesync LCD panel that can take an external HDMI *input* to play console games with - A built in ARM Mini PC into the Laptop Chassis ,like a RasbPi, and you can switch input to it on the LCD panel (it could run at the same time as the x86 motherboard, or by itself). This could be used as a a very-low power alternative to running the x86 hardware for extending the battery. Or, even cooler, it can overlay other information on to the monitor at the same time as the main computer. You could have your x86 computer on sleep mode and use the ARM hardware to instantly extend the battery. Or you could use it for google-assistant or stuff like that without turning on the "main laptop" - a Built in Hardware high-power class 1 USB Audio Device for Wireless headphones, APT-X Low Latency _hardware_ encoder, that bypasses the OS bluetooth stack. - Built-in support for a wireless microphone that does not use bluetooth - a Built in Logitech Unifying receiver for the mouse - trackpad that has been stolen from any Apple laptop after 2009 - An ethernet port or other interesting port that is directly on the charging brick - Upgrade path to low-end Dedicated GPU (for freesync or VP9 decoding) at a low cost Any other number of cool things that would make laptops interesting again ! I realise no company will do all of this, but someone should do some of them!
  7. Thought I'd start a new thread.. What makes a bluetooth product interesting or rare? Good or Interesting: -- Presence of Class 1 Range "100m" Specification -- Presence of AptX , or even better, APTX-LL -- good fit for freedom of movement without a badly designed cable (Like the mpow swift's al dente spaghetti cable) -- proprietary wireless dongle instead of bluetooth. Not Important / Not Interested -- "total wireless" or not -- AAC support -- Microphone Calling quality (they all suck) -- Larger Full-size bluetooth headphones I'm looking at the Sennheiser HD series whict at least has APTX-LL. Also: List of good transmitters: http://www.avantree.com/multipoint-bluetooth-transmitter-avantree-tc418.html I'm trying to Insert a tablet into this post and having trouble
  8. Polling for interesting ideas. I know how to use basic screen capture software, but I want to make sure I'm using the most effective tools because I'm going to be doing this more often. Some considerations: 1. I'm curious about exporting to a GIF (or similar) format -- the destination audience will be Microsoft Outlook users. This could be a cool way to have short tutorials in-line with an email. But, I'd imagine some email programs don't play gifs, and also gifs are large. I don't want to have a complicated process to encode and optimize, lower the framerate from an mp4 into a gif, has to be easy to take a snippet from a longer video and make a gif out of it. 2. For long-form tutorials, I'm going to be uploading to Youtube. I tried OBS capture, one of the issues I'm running into is I want to capture only a "part" of the screen, and I want to be able to "move" the viewport or "camera", maybe via hotkey. The idea is to make it easy for the person watching the video to see exactly the part of the screen they should be paying attention to; capturing in full-screen 1080p is very bad for this. I also need to move the viewport around sometimes to avoid capturing irrelevant or confidential content. 3. Anything else that would be useful to quickly make tutorials that are more professional (e.g. Title screens, or basic powerpoint-style content to explain concepts). I could just use OBS to switch to poweropint, but I was curious if anyone had other ideas. Thanks
  9. cloneman

    VoLTE on unlocked android phones = vaporware

    Here in canada there's no Way to use an unlocked android phone with VoLTE unless you bought it from the original carrier.
  10. Seems to be the trend that VoLTE doesn't work ounless carriers whitelist it. This means, Apple phones support it, and only "select" 1st-party Android phones. This is vexing because the "cool" place to be is imported/unlocked android phone, and it's an arbitrary restriction because of jank-slow VoLTE rollout...
  11. I've been bouncing back & forth on various enthusiast sites like cnx software following ARM mini PC news (god only knows why, I haven't even figured out why I need one) I may actually be interested in puchasing 2 seperate devices, or maybe 1 device can do everything and if I get tired of messing with Linux I could repurpose it as a HTPC with AndroidTV or LibreELEC Here are my 2 objectives 1) ARM PC with good performance and official-ish linux support (for example Armbian) I found this cool list: https://www.armbian.com/download/?device_support=Supported - The ability to run a linux distribution that mostly is up to date without having to use all sorts of workarounds , hunting for driivers. compiling kernels, etc. - If possible , hardware GPU accelleration in linux (maybe). Probably useless. - Support for external storage of some kind (for example, to build a ghetto NAS) The Rockchip RK3399 for example is recent and apparently powerful but isn't supported by linux as nicely as some older SoC 2) Runs a recent (7.x+) version AndroidTV or OpenELEC nicely , including 4K HEVC Decoding, and stable 5Ghz WiFi support . Again, without having to hack ghetto roms that never get updated properly. A lot of older TV boxes have very old android Versions. Ability act as a chromecast destination is nice too. Cool stuff I found so far: Rock64 https://www.pine64.org/?page_id=7147 Rockchip RK3328 + 4gb of Ram and USB 3.0 Supports Armbian and many other OS's Sandisk "A1" and "A2" Class microSD card for high IOPS Performance Mi Box S - Supports Official Android TV Builds and is cheap (59.99 USD on sale sometimes). Can act as a chromecast destinaiton. Various Amlogic Chinese TV Boxes ?? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/ACEMAX-Latest-Android-8-1-Oreo-Amlogic-S905X2-4GB-32GB-Quad-Core-TV-BOX-2-4G/32950245959.html Discuss!
  12. cloneman

    Unable to activate Windows XP in New VM 2018

    Just tried to activate by phone with 2 different keys, doesn't work. Also tried calling their activation line in Italy, per youtube. no dice. I guess they just don't care...
  13. I loaded Windows XP in a VM to play old games but it's refusing to activate by telephone or by internet. It's like Microsoft completely shut down activation servers. Do I have to use a stupid workaround or reset the activation timer just to use my legit WinXP?
  14. I found this question that explains the situation well https://superuser.com/questions/954262/why-do-damaged-hard-drives-freeze-the-entire-system basically this is what's happening, I have a Corsair F120 who's main partition disappeared. I realise it's an SSD so the chance of recovery is low, but at least one of the partitions is still there, and I need to be able to load up recovery software to have a fair chance. But the drive just hangs there forever, hangs windows explorer and EaseUS recovery software when I plug it in. I also didn't get very far in trinity rescue kit or System Rescue CD (Linux) but I don't exactly know what im doing, especially when it just sits there for 20-30 minutes before I can try something else
  15. cloneman

    Boom Mic without headphones?

    Hi, I use a jaybirdX2 as my headphones , but I disable the microphone portion because Bluetooth microphones are stupid and revert to mono audio if you use them. I've been using a cheap USB headset just for it's microphone which rests on my shoulders. I would like a more elegant solution, a boom microphone that I can use while using jaybird bluetooth Stereo at the same time. If anyone knows wireless mics that aren't bluetooth and aren't 200$, that would be a welcome suggestion as well, but I'll settle for wired.