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  1. I found this question that explains the situation well https://superuser.com/questions/954262/why-do-damaged-hard-drives-freeze-the-entire-system basically this is what's happening, I have a Corsair F120 who's main partition disappeared. I realise it's an SSD so the chance of recovery is low, but at least one of the partitions is still there, and I need to be able to load up recovery software to have a fair chance. But the drive just hangs there forever, hangs windows explorer and EaseUS recovery software when I plug it in. I also didn't get very far in trinity rescue kit or System Rescue CD (Linux) but I don't exactly know what im doing, especially when it just sits there for 20-30 minutes before I can try something else
  2. Boom Mic without headphones?

    Hi, I use a jaybirdX2 as my headphones , but I disable the microphone portion because Bluetooth microphones are stupid and revert to mono audio if you use them. I've been using a cheap USB headset just for it's microphone which rests on my shoulders. I would like a more elegant solution, a boom microphone that I can use while using jaybird bluetooth Stereo at the same time. If anyone knows wireless mics that aren't bluetooth and aren't 200$, that would be a welcome suggestion as well, but I'll settle for wired.
  3. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    Apple likes to control the experience too much and there's a large amount of followers that are apologists for every bad decision they make. There's no healthy dialogue between Apple and it's customers, so the output is overpriced products that don't have long warranties, expensive repair services, and can't be upgraded. Mac OSX Dock and Finder are piece of garbage that are not user friendly at all but no one complains about them for some reason. That's the kind of stuff that bothers me. If you read apple discussion forums, all you'll find are people telling you that you are wrong because you like to do things in an non-apple way. it's a very aggressive elitist stance, most often propaged by people with great English skills but very poor tech skills. It's a stark contrast to other forums, where I often find people struggling with their language skills but I understand their mission and goals perfectly.
  4. mpow swift awesome?

    What's makes the mpow swift bluetooth earbuds so awesome? (other than aptX). I trending toward not using any other headphones. The vocals are clear when I watch movies and the bass blows my head off without sounding distorted. Just curious because I'm not an audiophile and I'm beginning to dislike pretty much any headphone that doesn't sound like these.
  5. With the new creators update on the way, its time again to un-do the resetting of default font sizes by microsoft for tooltips, menu bars, icon text, Windows Explorer, etc. This is for font boosting without the forced use of Display Scaling. https://www.wintools.info/index.php/advanced-system-font-changer
  6. In Windows 10 the CPU graph works differently than in Windows 7. On a 4C/4T i5 if you run Prime 95 on 1 thread only, it will show each CPU using 25% on the graph, instead of the expected behavior, 1 core at 100% and 3 cores at 0%. This creates a problem because if I'm playing a game, I have no idea if there's a CPU bottleneck. I run v-sync so my GPU is never at 100%, so I can't use that as a metric for determining if a CPU bottleneck exists. That's a poor metric anyway because bottlenecks can occur anywhere in the game, etc. the concept of minimum FPS. I tried MSI afterburner's overlay but I think it uses the same CPU% numbers as task manager. Clarification: for example if a game is dual-core optimized I'll look at my CPU graph and I have to 'guess' that my bottleneck point to look for on the graph is 50% on each core instead of 100% ? EDIT: OKay apparently Windows 10 likes to share 1 thread among all its cores? If I force prime95 to CPU0 then the graph is as I'd expect it to be , and Core0 heats up more than the others. Can someone explain how this works and how to find bottlenecks
  7. I sort of figured out whats going on here. If I crash with a BSOD for some reason (maybe too much OC) something happens to my bios/cmos. My system won't boot after that unless I pull the cmos battery and reset everything. Everything works fine after that. So, a BSOD, when it occurs, is triggering some sort of bios change or corruption. Weird, don't know how to fix.
  8. Waking from sleep

    Most desktop motherboards support wake-on-lan, but it's a capricious technology, you probably just need to enable it in the bios (Wake on PCIE device) or a driver update (Realtek for example had Windows 10 WoL problems with older drivers). Or, you're not sending the packet correctly, you need to sent it from a device in your internal network, not from the internet. But, it's definitely not reliable enough to use as an alarm clock. Use an old phone in airplane mode.
  9. What's the safe temperature limit for a GTX 1070?

    Why lock the fan speed? Let the card self-manage decreasing the RPM automatically for lower loads
  10. Openvpn is somewhat annoying to install, but fortunately some nice people made some scripts that are very helpful. This guy made one https://github.com/Nyr/openvpn-install ---> Looks like some else improved on it: https://github.com/Angristan/OpenVPN-install Definitely what I'd use to get setup quickly!
  11. Something really weird happened to me, my system would stop booting Win10 where it would be frozen on the spinning dots. I googled this and the solution was the clear the "nvram" by removing the Cmos battery. Suprisingly, that worked! Then I loaded my saved bios settings and everything was still fine. Before I solved this, I had another symptom - all of the sudden my fans stopped spinning [!]. They'd spin up at boot, then they'd go to 0rpm after POST and they'd stay there. My motherboard does have fan control, but it's never 0rpm. Running prime 95 _normally_ makes them spin faster at 70C, but in this case they were stuck at 0rpm until , well, reboot (for overheat ?). Asus p7p55d pro [ 1156] Core i7-750 GTX 1070 Anyway I can't reproduce the problem yet, I'm trying to figure out if the "corrupt cmos nvram" as per google was really the cause of both the fans stopping and the Win10 spinning dot freeze. I've now replaced the CMOS battery because it was a little weak. I haven't been very nice to my computer recently as Claymore miner has been making it BSOD/Reboot (intelppm.sys). If that helps... Nothing else has ever indicated to me that my computer wasn't stable, I always assumed these were CUDA crashes because of buggy mining software. I mucked around with speedfan and AIDA64 but I doubt thats relevant. Speedfan can't control my fans because the motherboard is set to control them. Also a speedfan problem wouldn't cause 0rpm issues to persist on reboot.... Hard Drive issues were ruled out because, the spinning dots freeze I was able to reproduce on my Live copy of Win10 on USB (before I'd reset the CMOS to fix this)
  12. Life is A Waste of Time

    check out Jordan Peterson's videos.
  13. Rocket League Microstuttering

    The only thing I can suggest is the practice mode going in circles around the ball is a good way to test for frame drops. Recently It's gotten better, but not quite perfect. Hard to tell because I have expected "stuttering" when someone leaves the game because it hits my CPU hard for 1 second
  14. Wireless Headphones Battle & Knowledge dump

    So, lots of news in the last few months. - Windows 10's builtin Bluetooth stack Claims to include APT-X Support (range is still terrible on most devices) - Galaxy S8 Includes Bluetooth 5.0 w/ long-range headphone support - Android is adding support for APT-X, APT-X HD, and LDAC
  15. Hi I'm trying to figure out why I feel little frame jumps in RL. My highest CPU Core is at 60% and my GPU is at 50%, with v-sync locked to 75Hz. Can I measure these drops with a graph? The last time this happened I resolved it by updating my graphics driver. Is there a known issue currently? i5-750 @ 3.8Ghz w/ GTX 1070. A mismatched pair perhaps, but there doesn't appear to be any bottlenecks at 75fps locked.