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  1. At this point the smart features are actually a subsidy on the TV. The TV company gets paid to include useless apps on their device. If they made a TV without them it would probably be more expensive
  2. That's true, everyone loves their ridiculous half-assed non-rotating wall mounts so they won't tolerate a bulging piece at the back of the TV. I mean, I think if you added something that people actually want it could sell. An upgrade to the built-in WiFi. An NES mini. etc.
  3. So, like most tech nerds I'm aware that many builtin features on a SmartTV can be laughably bad. You'd think they'd at least put something as powerful as a Raspberry Pi in there, but nope, "because reasons" they want to save the 20$ and they feel customers will not buy their TV if it costs 20$ more than a competitor's TV. The average customer is ignorant on benchmarking TV software. I recently helped someone pickout a Sony X900F TV, a "budget high-end" model. I made my decision because the upscaling and response rate had good reviews. Also, it had built-in chromecast, so I thought, even if the the builtin Smart Apps suck, I can just Cast Everything. I certainly was not disappointed. The built in WiFi was mediocre and the ARM SoC was total crap. If I want to use this TV for casual gaming or running Android apps, I'm going to have to buy a 3rd party box, because it's slow as balls. Anyway, just a thought experiment. Wouldn't it be nice if TV's came with an expansion card where you could completely replace the chip that handles the Smart TV features? I mean, especially Sony, they could totally sell you an overpriced PlayStation 3 "card" to put in there. I really dislike products out there in the wild that are so slow or broken that they are basically useless. The market is flooded with mid-tier products that have major limitations. Sure, next year's model will be slightly better. Who cares. I want to make it better now, without wasting one of the built-in HDMI ports and having another device to plug into a power outlet.
  4. So I was thinking about starting a video tutorial channel where I use OBS to have my head floating around (like a gamestreamer) but rest of the screen is pen input. I'm wondering what the best ways are of doing this, followed by the most cost effective way. Brainstorming: - OBS would need to "capture" the iPad screen as HDMI input device. This means I need a HDMI Capture Card & an iPad. unless there is a more cost effective way of low latency mirroring with iPad + Windows PC. Samsung tablet with s-pen? other ideas? - Overhead camera pointed at iPad (more ghetto) iPad pro + pencil is pretty expensive for this purpose I don't like the wacom idea because then I'm not writing on the screen directly, it's just a more fancy mouse.
  5. I just tried WoX and it looks amazing so far, finally something to Rescue me from Windows 10's terrible start menu and Searc
  6. I would like a more formal podcast / news format. I don't like some of LTT's news content anymore, I feel the following things kinda suck now: - WAN show (off topic casual was fun for a while, but it's time to move on) - TechLinked (yelling at me random bits that I don't care about) A lot of channels are doing tech news now but I think it think LTT can offer something more. As a die hard LTT fan , I've pretty much already bought everything I'll ever need and then some, so even reviews are getting to be offtopic for me as I own so many gadgets already. I still think those are good, but I don't watch them anymore as much because I already own 12 pairs of headphones and 5 laptops. tl-dr I would like a long form podcast/news/discussion show
  7. Anyone know what a good future-proof USB Bluetooth Dongle might be? Slim pickings so far for Bluetooth 5 or Class 1 USB devices. I've decided to try the new feature to make phone calls. Unfortunately, it seems to be limited to select Samsung and OnePlus devices (hopefully someone can make a Magisk / LineageOS patch for this) Additionally, my old USB bluetooth dongle doesn't have BTLE
  8. Removing the headphone jack was instrumental in pushing forward aptX and SBC-HD on Android & LineageOS. Now we just need to put it back so we get the best of both worlds.
  9. Will she use a mobile that feeds regular house phones? Might be easier to setup. It takes a simcard and provides voltage for traditional telephones. https://www.telus.com/en/qc/support/mobile-device/wf721-wireless-home-phone VoIP over WiFi is not typically reliable. Powerline ethernet doesn't need anything special, but it doesn't work in every type of house wiring.
  10. aptX-LL is a older variant . AptX-LL requires dongles on the transmitter side typically.
  11. https://www.aptx.com/product-listing?aptx_type=336same Just 3 products, but at least it's possible to game in your phone now in lower-latency bluetooth, without using a dongle.
  12. When I long-press my bluetooth headset (Trekz Aftershockz Air) Sometimes the "Ok Google" stuff is WAYYYY too loud, the beep the voice, etc. and I can't find a way to turn it down.
  13. I have an older slingbox and I'd like to try the HDMI input but my Sat box encrypts it. Which product (HD Fury etc.) could I try to fix this? Alternatively, if there's a good chinese replacement slingbox (e.g h.265-over-ip) I'd be interested in that as well.
  14. Depends on the Audio Driver. I guess my primary complaint is with Bluetooth Headphones and the Logitech G933. The "Balance" button is missing on mine. My internal soundcard does support L/R, so at least there's that. But on my laptop, no such luck.