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    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ShadowCaptain


      I didnt say you were.. I said, leaving threads lead to arguments, so they are not allowed

      The forum is owned by Linus, and we operate by his rules, this is not a public forum, its a private one owned Linus Media Group - they say, we do

    3. ☰ David Jones ☰

      ☰ David Jones ☰

      Eh! Right. Oh well! Sorry if I seemed a bit POed, I tend to speak my mind and can get a tad angry at times. Gotta work on that.

    4. ShadowCaptain


      its cool, yeah its best to keep cool and consider your speech online, its hard to tell peoples emotions through text alone

      (if that makes any sense at all)

  1. I see that someone got up on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak, what's up man?
  2. Hmm, well I personally haven't been on too many forums myself, but joined this one because it looked good.
  3. Hi champs! So apparently me mate @Geekazoid decided that he needed quite a lengthy break from this forum, don't know why, some personal reason, but that's got me wondering and asking... who else has chosen to leave this great community forum? I've only been a member here for about two weeks, and so I'm wondering, is it normal for people to leave this forum, isn't this supposed to be a great community forum, if so, then why are people leaving? I'm kind of a bit confused and curious at the same time. Anyway, anyone care to shed some light on this, so to speak, or even just share your thoughts on this. Dave B)
  4. Would any of you smart gentlemen really pay $14,000 for a freaking HDMI cable? ROTFLMAO

  5. What the [bleeeeeeep]?! No one in their [bleep]en right mind would pay $14,000 for that, although some people obviously we're stupid enough to. #SuperFacepalm
  6. What facepalm, I don't see no facepalm? :huh:
  7. Heck! Windows XP, who uses that these days? Haha Anyway, joking aside, I think making sure you've got all the service packs installs (1-3), that would be a good start, but I do believe that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP, for obvious reasons, so maybe look at installing, dare I say it, at least Windows Vista, but Windows 7 if you can, as the former kinda was crappy. Anyway, good luck with it dude. @jtmccutcheon98
  8. @XTankSlayerX would be just the right guy for the job, he seems pretty talented.
  9. Oh crappity crap! - Alex Striz
  10. Thanks man! Interesting video. @nicklmg
  11. You ain't getting no freaking award, sorry dude. Info direct from Linus himself! JK
  12. Well that one right there is the cream of the crop. The others would be kinda...meh.
  13. Hey man, like my signature, look familiar? :D