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  1. Wow went through alot of gpus there. Best Buy has a EVGA GTX 1070 with Mass Effect Andromeda for $400 USD so I might just pick up that. Most people selling their 1070's on hardwareswap is pretty much around $350 USD. So I can sell Andromeda and the Titan to make some of my money back. If you are interested in my Titan, I will send a PM about it tomorrow if you don't mind. Otherwise it is going on eBay.
  2. Damn those Titan Blacks that you had before correct? I mean yeah if you really want this GPU we will keep in contact. Waiting for the 1070's to drop to that $300 or so price if it reaches it. Im a content creator so I need 16GB ram. The cheapest set DDR4 is still around $100 for 16GB so I am waiting on that as well to drop if it does. Whole lot of waiting if I do a platform upgrade lol.
  3. Have an Asus P8H67 Motherboard so not really a good option since I have a 3770 already. Cant buy a cheap p67,z68 or z77 micro atx boards since they are scarce in these days. Looking at Ebay prices currently I would put it at $250-270ish I guess. Do you want it? Lol
  4. I only bought Watch Dogs 2. Andromeda was given as a graduation gift. These where the last two I tested. Interesting.
  5. Thats at least another month or so right? Thats also what I was debating. I stream and make videos so I can benefit from a platform upgrade. But some prices are expensive especially DDR4 ram so I need to figure out what is better as a upgrade.
  6. In Gears 4 and Battlefield 1, I can run at their ultra preset no problems. But I just opened up Watch Dogs 2 and Mass Effect Andromeda and struggling to run well without changing my settings. Like switching to med or high settings.
  7. Currently rocking a GTX Ttian 6Gb with ACX Cooler. Looking to upgrade this GPU but I do not know what I should upgrade to. I only play at 1080p 60Hz. I was looking at the RX 570 or 580 but seems like cryptocurrency miners got to them. I was planning to get a GTX 1060 but seems like a minor upgrade but I can benefit from the architecture upgrades and noise. My limit is at max is a GTX 1070 at this point if I wanted to put a budget to it. I am okay with buying used if the price is okay. So anything under $350 USD at max. Current PC Specs i7 3770 16GB Ram GTX Titan 6GB 650W PSU
  8. I am editing in Premiere Pro CC. I primarily work on Windows. The hackintosh is more of a side project and hobby. I also will be using it to make some videos on my YouTube channel like tutorials, guides etc. The most I feel it sluggish in is during when I stream and play games at the same time. For example, Gears of War 4 at 1080p with the Titan runs fine at ultra settings when just gaming. But when I stream it and game at the same time, that is when it is sluggish and stutters like hell. I imagine the recent titles like Prey and Mass Effect Andromeda it might be the same.
  9. See thats my dilemma. Everything in this system is solid since I only play at 1080p. Plans are to stay at this resolution since upgrading monitor will indeed need a gpu upgrade alongside that.
  10. At this point Video Edit > Game Thats the thing, my system is already a hackintosh. Thats why I have two SSDs one for each OS. I know I had this GTX Titan for awhile now and yes it is closest to the 970 if the 970 is at stock OC speeds. The more I think about it, I might just go for the GPU upgrade.
  11. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BH8HtJ Here's what I currently do with this system. I play games at 1080p 60Hz. I also edit and make videos with this rig. I also run Windows 10 and Mac OS Sierra as well. I'm curious, if you had this rig what would you upgrade to it. I am trying to spend the least amount possible. Maybe $400 USD Max 1) Upgrade GPU to 1070 or RX 580 (When it comes available again...) 2) Upgrade to Ryzen or Kaby Lake, respective mobos and DDR4 Ram 3) Upgrade to bigger capacity HDD or SSDs
  12. I have not played Minecraft in ages. Maybe its time to go back at least for the multiplayer minigames that is. I think the last straw for me was The Division beta and Doom 2016 where I saw 2GB vram was starting to cause issues and not being able to have a steady framerate with frametimes going everywhere. Indeed they are. Hello fellow programmer!
  13. It pretty much is, I throw anything at 1080p at reasonable settings and it works well like 5% ish around the 970 on stock though. OC the 970 and it beats well. However the 3.5 gb vram issue over my 6gb vram is a different story.
  14. Found on here http://www.overclock.net/t/1363440/official-nvidia-geforce-gtx-titan-owners-club The HWBot Engineering BIOS is the one I use. Considering switching to the skyn3t BIOSes but no time to flash the bios yet.