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  1. It's a GA-Z97X-Gaming 5, Yes I've cleared the CMOS, No - I flashed the BIOS a few days ago.
  2. Hi guys, I hope we can work out this issue I'm having together - I recently overclocked my CPU (i5 4690k @ 4.2ghz / 1.175v) and decided to run a Prime95 blend test overnight (about 6hrs). When I woke up, everything was running fine so I stopped the tests, and shut the PC down. It's also good to note that there weren't any bad temperatures, the highest I saw was 82 degrees on the CPU, but as a one-off I was happy with that. When I went to boot it at lunch today, it just didn't POST. I didn't get anything on the screen and the HDD light just flashed like it was polling every 5 or so seconds. I managed to get the PC working weirdly by taking a stick of RAM out, booting it, and then putting the stick of RAM back in and it boots fine. If I then shut the PC down it won't turn on until I do the RAM-jumper-technique (quite the expensive jumper!) I just tried rigging up a spare PSU I have and even with that, the issue still persists, so that leads me to think the motherboard or the CPU has gone bad. What do you guys think? Maybe even the memory controller, but I'm not entiely sure. Maybe Prime95 just took it's last breath. (P.S I'm writing this using the PC now, it seems to work fine once booted and even survives stress tests)
  3. I agree. When it comes to making good quality content, you still have to take your time. That's why I had the question in the first place, because the editing is so consistent and often really well done, I'm surprised how Taran's hotkeys aren't being used across all the editors lol
  4. I completely agree, but in terms of speed compared to the other editors, does Taran push out more content?
  5. I've just thought of this while seeing the new video "CUTTING OPEN A LASER KEYSWITCH!" and it got me thinking, Taran has loads of different hotkeys and buttons that help him edit but does he actually edit quicker than the other editors? Just a fun, light hearted question that I thought to ask - Sam
  6. Last night, I came home to find that one of my screens on my PC was grey with loads of white lines through it. I had to force it shut down, and I saw the error "Video Card Error". I have the new AMD Crimson Driver which I've heard can be buggy. It has done this kind of thing when it over heats but the PC was idle with the screens off so I wouldn't think it got that hot. Another thing to note was that I swapped from a Pentium G3258 to an i5 4690k, which seemed fine until I got this thing... What do you guys think was the issue? Thanks, Sam.
  7. Username: Sammyjo20 Video 1: https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY Video 2: https://www.vessel.com/videos/MI7F0u2H8 Thanks!