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  1. Just wondering how the i5 760 holds up against the likes of the FX6300, Athlon 860k, and Skylake Pentiums/ i3s and if would be worth picking up one used on the cheap as an alternative for gaming? Ive seen a few videos around of it seemingly running deus ex: MD and a few other games alright with a mid tier GPU, but there doesn't seem to be many side to side benchmarks around.
  2. Okay so last I heard there was a curfew set in Paris after the attacks, does anyone know if that's still in place? If so what times is it in effect and when will it end? Thanks
  3. I'm not really looking forward to it to be honest. I'm not sure I can take an entire protagonists worth of Bethesda grade voice acting.
  4. Eh I really doubt that this will change much, bearing in mind that both Dark Souls 1 and 2 are also the equivalent of Teens in the UK and those games are far more grim than any of the halos.
  5. This is less uncanny valley and more uncanny grand canyon.
  6. Huh that's odd. I honestly though the Black Ops 2 match making was near perfect, at least for something not using dedicated servers
  7. Yeah Ill give you that, those who genuinely believe the whole PC master race thing are cancerous twats. They're also ignorant as fuck seeing as the term "PC master race" started as a youtuber taking the piss out of pc users false sense of superiority.
  8. Eh that really just seems to be you taking the PC master race thing to seriously. I just don't see how using a tongue in cheek phase makes him a bellend at all.
  9. How was his story twatty, and how was he being a bellend to his mate? By calling him a peasant? This whole affair seems to stem from taking everything literally, of course everything is going to be offensive when you ignore the context. The title was blatantly intended to be humorous and should be taken as such, just because someone doesn't like/understand the joke doesn't automatically make the teller a dick. As much as I hate to say it, it was just banter. And no genuine racism/homophobia/whatever shouldn't be allowed, however when used in certain contexts its fine. I don't get but-hurt when a mate takes the piss out of my sexuality by calling me a fag, I know that he's just messing around and that's fine. That sort of thing is acceptable. It's a similar story here, PC Master race is a bloody joke, a meme. If you honestly take it seriously (as in consoles/console players are genuinely inferior) then you're a bit of a twat. But that clearly not what the OP meant. Again as much as I hate using the word, it was just banter.
  10. Then let them look like bell ends if they enjoy the humour then whatever. No need to shit on someone for helping out a friend who was clearly interested in PC gaming from the start.
  11. Bloody hell I've never seen someone take a tongue in cheek saying so seriously, are you like this with everything? @OP Thats pretty cool, you'll have to show him some of the retro classics at some point
  12. G2A has it going for 38% if you don't mind having it on Rockstar Social instead
  13. Yeah I've been looking at those, I keep hearing lots of divided opinions though Below Ehhh there are other things I'd rather spend the difference on, besides I've been getting by just fine with a 8GB Iphone 4 with a decent amount of space to spare for a few years now. I cant say I really care about the back either seeing as I'll probably have it in a case or vinyl wrapped anyways.
  14. Its only due to the recent price drop down to £179 that Im able to even consider the 1+1, before I was looking at stuff like the Zenfone ZE550ML
  15. I've looked around on their forums a little but I've not found anything helpful, so I was just wondering if anyone here knows anything.
  16. Yeah CS:GO ranking system makes no sense. There was a time when I went on a 4 losing streak consistently placing around the middle of the scoreboard while my friend had won like 5 in a row placing either at the top or near the top of the score board. We went to play a game together and managed to win with me in the centre of the score board again with like 1 MVP medal while he was at the top with multiple MVP medals but lo and behold I somehow got promoted in to Gold nova master while he was still sitting in Nova 3. I really don't get it, he has more play time and is a better player than me in literally every way yet I normally end up getting ranked up first for some reason. Its getting really annoying especially seeing as there's no way I'm good enough to be up against Nova masters.
  17. Its looks pretty nice but compared to the old one it looks kinda amateur, kinda like something a first year college student would make.
  18. Derp, sorry I was thinking of the K70 not the mouse mat, I'm not sure how well sandpaper would work on fabric. I guess the idea still applies though, just scrub at it with something and then cover up any imperfections with a marker or fabric dye.
  19. I cant really tell from the images but you might be able to sand off the embossed bit and paint over it, although what type of paint you would need I don't know. Some kind of plastic paint maybe?
  20. To be fair on CS:GO the PC community is universally aids when it comes to FPS and MOBAs
  21. Aye, it will probably be pretty good, most Dice games are. Just not what people originally expected.
  22. I think the problem with this whole situation is that Battlefront 3 is shaping up to just be a re-skin of Battlefield 4 with a few tweaks here and there, which on its own will probably be a decent enough game (Hell it would probably make a excellent Republic Commando game). However that's not what people wanted. They wanted a new Battlefront game with all the features that made Battlefront 1+2 great and Battlefront 3 simply isn't that. You can understand peoples disappointment, Its like being told that you've won a Ferrari only when it shows up at your drive it's actually a Golf GTI. We should technically be grateful that we got a new car at all (Or a new Star Wars game in this case) Buuut it's not the one we thought we where getting. Not to mention that at the moment there seems to be a worrying lack of content in the main game even by 2015 standards.