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  1. I want to create a bat file that when run, disconnects my Bluetooth speaker from my PC. I use Windows 10. I have no idea if this is possible or what code to use so if anyone has the time to write it or has something similar already, I would appreciate if you could share that code. Also, the speaker I would like to disconnect is a JBL Flip 4.
  2. I want to create an output for my app that is always of fixed length. For example, I have Strings of numbers that look like this: 01 23 456 789 012 3 4 56 78 9 0 12 34 56 789 And I want to change it so it will always look like it's fixed length (like in Word when the text is filled with whitespaces to fill the page): 01 23 456 789 012 3 4 56 78 9 0 12 34 56 789 Any help would be appreciated.
  3. RageAx

    JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Sound Delay

    I have recently purchased a JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker. When I connected it to my laptop (Asus Rog Strix GL753VD), I noticed a delay in sound output. I could understand that Bluetooth creates such delays but I have another speaker from JBL (JBL GO) that doesn't have this delay. I could connect the speaker with a jack cable and eliminate the delay, but then what is the point of owning a wireless speaker. If you have any suggestion on how to remove this delay, please post your recommendation in the comments below. Thanks
  4. RageAx

    Removing special chars from variable

    Can you use iconv on variables? I thought you can only use it on files. And even if I use it on a file it justs returns '?' and not the respective character
  5. RageAx

    Removing special chars from variable

    I did forget to mention I am a complete noob when it comes to Bash. So I didn't understand most of what you just wrote
  6. I have a variable that I need to remove special characters from to form a username. Since the variable is dynamic I cannot just simply replace the char in one position. I need to replace chars such as "čćšžđ" in upper and lower cases with their ISO counterparts such as "cszd". I have searched the command but I cannot find anything that would suit my needs.
  7. RageAx

    Portable speaker for desktop

    I have a laptop with piss poor speaker built in. Since I don't want to use headphones all the time, I want to buy a portable speaker so I can take it with me since I use portable speakers a lot (don't worry, I'm not one of those people that blast their music in public). I was searching for something with quality sound, long-lasting battery and something that is not too big to carry around. I'm currently using JBL GO but I'm not satisfied with it. I found two other options: - JBL Flip 4 - JBL Charge 3 Both seem like very good options. The only problem I have with the Charge 3 is, that it's too big and bulky. I want the speaker to have good audio for gaming and also music (I don't know if these two things go hand in hand). If you have any experience with these two speakers I would love to read your opinion on them and if you have a better suggestion, please do write it in the comments. Thanks
  8. RageAx

    MySql query

    I have to make a query that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out. I have to return alliances that have more population than an average alliance has. But the thing is I have to calculate the average based on the number of population of an alliance, not individual players. In the spoiler window, there is a data model of the database. Oh and sorry that some text in the tables is in Slovene and not English.
  9. RageAx

    Offset in IP fragmentation

    I don't understand how you calculate the offset for IP fragmentation. I know you should divide the length of the datagram with 8 to get the offset. In the example below: If we divide 1480 with 8 we get 185 which is the correct value for the second offset. But if we add the offset of 1020 divided by 8 we get 312,5 and not 370 as is shown in this case. And even if we divide 1040 by 8 it still isn't enough. Please help and thank you for your answers.
  10. RageAx

    Theoretical Question about Addressing

    Linus should test this It would be an entertaining video, trying to connect as many devices as humanly possible to his network ^^
  11. Could you theoretically connect 65.535 (255.255) devices on your home subnet network if you configured your router to have a subnet mask of /16 ( and if not, why is this not possible? And if it is possible, to where could you stretch this limit. Thanks for your answers.
  12. You Sir, are a lifesaver!
  13. I need some help with my school work. I have been slacking off too much and am now neck deep in s**t. I have until Friday 6.4.2018 to create three separate scripts for school. They go as follows: Script 1: Write a script that will create a file "test", if it doesn't exist yet. If the file exists, create "test2" (if test2 already exists just overwrite it). Then copy the "test" into the file "temp" (overwrite the existing "temp" if it exists) and move both files inside the "storage/.conf". All operations are relative to the current location where we reside when we run the script. After the execution of the script is completed we need to be in the same location as in the beginning. Script 2: Write a script that creates the user "Rudolf Eror" with the username "banana". Password should be given to the script as the first argument and must not be empty. While creating the user, encrypt the password using the function sha-512. If the user was successfully created output "User created" with the exit status 0, else the exit status should be 42 Script 3: Write a script that accepts two parameters. From those parameters, the script returns a random number between 1 and the first and between 1 and the second parameter. The script then writes out this as "An item has been selected from row X in column Y" where X and Y represent a random number. If the user doesn't supply two arguments or provides invalid values (0 or lower) the script should output "Input correct values/arguments". However, we assume, that with two arguments supplied, the user will always provide two numbers. For example: input: ./script.sh 2 3 output: An item has been selected from row 2 in column 1 I know I should study beforehand but who here can claim that no school project has ever snuck up on them. Thank you for your help and if you have any educational sites where I could learn these things please post them here
  14. I saw on nexus mods that there exist mods for Assassin's Creed Origins. They are just texture replacements injected into the game if I understood correctly. I was wondering how these textures are created and how difficult would it be to create a mod of my own. I really wish to remove the stripes from the hood of the Egyptian Hedj outfit. There are some mods out there that do this but they all replace the whole outfit to make it more white and red (which I don't like). If you know if there exists a guide please tell me so I can try my hand at this. This is the outfit by default.
  15. RageAx

    Visual C++ 2015 installation error

    I just had to update my Windows. Now it installed.