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  1. So, we will finally see that the Noctua NH-D15 is the best CPU cooler? ? On a more serious note: Yeah, if 80 bucks for the best CPU cooler is too much for a budget, it will be great to have a resource to look up cheaper coolers. Amazing!
  2. Uhm, it is 30 dollars and not 60. Considering how much voice-overs in several languages alone cost, it is actually pretty cheap. If those voice-overs are of value to every buyer is another question tho. ?
  3. Yeah, I really can't see it, even after watching several videos of people crying bloody murder. All I hear is "I wanted it different!"... Guess I am easy to please when it comes to remastered games and don't lose my shit because I don't get a candy I saw in a promotional video 1.5 years ago. Don't get me wrong. You can be as upset about Blizzard as you like. I don't care at all. I just don't agree on the basis of what people say and show. It is a remaster after all and not a new game or redo (since people also cried bloody murder when Blizzard wanted to redo the game...). Good luck with your refunds. I hear a ticket usually does the trick if issued within 48 hours.
  4. Can you post a comparison that shows how the graphics are worse? Whatever I find only has other camera angles and zoom values. (You quoted a comparison i posted right there!) They did change the models to use in-engine models, but that has been known for a year and also because of player demand. Can you show which kind of UI they promised? I never noticed that when waiting. ? That may also fall under the "people bashed them for suggesting it" kinda deal tho. I have seen quite a few remastered games and people seem to be all jacked up for everything that is not 100% true to the original. Graphics only is what some people "demand". Even sounds are frowned upon by some, due to changing the atmosphere. I do enjoy the updated audio in WC3R tho. They even translated it, written and spoken! Game cut-scenes are exactly as promised. Changes to modding rules are in line with what every company does nowadays. I understand people not liking it, but those rules hardly make the game any better or worse, right? It is a new release that usually also gets updated rules. It is their game, so their rules. Don't like them, don't use mods. Pretty easy actually. The comparison videos you are talking about do not show anything missing or anything not advertised a year ago. If you find one that does, please post it here. I am honestly interested in finding one. Right now it just feels like people saw something at Blizzcon, then ignored everything advertised since then. Now people are mad because stuff changed between initial showing and now? That is... kind of... how games always work?! If they had a finished product back then, they would have released it back then. I get that people may have liked the original plan better, but other people may like the current plan better. I don't care either way, but lean on liking the current way (remaster, not redo) better. What annoys me more is all the badmouthing for stuff that has been known for a year or close to it. If people don't follow a game for a year and buy it without checking if anything changed, it is on them. But oh well. People seem to love to hate on this one. Fine by me. Not gonna load it up again once I finish the campaign anyways, so I don't care if others flood the chats with fury and flames haha. I do urge people to just ignore those folks and enjoy the game tho. It is quite fun to play after playing the original a week ago. It has the same feel, yet it looks and plays so much nicer.
  5. I play WOW every few years with my wife. Not for long, usually pushing an expansion, enjoying the story and then quickly getting tired of the raiding game nowadays. But whenever we try a different MMO, we quit within 2 days tops. So again: It may not be a great experience in WOW, but it still is "the best". I understand that is sad, but true (for us) anyways. I would enjoy the old quality Blizzard used to deliver, no question asked.
  6. Can anyone here elaborate on what exactly is missing that was advertised? I literally tried finding out, since everyone and their dog claims that about everything is missing. But no one seems to name even a single thing. The changed campaign was scrapped (a year ago) after fans demanded a "true to the original" remaster over a changed game with the old name. Which,... is kind of expected, no? If you remaster a game, people expect better graphics, sounds and maybe convenience, but the same game nonetheless. But now people are claiming they promised the thing they removed to due fan feedback and did not deliver? Strange logic. It was known for about a year or so. They basically got an outrage (kind of like now) for even suggesting they would change something lol. Now they get the same outrage again, for listening? Damn. ? The MP issues were down to servers smoking due to everyone bashing them at once. Something that happens with about every new game and is already resolved. There may be more, but I don't play MP myself and I can't find a single bashing person naming the actual problems. What else is there that was "promised" and did not get delivered? Edit for a comparison: Old cut scene vs new cut scene If they had used even shinier graphics, people would have bitched about it not being true to the original (we have had that for several remasters in the past years). On that front, they can't win. If they do more, people cry. If they do less, people cry. If they do what they do, people cry. Watch those two cut scenes and tell me what is wrong with the new version please. It is improved by a lot AND even twice as long. Also, they not only remastered english voiceovers, but more languages. That is a hell of a lot of work done right there. Please don't think I am badly trying to defend Blizzard here. I am really not sure what the problem seems to be. I want to understand. All the people saying "it's bad!" are not helping that much. ?
  7. I agree. Larian Studio is pretty nice as well. I would not blindly buy any game from them tho, while I do that for CDPR. Used to do that with all Blizzard and Ubisoft titles, but Ubisoft went bad quite a while ago and Blizzard... oh well. Just being worse than they used to, but still much higher quality than almost anyone else. Been reading the blizzard forums for WC3R for a while now. People seem to be pissed about it being an old game mostly. The rose colored glasses remembered a better game for the most part. Like 9/10 people just say: "I dislike the game!" or "I feel let down!". Hard to find someone being specific as to what is actually the problem. The people having FPS drops are also 100% Ryzen users, which is exactly why I switched back to Intel for the time being. (I did not read every fps topic, only the first 7, so don't bash me if there is an intel user hidden somewhere, ha!)
  8. The sad part about Blizzard: They are still making the best games out there (with very few exceptions like Witcher obviously), despite being MUCH worse than they used to. Yeah, they went downhill bad, but compare them to EA, Ubisoft and the like and you see what the market has become. CD project Red is the new shining star on the horizon, for now. Let's all hope they don't go the way of the Blizzard. (Hell, even Ubisoft was amazing, way back then,... so sad)
  9. I checked this comparison: On YouTube They do look slightly different, I agree. But they are now closer to the original feeling. The Blizzcon version kind of changed the feeling. So, while I see the difference, I also am sure that plenty of other people would have bitched about the other cut scenes, because they changed too much and where not true to the original game. I personally don't mind either version tbh. The Blizzcon one does look slightly newer, while the current ones do seem to use the engine itself and look more like an improved version of the original compared to changing it all together. The differences are basically zoomed in and camera movement related and maybe a few extra pixels or so. Still nothing I would go all mad about tho. ? People seem to hate it for some reason. But I just have a good time with the campaign now and am happy. The Starcraft remake was much worse in my eyes, so I guess I did not expect some kind of miracle here. At the very least I don't see why we need to light the torches THAT bad right now. Remakes always polarize people, due to the many approaches a remake can choose. Staying close to the original is the worst for some, while others strongly demand it /shrug. The same people that are mad about some missing tournament features are also mad about cut scenes not changing the original enough. Hypocrisy at its best. ?
  10. But they delivered redone cut scenes,... I may be dull here, forgive me, but people seem to be outraged about stuff that is just not true at all. Just because I think a cut scene should be redone in some other way, does not mean it is not as advertised. No matter how they redo it, there will always be people claiming it was "the wrong way". A player base like the one for blizzard games is so huge that you will always get a huge group of pissed people. Look, I dislike Activision as much as everyone else. I just dislike bashing things that are false even more. We get that plenty in politics, don't bring that to gaming as well. Bash them for stuff that is valid and true, don't make up stuff that can be proven wrong by just starting up the game and opening your eyes.
  11. I get that, but I still feel like the outrage is a little extreme. Most of the points mentioned around the web are flat out wrong after all. You just need to fire up the game and look at it to verify,... that is why I am strongly skeptical about what is happening here. Kind of expect a MP loving gang of people review bombing here TBH. As I said: I did not look into that and don't plan to. The game itself, the campaign, is done better than expected. By far actually. You can even pick to run the original game and compare,... they reworked about everything, including sound, videos and voiceover. Crying about not having animated loading screens seems kind of,... extreme, no? Especially since I am just now looking at an animated loading screen. ?
  12. Meanwhile, I am having a blast and zero issues with the game. Did not check out the MP part, but honestly never got interested in that anyways. (Hell, I don't even remember it having MP originally,...) Did not run into any graphical bugs, performance issues, crashes or letdowns. It is just basically the old game with slightly shinier pictures, sounds and videos. Got all I expected to get tbh. Not quite sure what people expected it to be. A new game? They would have called it Warcraft IV then.
  13. I trust it, when I see it (reviewed). All the current 1ms IPS screens only get close to that if they screw over the whole picture and make your eyes bleed. Honestly just sounds like something to check all marketing boxes. Kinda like the 8k 120hz Consoles coming up. They can show you 8k and they can do 120hz, but they can't do both. Still, not lying tho... just funky wording to make some people fall for it anyways. Personally I would love to see a screen like this (don't care for the latency tho. 4ms is plenty fine) but bigger. 32 inch is kind of what I use right now and I can't go back. Finding good 32 inch screens with IPS panels is like really hard AND expensive. 27 inch get all the good stuff for reasonable prices now tho, so one or two more years for me to get an upgrade. ?
  14. Not sure where to start. I never said used market does not exist. I claimed that selling used stuff has a higher barrier then selling pristine and perfectly new stuff. Both for the seller AND for the buyer. Offset what exactly?! How about all the missed sales that don't get made? Companies have to calculate their prices based on market research. If they only get 20% less sales, they either have to eat that (some indies won't break even then and not make a game in the first place) while investors won't accept that and just increase the upfront price by 20%. Selling Games sounds nice, if you only look at the selling itself and ignore all the stuff that follows and all the other market participants. It is nice for the consumer for a few days. After that companies adjust and the consumer has to live with the consequences. And those WILL happen. Thinking nothing will change in a bad way due to this, is just being delusional. And claiming this is the same as the used market for physical products is just wrong on so many fronts, that I won't even start to explain further. Others with more time on their hands can try that.
  15. So, you claim that people are just as willing to buy really USED and physical goods, that may or may not have physical damage, wear, missing stuff or additional germs,.... as they are willing to buy a game code that would show zero sign of being used? If I can get the latest Assassins Creed or GTA for 5 bucks, legally... just by waiting a week before the first people are tired of the game, developers WILL make less money. And they WILL have to offset that somehow. Claiming it is the same as gamestop and used physical stuff, is just crazytalk. You are ignoring that people are less willing to bring their stuff to a physical store and hope to sell it, then just putting their code up for sale just by clicking a button. Also people are less willing to buy used goods then brand new. I know for myself, that i NEVER buy used. I would rather pay 3x as much. But digital "used" is not used at all. It is just like new. Sorry to be this honest here, but you sound a little delusional and compare apples to oranges.
  16. Another EU ruling that just ignores the current state of the world and how stuff works. If people can just sell used digital copies (they don't have a drawback, so they would go easily), developers would see a SIGNIFICANT drop in income. Why would I care you ask? Well, because life does not work that way. Developer can't just make less money. Some simply can't break even, others have investors that won't accept that. So basically we would lose some indie games and see increased prices for AAA games. They would have to find a way to offset the possibly huge hit to sales. Just think about it: Most games don't have hundreds of hours of gameplay or replayability. And they honestly don't need to, since games are dirt cheap. Games are priced to match the current state of how stuff works. If I could just pay 50% of the price for a "used" digital game, why would I not do that? At the loss of the developer of course. And people would likely sell for even less than 50%, since even 1 buck is more than nothing. This just can not work at all. No way. Not without major suffering (150 bucks a game anyone?) for gamers upfront.
  17. Not gonna lie,.. that is almost exactly my experience on three different occasions. Also the same as my wife,... but she also had some issues with GPU drivers mixed in there. When she finally got that kernel + linux version working, she noticed that the only working kernal had issues with GPU drivers,... Linux is still a mess. If you need your machine to run, run stable and run without investing a lot of time into it, you don't use Linux.
  18. Since people won't even understand half of what is named in the OP, It is not easy enough. Glad Linux is getting some love,.. I just don't think it will resurrect it enough to be of any significance to the market. Great for those that love to be different tho! Options are always nice.
  19. That thing is gonna kill you, if a real car crashes into you. No thanks. Ill stick to real cars with real metal all around me to protect from impacts. I'll gladly take the lesser efficiency for a higher life expectancy.
  20. My BMW 5 is doing this as well. I would not call it a "privacy concern" tho, but a needed tool that makes some of the features I use possible in the first place. You are free to get a copy of all the data they collect. And I have yet to see something that is not needed for some feature I use myself. Cars are talking to each other for example. When I am on the Autobahn I may get a warning due to items on the street ahead. I even get to see the exact position on the map, so I can drive carefully around that spot. Driving around 180-200 mph around Munich and not being notified of random obstacles on the Autobahn seems like a pretty bad idea. How does it work? Well: All the sensors around the high-end cars can see obstacles and save them. The data gets sent to the servers and all other BMWs get the information. If they are close, the warning is triggered. For this to work they HAVE to save the geo position, or at least analyze it all the time. If you don't want to be tracked or feel like "someone" may be coming for you,... well,.. don't use a modern car I guess? ? I will gladly take the "privacy hit" for the added safety these tools provide for my family and me.
  21. Now, if this was IPS or equivalent, id be all over it. No way to get back to TN and VN panels for me tho,... the difference is just too massive and i often have people watching my screen from an angle. They need to see the content.
  22. AMD 2700x and NVidia 2080TI. Will wait a year for Intels response to Zen2 and then decide what my next CPU will be. Not happy with the 2700x tbh. Single Core seems to be of great value still. Most of my stuff runs worse than before my "upgrade". As far as GPUs go, I will likely upgrade to whatever 7nm Nvidia will offer that is sub 1k price. Doubt Navi will be competing, but open to surprises. Not married to any brand myself.
  23. Nice. Amazon can get rid of unwanted stock and fill warehouses with other stuff. People can get faster delivery, due to wanted items now fitting into warehouses more often. Poor families can some freebies that make their life a little better. Everyone wins. Hope other big companies follow this idea.
  24. More GPUs to select from --> customer wins. No idea why this could be bad for us, so all up for it. I have had my 2080i for almost a year now, so I don't see why I should be annoyed or mad. Progress is good, always!
  25. Actually,... you just need to NOT do an Update, connect to a PC and access the file System. It will show up for a split second, before the iPhone blocks it and the folders disapear. Now you open up iTunes on the PC, WHILE having the device connected to the PC and have the Update prompt open on the iPhone. iTunes will not open up, unless you have that prompt on screen! When iTunes is open, cancel the update,.... ... all the folders are now visible in windows file explorer and you can access all you want. You don't even need any 3rd party software whatsoever or any extra device to physically break in. I have used this twice now. Once, because my mother wanted her photos from her iPad (works for iPads as well), before exchanging it for a Huawei Tab, when iOS kept bugging her to make an update before connecting to iTunes and then refused to make the update. This is also how I learned about this. The second time to help a friend get his data of the phone, funnily also before switching to a Huawei device. ?