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  1. The first two sound fine-ish. Honestly, they are all better than what we have here. Not claiming they are great tho. Click bait just works too well to be ignored by Outlets that depend on the clicks. However, topics here are made by users that get zero cents from the click bait, so there is less chance of me ignoring it "because i get it".
  2. Sadly true,... Clickbait on the one side and people not reading past topic titles on the other side. Sad to see the community heading this direction.
  3. If you don't want to replace stuff, then don't use an auto upgrade buying option. That easy. You can't just order Pizza and then complain that you get served pizza,...
  4. You missed the cloud part. To fix your example: You rented the dell. The company never took it back, but drops you a letter that the windows license expired and offers you a shiny new dell, wich you already paid rent for. All you have to do is say yes and get a NEW dell with an active license. But you refuse, even tho you already paid the money for it,... Kinda dumb, isn't it?
  5. That sounds like the crap a business guy without any knowledge said in my old job. When he left the room, all the employees started to laugh for 10+ min. It was amazing. Retrain people, because the UI changes a little... haha. If you need that, you should invest into different people all together.
  6. Then you are wrong. It does not. People just think they are cool by not updating their software. Then cry bloody murder, if a bug screws them over, even tho said bug has been patched years ago. nothing new here. Also 3rd Parties != Adobe. Filters, as said before. Why should Adobe pay fees for software that has been deprecated, just because some smart ass likes to play cool? Don't give me the "but I am poor" thing. If you can pay 60 bucks a month for a cloud service, you can afford a PC that can run the software. Or better: You would not have signed up for software that your PC can't run comfortably. The only people that may run into issues is those with limited data plans, which are,... not that common anymore. And again: If you are spending 60 bucks a month on Photoshop, chances are you can pony up a few extra bucks to get a data plan that is enough to do freaking software updates.
  7. Tech Enthusiast

    Microsoft to ship full Linux kernel within Windows 10

    Which, judging by the market share, does not matter to most people. I would not touch Linux with a 10-foot-long pole. But that choice is up to each and every user them self.
  8. Tech Enthusiast

    Microsoft to ship full Linux kernel within Windows 10

    Well, Microsoft is killing reasons to install Linux. I doubt there is really more to say than that. There is no huge market share for Linux, but there also is no huge market share for anything but Windows after all. If they can gain 0.3% of market share, due to people not installing Linux for whatever Software that needs it,... well. It is another 0.3%! This also allows 0.3% more people to use Visual Studio, which is like 3-5k per user, per year, along with MS Office, MS Teams,..... So there goes the money as well.
  9. I hate to do this, but honestly only one possible reaction to the claim: --> LOL
  10. Just wanted to say: The level of Click Bait is getting annoying enough that I stopped reading some articles here and started to look for alternatives to get my tech news. Not claiming that I am important enough for mods to start doing something about it, but I would certainly hope that this gets addressed at some point. Would be lovely if this happens before i actually delete my bookmark for the news forum. This topic certainly brought me closer.
  11. Tech Enthusiast

    Which 2080 ti has the least coil whine?

    The Seasonic X Series was 750w. Seasonic Prime Platinum was 850w and the current Asus Thor is also a 850w PS. According to the "on PSU Display" of the Thor, I am pulling less than 400W total under load, so I should be fine. Edit: Something I don't get,... I had a GTX 970 before. Which was known to be a noisy AF piece when it came down to coil whine. But it was nowhere near the amount of coil whine I am getting now with the 2080ti. Not even remotely close. My case blocked most of the whine on the 970 easily. To a point of not noticing it at all, unless pressing the ear against it. But these 2080TIs really scream like no tomorrow for me. But people claim their 2080TI don't do that, so I am starting to question what I may be missing here.
  12. Tech Enthusiast

    Which 2080 ti has the least coil whine?

    Update on the Gainward Phoenix: The Coil Whine is even worse then with the Strix. Much worse actually. I am starting to think that something else is causing this. But I am running out of ideas. Already switched mainboards, Power Supplies and 6 2080TIs by now. Guess I can only pray for the EVGA GPU tomorrow (shipping got delayed) and hope for the best. The last possible cause of this would be the power plug from the wall itself. Damn it.
  13. Tech Enthusiast

    Which 2080 ti has the least coil whine?

    Sorry to hear that. Almost at the same point TBH, but not quite yet. Gonna get both a Gainward Phoenix and EVGA FTW3 tomorrow. Reviews for the Phoenix often explicitly talk about "no whine" and EVGA lists coil whine as RMA reason. So at least I am seeing a chance to get lucky. Also, there is the possibility that this is related to the power grid itself. If the two new GPUs suck as well, I may try moving my PC to my friends house and see if it is indeed the cables in my house.
  14. Tech Enthusiast

    Looking for advice on PSU to fix GPU coil whine

    Welp. Tried an Asus Thor and the whine did not improve even a tiny bit. Since I have had 5 Strix by now, I will just give up and order a different GPU.
  15. Tech Enthusiast

    Which 2080 ti has the least coil whine?

    Update: I am on my 5th (!!!) Strix now and giving up. Meanwhile, I used a Seasonic X series 850w, Seasonic Platinum 750w and an Asus Thor 850w. So I am certain it is not related to the power supply. The whine is so bad that I can still hear it trough a locked door. On all five samples. Three Gaming, one Advanced and one OC (wanted to make sure,...). Gonna try some EVGA now i guess. Edit: Another one on his 4th Strix,... -> https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/does-anyone-own-an-rtx-2080ti-without-coil-whine.3460785/ Guess Asus lost a costumer or two.