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  1. I still wonder why Linus had to move office
  2. Linus has mentioned a few times in the past when youtube didn't have timeline preview and his videos would have 5 minutes of nothing at the end, people would sit throught the whole 5 minutes of nothingness. This video feels like it was inspired by that.
  3. If you're referring to the X205TA from Asus, no it would not make a good retro gaming XP computer cause you will have a hell of time trying to boot of a USB.
  4. I would personally tuck the excess length of the cables between the hard drives and optical drive
  5. Well it depends on what games your friend is playing. I personally have a GTX 1050 in my laptop and I believe that it's perfectly adequate.
  6. You can roughly estimate how fast a game takes to download by taking your internet speed which is in megabits per second and convert it to megabytes per second. Take the size of your game and divide it by the your internet connection in megabytes per second and you will have a rough total of seconds you'll need which you can then convert to minutes and hours.
  7. A T1650 motherboard will post even if you disconnect the front cable. However an error that you can ignore will be displayed. I strongly suggest against using a T1650 motherboard in an aftermarket case as the headers on the motherboard is not standard.
  8. He was using some old MSI gaming laptop many years back before switching to a Dell XPS 12 that was given to him by Intel if not wrong and then switched to the Razer Blade 14 before switching to LG Gram's and Razer Blade Stealth's. As to what he is using now, I don't know.
  9. couldn't help but think of diy perks during this entire video. also I wished instead of just stating: it's quiet, my mic is right here, I wish they actually measured the noise difference.
  10. I've never heard of this brand before. I would sugggest getting a SSD from a more reputable brand while also finding one that is not NVME. As for the size, 2280 should be a ok!
  11. Your Linux is on a virtual machine or you have a virtual machine within Linux?
  12. I see. Though I doubt he knows how to mess with the display drivers.