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  1. When I watched a teaser for this video from the YouTube community, I thought wayback machine was finding drivers with the wayback machine. Was not expecting this. Great video nonetheless.
  2. Don't forget that LMG has an actual lawyer employee. Don't forget that LMG has an actual lawyer employee.
  3. I use windows mail so I can get notifications for my multiple email accounts.
  4. I just discovered the max rows drop down option. however it isn't what I'm looking for.
  5. I am playing around with Visual Studio 2019 and when showing table data from one of my tables from my MSSQL database, it is really really slow. Only using one thread. Can I somehow allow it to use more than 1 thread or perhaps show partial table data meaning don't return all rows?
  6. I sometimes put my recording into a video editing software. Allows me to identify quickly which part of the recording is silent and which part has talking.
  7. I didn't know this was a thing. I am not aware of any college or state (I'm not from USA) policy regulating recording of lecturers. Furthermore, my lecturers would actually provide students with recordings. Though these are done by the software they used e.g. Microsoft Teams. I ignore these recordings as I would need to establish a way to download them to upload them.
  8. I probably should have mentioned but I delete the videos as soon as I'm done extracting the subtitles.
  9. My classes are now all online. After attending weeks of them, I have created, discovered and researched special tips and tricks that allows me to make the most out of online classes. However I did not want to keep it to myself hence the existence of this guide. My5 main tips and tricks are: 1. Record Screens with OBS – Laptop with Nvidia GPU and External Monitor 2. MP4 Video to Word 3. PowerPoint to Word 4. Image to Text 5. Ergonomic setup
  10. Even since I started using Microsoft Teams a few months ago for some of my classes, I have developed a crazy idea. You see, some people including myself have commented that there is a lack of communication between students I was thinking of using Microsoft Teams cause everyone in my college has a microsoft account. Basically my crazy idea is creating a microsoft teams team and adding every single student to it. Then create one team per department where people within a department can discuss among themselves. seniors can help juniors. juniors can get inspired by seniors. Do you think something like this could work?
  11. tech showdown successor to me