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  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 3570
  • RAM
    12GB DDR3
  • GPU
    nvidia quadro 600
  • Case
    Dell OptiPlex 7010
  • Storage
    80GB Maxtor SATA 3.5" HDD
  • Display(s)
    Dell ST2220l
  • Cooling
    Stock Cooler
  • Keyboard
    Basic Dell Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech TrackMen Ball
  • Sound
    Logitech Z120
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1

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  1. bindydad123

    4:3 Laptop panel upgrade to 16:9 HD panel

    Upgrading screens on a relatively old consumer laptops is near too impossible.
  2. bindydad123

    Successor of ZenBook UX305

    Sorry, my English isn't the best. I'm just wondering what is the 2018 equivalent of the UX305 from Asus.
  3. bindydad123

    New CPU needed

    why not get another 2700x?
  4. What laptop are you using? Some laptop manufactures limit the CPU performance for a better end user experience.
  5. bindydad123

    asus laptop defective battery?

    It's an Asus. Mysterious, unexplainable things happens.
  6. I vividly remember the ZenBook UX305 for being an affordable ultrabook and a being a ZenBook. What is the 2018 successor of the ZenBook UX305? Is it the VivoBook S530, ZenBook UX410 or some thing else or is there no 2018 successor?
  7. bindydad123

    Dual Windows 10 boot.

    Select boot order manually in the BIOS. Also, I don't recommend having two copies of Windows 10 installed in a single computer.
  8. bindydad123

    cant upload to floatplane

    Floatplane is not quite ready
  9. bindydad123

    Cheap Laptop for collage.

    With my experience, no matter what you plan to do, a Celeron or a Pentium is complete junk. Get at least a laptop with a i3. A i3 laptop is out of budget though. This is cheapest I could find on either of the two sites. https://www.anhoch.com/product/44131/notebook-asus-x541uv-go1046-i3-7100u4gb500gb920mx-2gbdos What about used?
  10. bindydad123

    The COOLEST Box I’ve EVER Opened

    Hi Brandon. I miss you filming the LTT videos. Where are have you been?
  11. will your work load benefit from 4 gpu's?
  12. The HDD Isn't the problem. The 1366 x 768 is. Is too low res.
  13. Looking at how thin the device is, I would expect it too run hot and loud.
  14. bindydad123

    What's the BEST Portable Gaming Setup?

    Rather have a MSI GS65 than Razer Blade
  15. bindydad123

    The $69 Gaming PC RETURNS

    I personally don't have much hands on experiences with old Optiplex's but I'll suggest for anybody who's planning to pick up an old Optiplex to avoid the old 'BTX' Optiplex's unless you want a 'ghetto' looking rig. Also avoid anything but the mini tower's. Again because unless you want a 'ghetto' rig. The mini tower's are only the only Optiplex's that uses standard ATX power supply. Also anything but a mini tower might have PCIe power limit.