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  1. Yes the two gaming pcs are hardwired to the current router and everyone else just uses ipad on wifi also i was thinking i just buy the asus one and then bin the old virgin router? also my internet has been working alot better today so it was only playing up for two days but just thinking maybe the original router tha virgin gives out for free might not be that good
  2. I am confused now. So looking at my original post would you advice me to upgrade from the standard virgin media router to the asus one ?
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-RT-AC86U-AiProtection-Accelerator-Aggregation/dp/B075WFL15D?SubscriptionId=AKIAIPHVZTVH6LZ5BFZA&tag=hawk-future-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B075WFL15D&ascsubtag=trd-2982407158007795024-21 i am thinking about picking this one up the reviews seem to be pretty good. Just wanted to get peoples thoughts on this model before i order ?
  4. I just had a quick google search and seen they are ones around £300-£400 but also seen ones around £150 i dont mind buying one around £150 if they are actually good and worth the money ?
  5. My internet has been playing up a bit since yesterday websites take ages to load and when i face time someone it freezes pretty bad most of the call. So ran a ookla speed test and its showing my internet is running perfect 22 ping 110down and 7 upload speeds, now starting to think maybe just my router is getting a bit old. Its just the standard one virgin sends out and its over a year old now. So are these expensive routers worth buying and if so could someone recommend a good one please? Theres 4 people in my family two of us play games online and also watch some Netflix etc
  6. This happened exactly same thing months ago but I cannot remember how i fixed it. Have been using my headset on pc for last 2-3 months and went to switch back to my monitor speakers but they dont put out any sound. When i open up auido devices it recognises my speakers but when i click test it says failed to play test tone. can anyone point me in right direction for fix please
  7. I think about 2-3 years ago only time its done anything it removed 4 files and i dont know how that could of happened literally only used it for steam battlenet and maybe youtube somtimes no dodgy websites at all
  8. I just always thought windows defender was pretty bad so thats good enough then ? Dont really use the pc for anything apart from steam, battlenet etc but my daughter has just started high school so she will start to use hers also for school work research etc.
  9. I have been using malwarebytes premium for a few years now and always liked it but you cant share it over two pcs and since i just got my daughter a new pc i am looking for a good antivirus that can be used on two pcs ?
  10. Yea its just a 60hz monitor so am a actually better just keeping it on then ?
  11. So would i just disable that on Nvidia control panel?
  12. My daughters pc wont go above 60fps is any game so i am guessing its locked to that by some setting because on the first day she was getting about 100fps on gta5 now on games like csgo it will not go above 60 ?
  13. Ive just noticed when i shut down the pc the mobo is still lit up how is that even possible and how do i fix this ?