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  1. Well damn, any recomendations for best wifi card that might allow most consistancy for games like csgo any other game wont really matter
  2. Okay here is the situation, 1) I move into college and don't bring my PC ( still on its way from Germany) so i use my PS4 and play games like NBA 2K, Madden, and COD 2) My computer comes, I move it into my dorm room and since My room luckily enough has a router ( it goes every other room has a router) I undo the router, plug in my ethernet cord into the second port next to the port that has the internet line fed into from the wall. There is only two options one port that says "Console" other one is the "port two" or something like that. 3 Go to plug into my computer, turn it one, log in, and get the no internet sign. Not like the one that is Red or yellow with some warning thing on it, but the one that looks like a globe and stuff and says no internet. 4) hmm i think, what could be wrong, try using trouble shoot, try using different cord, try using the other port, the console one, no dice. 5) Go to SDSU website Rezcon, says " We don't offer Ethernet only wifi" Im like shiiiiit. 6) How the Wifi works is that ether it connects automatically, you have to log on with you College ID and Password ( so they can monitor you / see who's on the network ) So im like shit i dont have a Wifi card built into my computer or pre installed on the Motherboard, so I use some trial and error + Google, and use my Razor Blade Laptop 15 that has Ethernet port, plug my ethernet cable between laptop and computer, connect to wifi using laptop, and bridge the connection to the school wifi and the computer, and i basically have a laptop acting as a router for my PC. 7) Speeds are actually not bad, 30 - 40 ping, and like 200Mb down and 100Mb up or something, would work perfect except for the ping spikes 8) Tried to play csgo and well about every 25 seconds BOOM lag spike or almost disconnect, csgo is like my favorite game 3k hours+ (yes i know that's 1/2 year of my life spent playing a video game) 9) This made me relies that buying a wifi card for my computer probably wont fix the lag spikes since I mean basically its going to lag and throttle on the wifi anyways so might as well not spend 30 bucks. 10) So this brought me here where if a solution will come itll be thought of by someone here My ideas 1)Call Rezcon Every day for the next month and try to get a way to get ethernet or something i mean jeez im paying like 2k a month for housing let me get my ethernet, 2) Split the Ethernet cord coming out of the wall, tie the copper wires to another ethernet cord and then do that whole process of putting the cord back together, and plug in directly from the wall and fuck over my neighbors and roommates with poor wifi connection cause the gotta connect to farther router. 3) Buy a router, see if I can plug the ethernet from wall into that then set it up and a new network, or plug another router into the default router and set it up and then use ethernet to my computer 4) Give up gaming for a year and focus on School 5) Come to Linustechtips.com and make a post and hopefully someone knows
  3. Looking at grabbing the gtx 1060, 144hz laptop that razer just released thats around 2200 USD$, Being military i can get it anywhere from 5- 10% off at stores makming it about 2000, I like this laptop because the screen looks nice, its Got all the power ill need for anything as a already have a desktop computer I built that would serve me if i actually needed more power. I Also like that this laptop is light and doesn't have that OMG LOOK AT ME I HAVE A BIG ASS GAMING LAPTOP, if i pulled it out in class or in public, ill use it for college but i'm only going into finance and economics not something that needs it, I just want it because 1) It looks cool, 2) Its got all the power ill need 3) seems like battery life is decent enough 4) if i do want to game somewhere I can. Another use is in college i wont be able to really set up a large space and desk and everything for a gaming system as sometimes they can run hot and the dorms arnt big enough. So having a laptop and a monitor would make it easy. Yes I know I kinda Rambled But Im open to suggestions, and if anyone owns a Razer laptop please LMK how you like it Also I need Usb ports and plenty of ports and good battery life, Razer doesn't have ethernet port but im guessing i can get an adapter easily Things that I need it for. minecraft.... jk Fallout 76 when it comes out CSGO ( i know a potatoe can run it) Premiere as I like editing videos Watching netflix on a nice screen with my imaginary girl College essays Flexing on the Apple people
  4. When a military person lives Overseas they receive an PO Box but on the military Base, it counts as a US address, Im wondering if massdrops ships there, if you knew you would know
  5. Does Massdrop ship to Overseas addresses ? (military US )
  6. Maybe ill submit a ticket to steam....... but i dont have a year to wait
  7. Currenlty i'm in the united states on my other system that cant run PUBG just csgo, but my internet here is 100MB/s where my internet in Germany is 3MB/s... The pubg update of 3GB will take 5+ hours in Germany but 10 minutes here is there anyway i can download the update here, onto a USB, then when i go back to Germany transfer that and have steam retrieve the info instead of downloading it all again ? I go back to Germany tmmr ?
  8. This might be dumb but do they work with ps4 ? also how heavy are they
  9. Ive had HyperX cloud 1 since they first came out looking for upgrade since its Christmas. Considering Corsair VOID Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset Considering HyperX Cloud Alpha Considering Other options I don't like razer they don't fit my head well, also nothing to "gaming" looking, just comfortable and good audio, Not a huge fan of Logitech. All Options appreciated.
  10. All i need is a number, how hard is it to say oh 2000 is safe, or something you dont gotta tell me to do shit THAT is the whole point is asking so you dont need to comment if you dont have anything useful so fuck off
  11. Wow this really was the worst info i could've gotten, no shit i just dont know whats a safe boost i dont need to know i can over clock something that is overclock able
  12. With my GTX 10 70 its set to 1797 MHz and 0 % memory Clock and 100% Power and 83 GPU tekmp target by default in firestorm, what can i boost all these to safely to get a bit extra performance.
  13. Is this site legit ? never heard of this
  14. Hello everyone, i'm looking for a laptop my needs are very simple, ethernet port, hdmi out IPS SCREEN 1080 HD, plenty of usb ports, good battery life I want to be able to use it throughout the day not have to carry around a charger. I also would like to be able to run CS:GO above 100 fps consistent ( i know a potato can run csgo) but no on board graphics. Last I would just like to not worry about overheating or it getting hot. Thank you very much ! Perferably 15.3 and up display