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  1. Hey just slap a water cooler on there and over that cpu I have amd a8 6600k and r9 280x and runs fine no bottle neck I even ran a r9 290 it used 97% gpu usage and just put a water cooler on the cpu are great for over clocking
  2. Try to get a mother board that is compatible with ddr4 ram if you want a hight end build you don't need it but its amazing
  3. ok thanks I have to test and re install other things and if they fail I will give this a go
  4. ok thank you i'll do some testing with some software and make sure its supplying the power requirements what each part needs and what it says the power its delivering and stress test it and i'll get back to you :-)
  5. thanks for replying i have re installed infected windows files but i hadn't done a complete re install and i should because its about that time of the year anyway i'll try it and get back to you
  6. thanks for replying and my hard dive is only a year old and i scan it frequently for fragments so its not that and my cpu uses 95w to 100w of my power and the gpu use a max of 250w of my power also a looked at this layout of power i had on msi afterburner and core temp and my local computer shop says its fine because i change for a low range evo labs power supply to a 80 plus bronze gold and tested the power in put to components as seen
  7. yeah i have the latest divers for my graphics card and i have windows 7 professional 64 bit and keep updated
  8. i need help my computer keeps randomly turning off when playing games this all started when i installed an r9 290 it started black screen frequently and i was using the gpu in the apu i was using which was fine but when i started switching to my new graphics card the r9 290 it started and i sent it back and then got a r9 280x instead it done the same thing so i sent it off to my computer shop where they got rid of a lot of versus and reinstall the infected files after having it back it was much better but after about 2 days it started again but at a much lower frequency at games like dayz standalone planet side 2 batman arkum origins battlefield 4 and some others and when it happens there no windows errors messages but it usually happens after a few hours of gaming 2-5 hour i would say. it only happens when gaming and not in anywhere else i know its not: my power supply because its a 750w moddlar evo labs cranios and check power rates fine. my cpu runs 20-30c at idle when in games it dose 50-65c in games my gpu runs 40-50c idle when in games it dose 60-70c i keep my computer clean of versus and clean it regular with advance system care i knows its not bottle necking do some tests and so has my computer shop i keep inside of the case well ventilated and dust free i keeps all drivers and updated up to date my specs: Apu: amd a8 6600k (3.9ghz to 4.2ghz turbo) With out IGpu on Ram: 8Gb corsair vengeance LP 1600mhz (2x4gb sticks) Gpu: amd R9 280x Club 3D 3gb (1000mhz clock speed - 1500mhz boost) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A55M-HD2 storage: 1TB WD green hard drive 7200 rpm- think and my second 160gb WD blue don't know speed Psu: 750w moddlar evo labs cranio 80 plus bronze Don't know case
  9. Hey man your fine don't worry i got the build what your getting it dose't bottleneck because I've been doing benchmarks on mine like crazy and testing in games too the GPU usage is at 85%-100% most of the times in games and the CPU's at 80%-95% my spec: Possessor: AMD A8 6600k (3.9 GHz- 4.2Ghz turbo) Graphics Card: AMD Radeon r9 280x club 3d 3GB GDDR5 (1000 MHz-1500 MHz boost) Ram: 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Corsair vengeance LP (2x4GB ram sticks) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A55M-HD2 storage: 1TB WD green 7200 Rpm Disk drive: Samsung 24x disk writer yeah that's my spec and i highly recommend going on to the following link to have a look at this CPU: http://cpuboss.com/ to compare its performance which is about the same performance as an i3 4150 or an i5 4440 or an fx 6300 i checked every where there about the same the only thing which lets the processor down is the physics scores which you can boost if you overclock.