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  1. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    You are correct, and what I was trying to imply was that they are doing precisely what the industry standard would be expected of them to do. Although I am sure that I do not have your expertise with AV software, I am aware that even Microsoft’s AV finds some *.exe files ‘strategically volatile’ and puts them into quarantine. A while ago I had my whole music library, all 22+GB, deleted by my Windows OS because it was created by ‘JRiver Media Center’… Moreover, I was pitching how they have been kicked off all government networks (and contracts) because of what they do, and that Kaspersky Labs is a Moscow-based company in the free market behaving as they are allowed to perform. However, in the national security debate, they too are not beyond the similar paranoia that surrounds the Chinese government because they can also be seen as vulnerable to the Kremlin's encouragement. Even the Kaspersky Labs repercussions have similarities to the Huawei flow-on, for example, losing the full use of Android is like how in 2017 the, “UK tells agencies not to use Kaspersky software: Follows US' lead.” Link: UK tells agencies not to use Kaspersky...
  2. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    That Kaspersky example is quite an excellent example of what the issue is and where the problem lies for the US in predictions for the National Security debate. Kaspersky is just doing what they do and something they do NOT intend to stop doing. As it is part and parcel of what they do in the Anti-Virus industry, and what their customer base expects from them as an Anti-Virus business industry leader. @dizmo @Sauron @TheBritishVillain Huawei is a company that sides with the country of its foundation and it will not change what it does in the capitalist market (free market) even if it were asked. Whether the general population in the US or for that matter, all the Android users of the world agrees with or cares much about who’s hands their data ends up in! Huawei has built its current smartphone platform using the US technology of Google’s Android OS. Other manufacturers such as BlackBerry, Apple’s iPhone, Nokia, and Windows, to name a few have not. Some of those handset manufacturers have not survived their own ‘Hail Mary’ moment. Only time will tell if Huawei can themselves survive this sea change; I expect that they will be the most popular handset within China for the foreseeable future. At least until such a time that middle-class China, no longer perceives Huawei’s invasion of privacy as providing the needed sanctuary and security that they have-to-have.
  3. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    “What did Huawei do” ... start a technology ‘Cold War’ (at 00:52) ? https://www.abc.net.au/news/programs/the-business/2019-05-23/a-defiant-huawei-australia-hits-back-at-trumps-ban/11144440?jwsource=cl Podcast for those who just listen (same time stamp)? https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-business/id336912548?i=1000438959259
  4. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Or when they were called to a closed session Apple just handed them the contact details of their ‘man’ at NSO Group Technologies who found the iPhone hacking loophole. Proving at the same time to the Senate inquiry that they do have transparency and asking the inquiry for the time Apple needed to close the faulty code before it became public knowledge. It is a two-way-street when dealing with companies who abide by and structure their businesses around internal US laws and policy guidelines. Links: NSO Group Technologies Apple to close iPhone hacking loophole...
  5. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Yes, that is correct it would have added another two hundred words, though…lol (I added a link to the Maotai program, aka Google’s Dragonfly project -link also here- ). The issue of the tracking of an internet user within China is that it is somewhat acceptable for the government to do what we (Westerners) would call an invasion of privacy. Chinese believe that it is the lack of privacy that they have to have. As it provides the national security that their citizenry needs within the current expansion of the middle classes and the sanctuary, they desire for their children’s future security in an expanding nation-state. They believe that they are on the brink of an internal war and the likes of the dystopian retrograde written about in George Orwell’s "Nineteen-eighty-four" (“170 million CCTV cameras across the country” and “China's social credit system…”), will stop the internal dissent and help the resurrection of a Great China. A hypothetical issue of having an outside company (non-US) building what is being touted as the IoT 5G network, could be in how a company without morality could brick pieces of the infrastructure one month after the warranty ends. Causing firstly, a US reseller to need to argue the cause and bear the brunt of the cost of defending it in the US legal system (like Porsche defending VW’s diesel lean burn software). Secondly, the cost of component replacement would make more money for the non-US manufacturer, leaching money from the US economy, devaluing the US national spending power in the global economy (the National Security debate).
  6. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    Can you easily detach the new Seagate Backup Plus to extract a 2.5" HDD?

    You mean an extra part for Windows to break the HDD...lol
  7. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    Is my HDD dying?

    Download some free backup software do a backup and fly by the seat of your pants, or as those WD5000AAKX-001CA 500GB drives are not that expensive so throw some coin at a new one and use the old one as a storage drive.
  8. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    Can you easily detach the new Seagate Backup Plus to extract a 2.5" HDD?

    I have and do use a 3.5" Backup Plus with a different drive, so in answer to your question, yes. However, the Backup Plus drive runs proprietary software, which means if you want to remove the drive from the enclosure, you will not be able to access the data on it!
  9. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    Is windows defender good enough ?

    On Windows 10, I use Windows Defender, but I am cautious of what I click on, and I do regular back-ups. If you get a virus from clicking a webpage link it will likely NOT be in any of the scan lists that any of the AV providers reference against, their listings are mostly from spamming and hoax emails.
  10. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Governments (even the Chinse) promote capitalism for the good of the nation. Trump especially (Regan too) was elected to bring about law changes that would favour businesses, particularly American interests, that would enable them to make more profit. In trickle-down economics, if businesses are empowered to make money they employ more people and the more people that are employed, benefits the entire nation's cultural identity (it is what is termed, funding the national interest).
  11. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    HELP! Freezes with SSD + HDD

    Do you use or has Norton (Anti-Virus) AV or McAfee AV ever been installed on the machine, and could an AV be running in the background? Maybe begin looking down the path of an in-place-upgrade or if that has no effect a reinstall of the OS?
  12. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Cultural differences have come to the foreground, the morality, and from that, the policy differences between two competing national ideals have become the discord between the two nations.
  13. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Right-o then as you were, apologies for the interruption...
  14. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Tell me how long it takes for you to read and I will add "(x) minute read" at the top if you like?
  15. SydneySideSteveSomewheres

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Not a rant and safe too read, but yes around the eight-hundred-word mark...