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  1. Christicles

    Tegra note slide cover

    Well, fluff...
  2. Christicles

    Tegra note slide cover

    Does anyone know where I can get a slide cover for the tegra note 7 in the UK? The staff in Currys and PC world seemed clueless(no surprise) when I asked them about it. I just bought the tablet as a Christmas present for my dad and would like to get the slide cover for him as well.
  3. Christicles

    Star Citizen Hangar Module Released!!! (XPost from PC Gaming)

    Sorry :unsure: , didn't know where the best place was to post. Thought I would cover my bases.
  4. That is all! Go get it if you backed the game!!
  5. Christicles

    Star Citizen Hangar Module Released!!!

    That is all! Go get it, if you backed the game.
  6. Christicles

    Ducky Shine 2's for 100 dollars.

    MX brown, green led out of stock. The search goes on...
  7. Christicles

    checking to see which direction a sprite faces

    Well a 1 bool if you are doing something like a platformer where you can only move left or right. 2 bools for 4 way would be a bit messy as far as trying to follow, so best go with an int/char.
  8. Christicles

    checking to see which direction a sprite faces

    Didn't say it would be better, said it would work. I've used it before for LHR movement. Easier to track and update the direction for AI. Both options would be on par with each other if they are using good coding practice and commenting their code.
  9. Christicles

    checking to see which direction a sprite faces

    Unless you are doing full angular rotation an int will work for 4 way direction and single bool will work for 2.
  10. Christicles

    Video Tearing

    Just an update, I found out that most likely cause of the choppy video playing/ video tearing is apparently due to hardware acceleration with web players seems to be broken at the moment on windows 8, well at least for flash, but I think the same thing is happening with silverlight. Source: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5459220
  11. Christicles

    Video Tearing

    Nope, only just started happening like 2 days ago. I just installed win 8 last week, and video was working fine then. Dunno what the hell could be causing it.
  12. Christicles

    Video Tearing

    Over the last few days this has started happening when I stream a video either in flash or silverlight, and set the video size bigger than the standard player size, for example full screen. It's really noticeable and only happens when watching Video in a web browser. I've tried everything I can think of to fix this, updated all drivers, reverted all drivers, disabled all add ons in firefox, etc. It just won't go away. I've read that enabling Aero can fix it but, how do you do that with win 8? Anyone else experience the same problem?
  13. Christicles

    Silent Build for a Friend

    I think you're taking the "silent" part a bit too literally. My friends previous system was a pre-built Dell machine with 2 90mm fans and graphics card that had something that looked like the internals of a laptop cooling it (looked like an 80 mm low profile fan+closed heatsink). The main focus was to go quieter. Also most of those noise tests are done with the products running a max, which with fans isn't really need all the time. Being a "silence freak" yourself you should know that to keep things quiet, you need to have your fans under control. I set the case fans to 1200rmp as max and Afterburner was using a custom fan profile for the card.
  14. Christicles

    Silent Build for a Friend

    It's actually remarkably silent when we booted it up. Even stressed it with Kombustor for a while and there was very little change also had the fans managed with Afterburner so they weren't going full whack. He was acutally really impressed with how quiet it actually was overall compared to his old system which sounded pretty much like my 5 yr old laptop which I had on at the same time and could be heard over the new one.
  15. Christicles

    Silent Build for a Friend

    Ok, so I got back tonight at 9 PM after spending the day helping my friend build his system. I didn't take any photos during the build to save time and phone was dead and charging, but I did get a few of the finished result. Enjoy the crappy phonetography : Album