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  1. brain fart moment, did not even compute that the back sleds were removable.
  2. i just built a new system in the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX, and im pretty much done, i was planning on throwing my a sata ssd i have on the front ssd mount of the case, and i just cant figure it out, the holes dont line up with my samsung 840evo, and the brackets included dont look like they fit either, the manual doesnt give much info on this mounting point, does anybody with this case know how to do it?
  3. yeah i have another system with an i5 4670 in it, i may try that, uhh so much effort im pretty sure that spare board works.
  4. so pc was working fine no issues, went away for the weekend, turned it off b4 i left, when i came back 2 days later it just wont turn on, some of the lights on my motherboard are lit up like normal but some are not, and when i hit the power button no fans spins or anything. specs are asus maximus 6 hero 2x8gb corsair vengeance ddr3 2133mhz corsair ax860 i7 4770k (not currently oc'ed) corsair 450d case radeon 7950 so i tried taking out ram, inserting 1 at a time, tried taking out the gfx card, tried unplugging all hard drives and usb headers etc., eventually i unplugged everything except for the 12 pin and 8pin motherboard power cables and the power switch + cpu fan so bare minimum.. still nothing.. to take it even further, i took everything out of the case, layed mobo on my table tried a different power supply i had lying around.. even swapped cpu's into a spare mobo. still nothing LOL is my cpu dead? also took cpu cooler off to check thermal paste, there was plenty on there and the headsync was on there nice and snug ( coolermaster 212x)
  5. nukem

    best solution

    thank you, hopefully NBN will be coming to my area in the near future, its so frustrating to put up with this crap lol
  6. nukem

    best solution

    unfortunately my house is kind of a strange architect designed one, just came to thought that, when power has been lost in the house previously, some areas of the house lose power but others dont, does that mean my house has different power "grids" of such? would that effect the EOP?
  7. nukem

    best solution

    yeah the 2 pc's next the the modem in the other room that are wired, get the same 8mbit connection stable, my wifi bars do change here and there.. i understand that interference could be the issue, ive tried changing wifi channels and positioning the modem as best as can, be only so much i can do.. ive ran speedtest on tmy pc (wifi) on a good day ill get 6-7mbit but just now i ran it three times and the best i could get was 3.5mbit, i turned all the other computers off except mine to test this, i think ill pick upa EOP set 2moro. thanks guys.
  8. nukem

    best solution

    by power strip you mean like a 8port power board (different terminology on this side of the world i guess lol in other words plug it directly into the 220v wall socket yea?
  9. nukem

    best solution

    yea thats what iw as thinking, could you recommend a good one? was just looking at pccasegear, saw this http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=200_1348&products_id=32487
  10. nukem

    best solution

    hey guys, i live in australia and only shitty internet i can get is ADSL2+ i get about an 8mbit connection at the modem, unfortunately the modem is about 10 meters away from my room where i use my PC and Ps4 and my connection is just not as fast and stable as id like it to be. My current modem/router is a TP-LINK TDW8980 Modem router and i use it just with a $20 TPLink PCIE wireless N card. my speeds are just random sometimes when i do speedtest ill get 6-7mbit sometimes itll be like 1-2 its just all over the place, and also using wifi to my PS4 and when your trying to download a 17gb update for destiny its not fun waiting 3 days for it to finish lol, so what im wondering is whats my best option for hardware upgrade. There are 2 PC's running ethernet cables next to my modem/router in the other room that have a stable connection but i have no way of running a ethernet cable to my room. Should i invest in a new modem/router with Wireless AC and a AC Nic, or maybe a ethernet over power setup? was thinking EOP with a simple network switch in my room so i can split the connection to my PC and PS4, any advise would be great, thanks.
  11. samcool - ive got a couple of those things, i may give that a go minibois ill check that video out now its werid cos, until the last say 2 months i really have hardly touched the console since i bought it lol
  12. also, im a bit worried what will happen to all my save files / virtual console games ive bought on the store + my copy of mario kart 8 that was preloaded on teh console when i bought it, will i lose all that stuff if i send the console back?
  13. hey guys, so my local game store has been having a sale lately, heaps off original wii titles mostly preowned for dirt cheap so ive been picking up a few.. and i dont currently have a regular wii so ive been playing them on my Wii U, now this game store is a huge chain in AUS (ebgames) and im pretty sure they clean and test there games b4 they sell them, anyhow ive literally been going back there everyday for the last 3 days returning at least 1 wii game that hasnt worked on my console, ive been picking up a few games and returning the ones that didnt work each time.. now its happened AGAIn today where Red Steel and Wii Sports resort disk i picked up work fine, but super mario galaxy boots the load screen then gives me an error ( this is how all the previous games i returned acted) on top of that.. today my sis was playing rayman legends 2 for wii u (brand new copy) and the first time she booted it up for the day.. thing was lagging to all hell playing around .6x the normal speed.. she rebooted it and it was fine.. do you guys think my lazer is busted or something? or am i just having bad luck with the games im buying.. i bought the console boxing day 2014 so it should still be under warranty, just thought i would ask for some opinions, ive been cleaning each game with isoproyl and a lint free rag before putting them into my system btw. thanks
  14. yeh turns out the 32g card is bad, 64gb was incompatible.. found a random 2gb card and it worked.
  15. update, everytime i try to format the 32gb card on my windows 7 pc it fails to format, tried a couple different card readers, tried formatting it in disk amnagment aswell with no luck, im thinking that card might be bad. hmm