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  1. worthless, via has basically dropped out of the x86 race for a long while
  2. Honestly, if your going to fuss over AMD's choice to make "2" cores (STILL 4 CORES), then go with intel, otherwise, I'd go with a 6300 or 8320+OC
  3. Beeping sound + slow and jitteryness sounds like the cpu or mobo, not quite sure tho
  4. The "Turbo" button wasn't really meant for increasing speed, it was meant for old programs to work on a newer higher clock speed chip by tuning the clock to around 4.7 mhz. Old programs, and old games on consoles like the Sega Genisis or SNES computed commands based on the clock speed. CPUs now a days automatically dial a certain clock based on current usage to save power and generate less heat, but no hardware or software switches accessable to a end user exist to do this. In addition, software also isn't permanently interlinked to the CPU clock, if you overclock your CPU, will it make the animations on your computer faster?
  5. Yeah, just maybe turn it into a htpc, it's cool running and it's silent. They just don't make stock heatsinks like they used to, this 125w thuban heatsink is just damn near silent unlink it's pure aluminum heatsink relatives.
  6. Just one of those for fun rigs because I had parts lying around. Have been thinking about either keeping it or selling it.
  7. That PSU is the one part that feels super dodgy to me, and would be the first to go if I had the chance
  8. Yeah, as long as host computer is on and is hooked up to the network, all the other computers should be able to use it. One thing, if this is to be a permanent enclosure, might i recommend a NAS instead?
  9. Almost completely sure it is not, I tried something similar to this, and it would not work in any sort of tandem when I tried, I would recommend to try for a CPU upgrade to a higher core count FX or INTEL equivelent as to not waste CPU die space
  10. Lucky, my school has computers stuffed to the brim with 1st and 2nd gen core series celeron processors and 2 gb ram
  11. Long story short, this is an amalgamation of the parts i have scavenged from friends, bought at one point, and my previous computer build, which was a A6-5400k+MSI A88x-G43, which i owned for a year before replacement. The cpu and motherboard on this build are my previously mentioned system, but lets get to the specs. CPU: A6-5400K MOTHERBOARD: MSI A88X-G43 RAM: Nanya 2X2GB 1333mhz CASE: Cougar Solution PSU: Xion 600W HDD: Seagate 500GB Laptop Drive (2.5 inch) OS: Microsoft Windows 10 As you can see, these are all quite modest parts, and only the PSU gave any kind of trouble. A little background history on these parts; the A6 i had bought back in the summer of 2013 for a price of around $45, and was finally put into use at the christmas of 2014. My motherboard i had got by saving money for an alternate board, and ended up impulse buying the G43 as Fry's did not have the board I was looking for. Short to say, i was not disappointed in that purchase, as the combo allowed me to reach a limit of 4.535 GHz on cpu overclocking, and achieved a over 1 GHz on its internal GPU. my RAM was a $12 purchase to try to solve an issue that the solution had nothing to do with RAM. My case was bought at the now no longer existing consumer side of Tiger direct for a measly $6, a great deal less than it's ~$60 dollar MSRP. The PSU I am using was a part of a computer that my friend gave me as a birthday present, and sports a real 12V rail rating of around 300 watts. The HDD was pulled from non-functional laptops that my friend had, and has an RPM rating of 5400. The OS was an upgrade of an W7 OEM key that I was able to reuse off the previously mentioned non-functional laptops. As is due with these posts, photos attached for those who care. WARNING: Photos are VERY large.
  12. 390, unless you need nvid features, which i dont.
  13. "because potatos" by the way, ebay might be a good place to try to look if you haven't looked
  14. http://www.amazon.com/Gefen-HDMI-Cable-Male-Male-CAB-DVI2HDMI-06MM/dp/B0002CZHN6 i guess