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  1. nope. Im living in Argentina, South America. Just a gaming store nearby from where I am right now...surprisingly I got a good price, that is not avaliable anymore. (sadly pc hardware here is almost always more expensive)
  2. Actually i got a special price. the i5 10400f with the z490 bundled for 300 us$ Thanks for the answer i might go with the cooler master!
  3. Hi, I am about to build a new pc, I already have most of the parts: -------------- Motherboard: Asus Prime-P z490 Processor: Intel 10400f Ram: Vengance LPX 3200MHZ GPU: Asus dual mini oc Geforce RTX 2070 PSU: evga 650W gold Case: inwin 303 case ------------- I know that the cpu is non-overclockeable.(i did not get the 10600k because i got a great price for the 10400f) My question is: Can i run the memories @ 3200mhz by just enabling XMP in the motherboard ?? its known that the 10400f performs fairly better with faster rams Should i get an aftermarket cooler for this?? (since xmp may rise a bit the cpu temps right?) if so, what cooler should i get for this? Many thanks for the advices
  4. goin for the titan x !! for sure is overkill for 1080p 120hz until i get a new monitor. but who cares., maximum single gpu power > sli hope i can get an evga superclocked edition.
  5. 91c temp seems kinda scary! is it something to be worried about ? im used to twin frozer temps. low temps makes me feel like im not burning stuff hehe :rolleyes: Yes i usually go to New York for christmas / new year. and bring some stuff with me. My sli experience was overall good, but i had to disable it for some games and that pissed me off... :angry: the worst exp was having a quad sli setup before(295gtx),(Stuttering, bad support,1 gpu died,etc) about the resale value im sure i could sell a titan x for at least the price i paid for it. eventually a buyer would appear.
  6. I was talking about my system memory ram wich is 12gb!
  7. Yes, Thats one of the reasons of why i like the Titan X (Single Gpu Power). not having to deal with possible sli issues. would 12gb ddr3 memory ram be an issue? Im worried about the reported high temps under load (around 83C),
  8. Yes, i want to upgrade for the future and as i said will probably get a new monitor this year (4k or 1440p).. a single 970 is not an option, it would be kind of a downgrade... Meanwhile i could even try DSR in 1080p. i know the 680s are excellent cards, but this is my chance to upgrade them without spending lots of money.
  9. Hi Folks, i am having the opportunity to upgrade my video card , since i got a friend from the US coming to where i live (Argentina) in about a month. (hardware here is very very expensive) So i gotta decide what would be the best upgrade soon. ------------------ My specs are the following: Asus Sabertooth Z77 i7 3770k 4.3 GHZ (h80i cooler) Corsair 12GB Ram 1800MHZ 2x MSI GTX 680 Twin Frozr III SLI Ultra X3 1600W PSU Asus VG236H 23-inch 120hz Haf 932 case ------------------ im sure im gonna get at least 600 US$ for my both 680s. i think my options would be: 1-Titan X (Hopefully EVGA SC edition if it comes out soon) 2-GTX 970 SLI(with all the 3.5gb issues im not sure though) 3-Amd 295x2 I have to decide and make the card ship to his place before his flight (april 16), so sadly i can not wait for the new amd 300 series to come out. if i go for the Titan X ,is it too much for 1080p 120hz gaming? (i might get a new monitor with gsync in the future) would my 12gb ram be an issue ? I'd like to be able to max out games like battlefield, gta v, the witcher 3... What do you guys recommend ? Thanks for the reply!