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  1. So I got myself a new NVMe M.2 that I have installed. After booting, I noticed that 2 of my old drives were gone. I consulted the manual, but it's not completely clear on what it means. I have a Gigabyte Z97X - Gaming 3 mothgerboard. Here is an image with the SATA ports in clear view: https://static.gigabyte.com/Product/2/4966/10227_big.png Originally I had 4 SATA3 drives connected to the four rightmost SATA connectors on the motherboard. From the manual: "M.2, SATA Express, and SATA3 4/5 connectors can only be used one at a time. The SATA3 4/5 connectors will become unavailable when anM.2 SSD is installed." So I moved the two rightmost SATA cables to the two leftmost connectors. After I booted up again, the two same drives are not showing up. Am I just out of luck? What should I try, and what are my options?
  2. If you're still in need, try Clonezilla. It's a live OS that is installed on a USB, use tuxboot to download and install it. It will clone everything and all partitions you have. If your new SSD is larger than the old one, the cloned disk will show up as the same size as the old one. To fix that, use gparted live (can also be downloaded and installed with tuxboot), it will prompt you to fix it, and then click fix. You can even move partitions around if you need to in order to expand the C partition.
  3. I'll go and buy some thermal paste then, see if that helps
  4. I don't remember the exact brand, I can probably dig it up. Does the thermal paste play such a big role? I just think it's weird how the temperature can change by 40 degrees in under a second.
  5. Alright, The CPU is cooled by an AIO CoolerMaster liquid cooler, double radioator 140mm fans mounted on the top of the case. The case has 3 intake fans and 3 exhaust fans with an open air style GTX 1080 Ti. Thermal paste has not been replaced since I built it 4 years ago.
  6. I'm trying to use SpeedFan to get some control over my radioator fans, as that was what Gigabyte recommended for my motherboard. Anyways, I'm fiddling around, finding the correct fans and so on. Then I'm firing up Prime95 to test my fan curve. Once the test started, the fans went crazy, looking at HWiNFO, the CPU temps instantly goes up to 80 degrees. SpeedFan also reports these temps. It stays at around 80 and wont go down, until I stop the test and the temps instatntly plumits back down to 34. Here is an image of the temps, when starting and stopping the stress test: CPU: i7 4790k MB: Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 3
  7. Ah gotcha, thanks for mentioning that. I'm that guy who probably would connect it to a power strip
  8. Wow, I didn't know what those were so I looked some up. If they work like I think they do, that's gonna solve all my problems. So if I understand it right, it uses my electrical powerlines in my house to connect me to te internet?
  9. I've been using TP-Link Archer T4U for a while now, and it is horrible. Driver problems, lag and constant ping drop all the time. Currently when talking on Discord my ping looks like this. Where on every peak I cannot hear my friends talking for a second or two. I need a new adapter, though it needs to be USB. I cannot use PCIe since my CPU does not support any more lanes, and I'm not planning on upgrading or ditching one of my graphics card anytime soon. I need one which is consistent and can be used for gaming. You'll probably tell me to use a cable for gaming, but that's not an option. I don't want to run it across my entire house and I'm not drilling any holes as of now. I appreciate every reply, thanks :)
  10. What are some Nvidia graphics card that would be equivalent with Intel HD Graphics 520 with a core i5-6300U @ 2.40GHz?
  11. You could always make it better by installing better hardware, not quite sure what ypu're asking for.
  12. I'll probably try that one time. I have restarted all the equipment.
  13. That sound about right... My computer is at the 2nd floor while the router is at the 1st floor. I don't have a cable long enough The wifi signal is strong and downloading games is a breeze. Thank you for great answers though. Do you have any idea how to troubleshoot this connection problem?
  14. I tried to find some sort of pattern, it normally jumps up to about 150 or so when joining, normally it's fine on 2-4 ms. But it often goes up to 50 when I'm walking on the ground. Weird enough it's at 3-5 when flying and loading chunks. Ninja edit: I've noticed these "hiccups" on gmod, it happens completely random, I can also hear the "hiccups" whilst talking on Skype.