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  1. Dont forget to install plus! hehe
  2. Last year I had a HP DV7 laptop, the A6 dual core APU in it just didnt pack enough poop, but I found a AMD A10 quad core APU on eBay for $35 so I bought it, got my laptop all apart and everything, installed it, applied some thermal compund, fired it up and nothing... Took it back apart and saw that I applied too much artic silver.. the excess squeezed out from under the heatsink coming in contact with the resistors on top of the CPU, instantly shorting it out and taking the motherboard with it... a costly mistake....
  3. Apple albeit stylish are just over inflated PCs, Alienware used to be great before Dell bought them out years ago, now they are just XPS laptops with the alienware logo, also overinflated. Chromebooks on the other hand were designed with failure in mind, when the Pixel first came around, google knew it wasnt going to do well, a great laptop running their gimpy version of linux, even the slogan said "For what's next" as if they made the pixel as a theory for what they hand in mind down the road. What amazed me about apple laptops, is that a LOT of people just dont see that they depricate over the years and are just as obelete when they leave the store as their Windows based counterparts. a Macbook Pro 15 from 2008 can still run just as much as a brand new Windows based laptop. For Alienware, sure you get a high end system, but the build quality is about as great as you would expect from Dell, in the end, you are just paying for the Alienware name and some fancy LED lighting.
  4. You running Netscape Navigator or AOL?
  5. In my honest opinion, I'd do 4x 4GB, just because should a stick go bad 4GB stcks are a LOT cheaper to replace if need be lol
  6. Gotcha.. well there is one soda available that is worse than Mountain Dew available in the USA.
  7. Looks good... However if it blows up will your room be uninhabitable for 20,000 years???
  8. Neat, well keep us posted, and followed
  9. What you doing with the old tubes??
  10. That is a matter of preference, AMDs are great, Intels are great, really depends on what you are wanting to spend, AMDs generally draw more power than Intel, yet Intel are generally more expensive than AMD, performance wise they are about equal..
  11. Those old dell case have EXTREMLY crappy airflow, even with fans, that video card will overheat.. and often... I learned that the hard way when I built a system in one
  12. As far as complete soundtracks go, Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger. Though World of Warcraft has a great soundtrack from vanilla to warlords of draenor.
  13. My dad bought a couple of those.. they work well... for the first couple months, then sadly since the tech is far from perfect they break down quite fast.