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  1. iCrushDreams

    Denuvo has been successfully cracked

    This is not a crack. It is a bypass. Calling it a crack implies Denuvo has been broken, which it hasn't. The bypass tricks Denuvo into giving you a verification key to launch the game by sending it a request for a key using the free demo version. Denuvo is still uncracked and as soon as they patch the verification system, the same DRM that has always been there will continue to be unbreakable. Crack = breaking Denuvo Bypass = getting around Denuvo Don't confuse the two and spread misinformation regarding them. That's false.
  2. iCrushDreams

    Tesla Acquires SolarCity for $2.6 Billion

    In that case, I would rather they take a tax on charging I guess. The availability and appeal of electric cars should be promoted and encouraged as much as possible in order to entice as many people as we can to bite the bullet for more eco friendly vehicles with sustainable energy sources. I think people would be more willing to pay an extra 7% or something on electricity used to power their car rather than adding $5-10k to the purchase price of an electric vehicle making the bill even more painful to get down.
  3. iCrushDreams

    Tesla Acquires SolarCity for $2.6 Billion

    Oh man.. If the government starts taxing solar production, that would be as crappy as it gets. That's basically taxing you for the use of the sun.
  4. iCrushDreams

    Tesla Acquires SolarCity for $2.6 Billion

    I'm hoping they go big into battery innovation so somehow we can end up with batteries that hold more capacity in smaller form factors lol
  5. Tesla Blog ArsTechnica Tesla has agreed to acquire SolarCity for a $2.6 billion full stock deal. Each SolarCity shareholder will get .110 Tesla shares as a part of the deal. They hope to combine their energy innovations to create the worlds most energy sustainable company. I think that this deal is one that should have been made way long ago, and it only makes sense with all of the battery storage technology that Tesla plans to roll out that they have solar technology to roll out with it. It makes perfect sense for them to merge.
  6. iCrushDreams

    Tips to make my shots better?

    Thanks, I guess I'll try zooming in post. Another option for zooming since nothing would be physically moving anyways would be to just take a full size still and zoom in post on that. The lens is just the 18-55mm one that comes with the camera. I wouldn't be surprised if that's giving me the unsteady zoom. I have a Tamron lens somewhere (not sure on which exact one) so I'll give that a shot too. Thanks! I'll try some of those DIY solutions next time around. Question - is the white balance in the yellowish clips salvageable after the fact? If I have the raw footage is it possible to fix it in Premiere or do I need to take new ones and make sure the white balance is good?
  7. The Donald Trump Burger: Cabbage, lots of cabbage.
  8. iCrushDreams

    Tips to make my shots better?

    Thanks for the advice! The way the room is setup is actually 100% incidental. I didn't set anything up at all, that's just exactly how it always looks. It's one of the rooms at my grandparent's house (the place I stay during the summer). I can't really change anything around as far as furnature goes, but I'll try to close the window shades next time so maybe it'll draw less attention there and the ceiling window and ceiling lights can more evenly light it up instead of getting additional light from the windows. Thanks everyone for pointing out the white balance and fstop. I wasn't actually checking any of the settings as far as white balance and fstop, just ISO. I'll definitely watch some tech quickies on fstop and white balance before doing the next one. I had to do 2-3 takes of the zoom part just to get it like that. I'm not sure how I can zoom smoother. I was just using one hand to zoom and the other one to hold the camera down to make sure it wouldn't move. Any better way to do this, or do I just need to keep practicing until I get it more smooth? @Evanair Thanks for the rubber band idea! I'll try that one out. Also I'm trying not to invest in any extra equipment. I'm just doing this as a random hobby and I'm not really planning to make professional reviews or even upload these for people to watch on their own. I'm trying to simply get the best results I can with what I have. So I won't be getting an additional lens, or a proper panning setup. I appreciate all the suggestions
  9. Hey LTT! Today I was just messing around with a Canon T3i (18-55mm lens) and I took some shots of my Surface Pro 4. I noticed a few things that didn't turn out as nice as I'd like and I would appreciate some advice on fixing them: 1) The lighting wasn't consistent from shot to shot. For example, some shots had the nice even white lighting and some shots came out dimmer and yellow. The lighting in real life where I was shooting never changed at all. Any tricks to balance this so it all turns out nice and evenly white? 2) My panning didn't come out perfectly smooth. I tried to mend this by periodically speeding up or slowing down the footage in areas where it was uneven and you can hardly notice that it was shaky in the final product, but is there a more elegant way to fix this than what I did? I think a stabilization method would be better than having to manually adjust the playback speed to compensate. I was just using a standard tripod with an arm on it. If anyone who is more experienced than I (I'm novice at best with photography/cinematography) could offer me advice on my mistakes or point out anything else I did wrong and how I should improve, I would greatly appreciate it!
  10. I don't know where you're from but in North America warranty is through the brand or company. And also Windows 10 being good is one thing and I'm fine with that, but sneakily installing it onto PCs without permission in sketchy ways like security updates is not okay.
  11. Microsoft for their asinine customer support. 90 day warranty on controllers, AND you need the proof of purchase. No exceptions whatsoever, and if plugging your controller into Windows doesn't work, they try selling you random adapters and such to dig you deeper into their ecosystem. And that's without speaking of how they're sketchily pushing Windows 10 onto systems that don't want it. Shit company.
  12. Any guarantees that all components of your system will continue to work? So I have a RAID card that fails after the upgrade but everything else works, do I still get a free laptop? What if my system has had no Windows Updates since 2014 and needs to install them before getting Windows 10? If I bring it in by noon and the 2 years of updates don't finish by the end, I get a laptop?
  13. iCrushDreams

    Twitch’s shift to HTML5 starts today

    Flash is bloated and eats RAM like donuts anyways.
  14. iCrushDreams

    OFFICIAL Amazon Prime Day 2016 deal thread!

    Wow, it aerates the water making it taste better? What a time to be alive! /s That's a pretty similar pitch to the $1,000 HDMI cable filtering your pixels for the highest quality resolution.
  15. iCrushDreams

    OFFICIAL Amazon Prime Day 2016 deal thread!

    You should note that this is the Prime Day Bundle, not just a Hero Session. The Hero Session has a $200 MSRP anyways, but the Prime Day deal is the Session + a bunch of accessories and a remote.