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  1. Not sure if this would be the right place for this but; Looking for a solution that would mirror the screen of a laptop/computer to two separate TVs at the same time. I can do wired Cat6, but I'd prefer a wireless solution. This is for a customer, and they currently have a Crestron solution that is clunky and not working 100%. A lot of frames drop and at any time at least one of the TVs drops off and comes back quite a few times.
  2. I'm assuming they couldn't get the live footage up from the event? Its almost 6pm Eastern Time here and no videos at all were posted on Floatplane, Youtube, or Twitch.
  3. Go to 8x8.com They have great pricing and support.
  4. I mean 15 inch wouldn't be too bad. Its just some rolling project pictures and showcases then a quick video.
  5. Not bad. I like my anker for my Surface Pro though. It's lasted over a year now.
  6. So, I've got a dilemma on my hands. We are running a small booth at a business expo in a little over a week. Was just told I can't share power with the table/booth next to us. Nor can we use the outlets on the walls next to our booth. Why is this an issue? Here's why: We are going to be running a small presentation on random/auto-play. The expo is expected to last 4-6 hours. I have no battery banks that will last that long, nor any that have a 120v plugin. So, I'm looking in part for two things; One, a monitor that is 19 inches and LED with lower power consumption, and two, a battery bank that will last at least 4-6 hours for just the monitor. The content will be streaming as a second monitor to my Surface Pro. My surface pro will last 8 hours on a charge. On top of that, I can charge my surface pro by my Anker battery bank with no issues. Any ideas or suggestions on completing this task would be extremely helpful.
  7. Citrix XenDesktop is what I was thinking of. And yes, I know its enterprise. My company has more than a few users. And additional users I need to establish external access for. Citrix is the perfect solution.
  8. Looking for an operating system, other than Windows Server, that will accommodate something similar to RDP sessions. But, being that I can just grab a simple thin client or minimal hardware PC and connect across a network to the host and load a desktop with simple apps. Is there something like this? I remember some schools/doctors offices have this and it seems fine for the basic stuff.
  9. Very good points. So, if I were to go with a piece, it looks like the Roku would be a good choice, as I don't want to just go with one service primarily. It does look like you can get additional apps for it as well. Also, I thought the Roku 4 was the latest Roku device, with the ability to stream 4k.
  10. Unfortunately, only 1 RAID setup can be done. It was a fairly cheap card back in the day when I got it. Though, I may want to upgrade in the future, at this time, I wasn't planning on changing the raid card.
  11. The reason is it even asking for a format, is because it is a blank drive. For example, the blueprints of a house are just blueprints, without the house being built. The formatting of the drive for the first time, gives the data a structure to where the boundaries (capacity of the drive) are.
  12. Honestly, unless you had data on the drive previously, a quick format will suffice. A regular format is only good for a used drive with data because it writes 0's to the drive.
  13. Replacing the drives on my system would require re-installing everything because I would have to delete the RAID and create a new one with the larger drives. The RAID card doesn't support bumping capacity like that. Otherwise I would stagger a hard drive upgrade.
  14. It'll get worse until Apple releases a fix to block them from gaining access.