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  1. 1. The girl with the dragon tattoo 2. orginal fast and furious 3. Goldfinger 4. fast and furious :tokyo drift 5. Schindler's list (made me cry)
  2. i get that but how am i supposed to... i have been genuinely sick and even my doc says meds can cause hallucinations and since i am a ocd and paronia survivor things get worse
  3. Prologue i was diagnosed with H1N1 recently followed by acute pneumonia after my tonsillitis surgery,past 2 months have been horrific i have been pumped full of iv drip and medicines resulting in hallucinations which i would like to share here The drugs are heavy resulting blackouts which my doctor says are normal once that happens its a crazy ride. last night after turning in i was in a tunnel i don't know what the location was but it was a wooden box type tunnel and there was someone ahead of me and we were crawling trough it the person i was crawling with never showed his face,thats the only thing i remember from that later i am in front of some pc's triple surround setup widescreen 34"inch monitors with a rig from falcon northwest below and some tf2 and L4d2 figurines,i was at valve i was a employee working there and me and my co workers were bitching about how drm's are shit and joking around etc later i was in a truck in Myanmar going trough the jungle ,truck goes into the valley and
  4. she knows i have had feeling for her and we may have kinda it wasnt official but we kinda were into a relationship sort of only to be arrested
  5. well yeah .... i may try it out with her and will see then how stuff works
  6. what if she's into me as a friend and the thing is i dont want to spend money on a date and later realise that she's isnt looking for a relationship ... i have a 2tb hdd to save up for why waste money unnecessarily
  7. so after two months of a haitus this girl who was a good friend of mine in the past and still is msg's me and asks me if we could meet some day ??? how should i decipher this signal as ,she knows that i have had feeling for her in the past
  8. as long as they keep their pants on i am fine with it,unless they are lesbian then its totally fine because who dosen't love lesbians
  9. i own a zotac 970 ref and would like to point out that zotac has improved a lot in terms of quality in the past few years owing zotac cards since the 500 series ..... support has become a lot better as well as the manufac quality ... what intrique's me is that 84 fps on bf4 isn;t tha good mine does 98 avg without a oc and can oc upto a whopping 1597mhz resulting in an avg of 110 in bf4 and many other games..... although the cooler on mine is crap
  10. bitfinex prodigy m -------> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4CP1GF8758 looks awesome has nice functionality and build quality
  11. 14.04 is jsut a pain in the ass ,unless one knows shell scripting properly its gonna be horrific to get things running ... i am suffering from it myself just plain bad
  12. my pc is plugged into a 6A 240v extension box and my pc requires 5A 220~250v so it runs totally fine i have been using it for the past one and half year on it altough i am still worried that it could be underpowered i know it isnt but my gut is and idiot so should i get a industrial 32a extension or am i fine with the current one the thing is they are pretty expensive