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  1. Let's raise the "bar" a little bit https://benchmark.unigine.com/results/rid_2ec4523d85324e3c92878e139010bf45
  2. @Galm - yeah this is true so tomorrow I will return mine as the "first batch" of RTX 2080 has some issues, is not even the GPU but other power delivery components which are causing the problem, I saw ppl with their 2080 not even hitting 80C blowing up in smokes, so I requested a refund/return in the last day as for 3000$ payed I don't want to take any chances (yes I know I have warranty but why I should be punished for their mistakes) Overall laptop is amazing as owner of so many different "desktop replacements" - is truly a beauty, all my previous concerns are basically fixed in this model, but considering the mistake of considering users part of their QA team, makes the laptop (at least until Dell admits the flaw and start replace the bad units) a time bomb. Will keep posted here ... with the progress.
  3. rodarkone

    Brand New Vega 64 or Used 1080Ti ?

    Brazilian prices are insane - how much is a PS4 I remember EVGA had a brazilian web store - where if you are lucky can grab a B-stock - 10xx (80/80Ti) with 1 year warranty. Also .. I think Zotac has representation in Brazil.
  4. True - Alienware (Dell) have a record of screwing up the users (myself included) with their GPUs (I still moan due to my M17 R5 due to the bad power delivery circuit design and defective cooler design it just "throttles" (basically it switch the power to a minimum for a split second where you will have a stuttering of FPS (drops up to 0) And even I was not convinced about the Alienware Area51m I bite the bullet and got it for a reasonable price ( ~ 3000 $ shipped/tax included - 8700 and 2080, which is a decent combination in terms of power-heat-performance (my unit is doesn't go over 87 C .. and this is on the CPU, the GPU is much colder at only 79 C - in heavy stress tests) In games my GPU is around 76-77 / and CPU is not going over 70 (with the Performance profile - which is LOUD). Again is a very powerfull laptop, but I would not recommend it to the "regular user" - the price paied and the return is not worth it, this is only for ppl who are enthusiasts, and cash to burn, there are a lot better solutions out-there. Probably the sweet spot is a RTX 2060 and a 8750H ... with a good cooling, on a 15" screen, 1080 and 100+ Hz. Price will probably be half and you will loose maybe 30 % of the performance.
  5. rodarkone

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    @Stefan did anybody told you that you sound like a broken record ? You remove things from context and create your own interpretation based on personal narrow view, I own a Vega 64 and I am fully aware of the performance and capabilities, I flagged all the different types of issues a user can encounter with both the cards (V64 or RTX2060), the fact that I mentioned Nvidia is more eager to throw on the market new and updated drivers doesn't necceseraly means that those will be more amazing or better (apparently how you perceived) than AMD who often forgets that you updated drivers (we can also find a lot of horror stories here). In current situation, the Vega 64 has a very good price, it is a good card, not an amazing card - is just decent or you can call it average, but is good especially for the low price point. There are tho' other factors that can impact the experience, especially for a user who is comes on a forum asking for help, you need to stop beeing subjective and help the guy take the right decision for him, not for you. I don't want to discuss about AMD strategy of naming cards, which is extremely deceiving for consumers but doesn't represent the subject of this topic.
  6. I think the Area51m has a 200W - GPU (based on the last bios update)
  7. rodarkone

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    @Stefan - Vega 64 LC is a vega 64 card - stop with the non-sense. Read carefully (probably you are tired as is late in N. Germany) what I mentioned is that RTX2060 can be found cheaper on Amazon compared with the site mentioned in the link, and also I flagged that that V64 has a very "compelling" price.
  8. rodarkone

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    @GoldenLag not sure if you are reading the part with me having both Vega 64 LC (which is a vega 64 card - regardless of your oppinoin) and RTX 2060 so I am not a "review reader" I can draw my own conclusions, but if you would like to do some extra testing let me know Just because Shiniontv found a site where RTX2060 is overpriced doesn't mean the price difference exists. (ex on amazon.de a better implementation with 3 fans 391 EU, compared with 428 EU from link) I didn't study the "german" market but for sure you can find better deals But not to "blame" the deal, and to be completely honest 383 EU is a good price for Asus Vega 64 and if Asus is reliable model then is a go. @Shiniontv - if you decide to go for RTX 2060 there are cheaper everywhere else, the price in your link is "deceiving" for the audience, as those prices are not "set in stone"
  9. rodarkone

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    Nope .. this is not 100 % correct. 1. RTX 2060 can beat Vega 64 in a multitude of games 2. Vega64 can beat RTX 2060 in a multitude of games from 1 and 2 conclusion is - what games you want to play, and is the + or - 6 % difference matters ? (probably not) Cards are more or less on-parr in terms of performance -> https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon-rx-vega-64.c2871 3. best implementation of Vega 64 is not Nitro+ is the Liquid Cooling one (best bios and best performance out of box) 4. In theory RTX2060 ca be overclocked higher then Vega 64 (depends on what you get) 5. RTX206 has better technology just because is newer also is more efficient. 6. Nvidia drivers are updated more often 7. AMD drivers are updated for longer time Even Vega 64 has more ram 8 GB vs 6 GB the limitation of high resolution is very taxing so you will not be able to enjoy anyway. The RTX 2060 is cheaper, so you will be able to buy a better implementation of RTX 2060 (better cooling / better specs) Review from Steve (Hardware Unboxed) with gaming results.
  10. rodarkone

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    I have a VEGA 64 liquid and RTX 2060 from Gigabyte ... I can tell you that Vega is a little bit faster, but not by mutch I presume on the long term RTX 2060 will be a better choice
  11. Let's see Superposition 1080p Extreme (1x GPU) 2080 TI - 10561 https://benchmark.unigine.com/results/rid_e6f421fc98da478e93c16331e733f858 Superposition 1080p Extreme (2x GPU) 2080 TI - SLI -NvLink 19435 https://benchmark.unigine.com/results/rid_cb9c85645ec849fe8e6d1d6a3f3ccd9b Superposition 4K Optimized 2080Ti - 14435 https://benchmark.unigine.com/results/rid_4cb383b079624ba485e55922fca7363b
  12. rodarkone

    Laptop processors

    I would say to buy a laptop with a professional GPU and use the CUDA cores of the dedicated graphic card (not the CPU) ... if you need CPU (depending on technology you want to use in your 3d modeling) try to get an I7 ( 4xxx/EE or 6xxx) if you need details you can use ark.intel.com, try to stay away from anything AMD (is too hot for mobile) and Atom/"low power" U cpu-us from Intel
  13. rodarkone

    MSI Vortex G65 Review

    Nice way to test a "gaming" rig without any "benchmark" results - maybe later on ?
  14. rodarkone

    LTT 3DMark Thread

    great achievement - go on HWbot - you will be in top 10 world for 970 SLI (6th place ) 2x GeForce GTX 970 3DMark - Fire Strike ranking 1 errhon 21520 marks 2 Woomack 20454 marks 3 Stay Puft 20437 marks 4 MAIDENMK666 20398 marks 5 auxilium 20340 marks 6 isonzo 20117 marks 7 george.kokovinis 19953 marks 8 Red10 19953 marks 9 motorcyclerider 19531 marks 10 oc_mode 19504 marks
  15. rodarkone

    Is 600W power supply enough?

    yes it is - I have a similar config with a HX1200i (which can "monitor" the load) and it never passed of 400-450 W (just for curious folks - I will perform some upgrades in near future that's why the "overkill" psu)