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  1. Sitting here with a OnePlus 5 and its getting sold for the 5T. The only hesitation I have is the 5 has been an almost perfect phone for me that I'm worried about mixing that up.
  2. I've blind tested my friends a few times using my G-Sync capable 144Hz display and none of them can tell the difference between G-Sync disabled and ~144fps in game to G-Sync enabled and limiting the FPS to 100fps. That's literally the whole reason you would buy a G-Sync capable display. If it didn't do that, why are people spending the premium? To eliminate tearing? Seem a little overkill.
  3. That motherboard has a single M.2 slot so one any of those, at least. The Samsung 960 EVO 500GB would be a good choice without being overly expensive like the PRO series.
  4. Have you thought about a a better SSD setup? That beastly system and a SATA SSD don't seem to match.
  5. How old is your H100i? The pump in mine started dying and my temps sucked so the fans were always loud. Replaced it with a new one and it's whisper quiet again.
  6. You go to Crutchfield.com and selec your car, everything else (all accessories needed to install) are taken care of for you. Just follow the onscreen prompts. Absolutely don't need to worry about power draw.
  7. lol.. Let me reprase. I'm in no way bothered by it, it was just a funny observation. And its when he's in front of the camera not involved with shooting in any way. The new move video that went up on vessel today, for instance. Anyway.. again, it was just a funny observation that I've noticed the past couple months and decided to see if anyone else had. It's like they're part of him!
  8. Excuse me if I didn't look hard enough but does the guy EVER take them off??? Either they're wrapped around his ears or around his neck in every video we see him in. Dude, it's ok. You can be without music for 5 minutes! :lol:
  9. I'm an episode ahead and sadly, you're not missing much. This episode was only marginally better than the sugar/pipe one.
  10. Sounds like a short. Does it all boot outside the case?
  11. Yet you use their operating system. Don't trust what, exactly? Sorry, I'm not grasping your logic :-P
  12. Relatively new forum member but long time LTT subscriber. I felt like I needed to post this due to the amount of upset people in here. One thing everyone seems to be forgetting is LTT is 100% pure entertainment and nothing more. I don’t pay for that gear so as long as the end result is me being entertained, I’m happy. This (and part 2) succeeded at this wonderfully.
  13. Done. Just watched it on Vessel :-P