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  1. So back when I joined this forum I had two really nice and high end PC's. I upgraded the GPU's from 780 Ti and 290X, then got bored and sold everything. I remade them...kinda. The one on the left is an i7 2600K / 980 AMP Extreme. My old one was in a Corsair 780T (same case as the build on the right) and had a P8P67 WS Revolution board. Now it's in a Cougar Panzer Max and has a Z68 FTW board. Oh and the 980 used to be a HOF but I like this one more. The one on the right is an FX-8350 / Fury Nitro. My old one had a Crosshair V Formula Z board but this M5A99FX fits the new color scheme better and can still run a 9590 if I ever feel like it. Oh and it also used to be in a HAF-X. I decided to go with the case I used to have for my other build though cause I like it lol. Anyways, I just gotta tidy up some cables and get the rest of my LED fans and storage devices in the mail. They will then be complete. Everything look okay thus far?
  2. I just got some Monsoon Chaingun fittings to replace the garbage Swiftech put on my H320 X2 Prestige. I'm looking for something that won't pop off at the swivel. I already have the Monsoon Chainguns as mentioned but they look a little big for the Monsoon swivels from what I've saw. Then again, they still share the same design language though and Monsoon is probably the most trusted fittings company out there besides Bitspower...and maybe Barrow so yeah. I just want a 45 degree rotary for 3/8 5/8 tubing that looks good with blue Chaingun fittings...and can be trusted lol. If all else fails, I'll probably just stick with the tiny Monsoon swivels.
  3. Yeah I eventually decided upon that. I just like how tightly these Swiftech fittings hold the tubing. Obviously their Lok-Tite series is built pretty much the same way, except that you can't get the swivel adapter and fitting in one solid piece. Plus I've read countless reviews about the same issue I've had on these unique Prestige unit fittings. I'll probably just buy some swivel adapters to go with the Chaingun fittings I already bought.
  4. I have an H320x2 Prestige sitting around that's been through absolute hell. Cracked block replacements, blown led replacements, many tubing changes with drains and refills...anyways! This thing came with custom fittings that aren't available anywhere else. On the block it has dual 45 degree swivel fittings and they work just fine. There are absolutely no leaks or anything. One of them has a very loose swivel though. It's so loose in fact that I can pop it apart at the swivel easier than ANY quick disconnect I've ever used. Inside is an o ring and then a metal ring that holds the two pieces together. I've tried EVERYTHING i can think of to expand that metal ring JUST enough to get a tighter grip but have had no luck. Like I said, it DOESN'T leak. I stay with my friend's family though and there are often two small kids around who love to touch stuff. Having the build in a Corsair 780T with super easy open side panels doesn't help. I ordered some non swivel Monsoon Chaingun fittings but I own all the Swiftech AIOs and would like to keep things as original as possible. Does anyone know a way to tighten the swivel so it won't pop off as easily? These are truly amazing fittings and like I said, unique to this piece so I really wanna keep them in tact...despite the fact they are covered in scratches from all the plyer marks lol. Also I know there is always a risk when kids who wanna pull on tubing are around but I mean this one just pops off wayyy too easy.
  5. Ah I see. Mine is for the three pin without the blank space...basically like a non PWM case fan header. I did end up finding some pre wired headers like I need though. Hopefully with a batch of them, the first led set you linked me, and some solderless snap on connectors I'll be set.
  6. My only worry is that I can't really solder worth anything as my left hand/arm is mostly paralyzed and has no feeling. I see they have solderless ends for the cut strips and wires to meet. Do they make wires that come with pre attached headers though?
  7. The LEDs in my Swiftech H320 X2 blew and the controller uses the little 3 pin headers for lighting. I'd prefer not to buy a separate RGB controller and my mobo is a Z68 so so it definitely doesn't have it's own. Does anyone know where one can find a 3pin 5V addressable RGB strip?
  8. Why is this my best job ever? Well because it's a 700 watt completely NON modular power supply with lots of cables, and it's all in a case that while technically a "full tower", it's really just a mid tower chassis with a huge outer shell. Oh and the board uses dual 8 pin CPU headers...ooh scary indeed! Still I guess the PSU shroud helps more than you will ever know. Oh and I can't show the back yet cause I'm out of cable ties Still...tell me it's pretty!
  9. I've used Swiftech products for over a decade now and they used to have the most amazing customer support ever. They would work with you on literally ANYTHING (within reason). Lately I bought a used H320 X2 and it had a cracked CPU block. I asked if I could buy a new block top and nope...gotta buy a whole new block for over $50 after shipping. It's whatever but I've never heard of any other company that wouldn't sell a simple block top to a customer. A few weeks later and the LED board between the radiator and reservoir has completely died. I hit them up again asking about buying a new board, or even paying for an out of warranty RMA. In the end, I just want my product to work. I have all the Swiftech AIO's laying around and I like my collection of parts to fully function. Once again though, they can't help at all for any amount of money. I don't understand this. Their products are very expensive and they could care less. I look online and their reputation for both quality and customer service has went from legendary to abysmal. Even their Lok Seal fittings are marketed to be so tight that you can't pop the hoses out...which is mostly true. Yet on the angled, you're lucky to get one that doesn't pop off at the swivel with the slightest bit of force. I've endorsed this company for years and now they're just garbage. I don't even get what their market is anymore outside of AIOs that people only buy cause they want a rad with a res connected to it. And yes I understand that I bought a used product out of warranty. I never asked for anything free. I asked to buy a couple of parts that only they have laying around to repair a product that they created. All I want is for my H320 X2 to work again...regardless of costs. I'd even buy another one if I could find it.
  10. 2600K 980 Amp Extreme EVGA Z68 FTW Swiftech H240 X (first gen) Cougar PowerX PSU The newest component to it is this 2016 case lol.
  11. 2600K / 980 Amp Extreme build is finally complete...outside of a few minor cosmetic things. I just need to add some red dye to the coolant, some green led case fans, ram with heat spreaders and we'll be all set. It's nice to build something that's old but still very capable. I also must say that I'm quite proud of my ability to manage cable with an old fashioned completely non modular supply.
  12. Lol I just replaced the pump about a month ago and this is it's first you. I assure you it's the thermal paste if my temps are indeed too high lol. Well and my backplate is missing two of the sticky pads but I doubt that would actually make a difference.
  13. Okay so I'm using a first gen Swiftech H240X (280 rad) and simply hooked a PSU up from outside the case to test. It was initially getting 60C until I threw some non PWM case fans (my static pressure 140's aren't here yet) on my previously naked rad and they dropped to 50C. I don't have Windows installed yet so bios temp is all I can check. Block installation is perfectly fine but maybe I did a trash thermal paste job. It wouldn't be unlike me to build lazy but it's never hurt me before. What are the chances I'm annoyed over nothing and everything will be fine in real world use? I mean the bios is still like double the load vs a true Windows idle so maybe 50C will be about as high as I ever see, eh. Oh and my mobo is a Z68 FTW...none of that second rate MSI garbage. What kind of reject wants a motherboard with dragons on it lawl lawl lawl?
  14. Thanks much bros. It's nice to build a PC again without all the extra flash everything has these days.
  15. I'm doing two nostalgia builds. One is an 8350/Fury Nitro and the other (this one) is a 2600K/980 Amp Extreme. Sorry for the awful shot but it's stored away in my van where I can't get a good angle or lighting lol. I just need my ram and PSU to get here and it will be complete. These parts have been through the fucking ringer though and I'll almost be surprised if they all work lol. When attaching the CPU block earlier, one of the foam pads fell off the socket backplate and went between the mobo and it's tray. I'm too lazy to recover it for obvious reasons but it's driving me nuts. Not to mention the open loop cooler hasn't been pressure tested since I took it apart to replace the pump. The GPU came from Greece to USA and has been sitting in my hot van for a month just sliding around at every sharp turn. The case has been beat to death but Cougar did a great job with the build quality on this one. It makes that Corsair 780T next to it feel like a tin can. The mobo is an EVGA Z68 FTW and it got to me with the heatsinks fallen off and with screws all over the box so I had to reassemble it. On top of everything, my friend's very young niece and nephew have found a million opportunities to take the panel off and touch everything...which is why I keep it in the van still. Oh and most of it was put together outside in the grass lol. Anyways though, I just need my PSU, my ram, and a few case fans. Does it look okay though?