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    I'm a WoW multi glad bruh...
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    I'll help you find your Romania dream girl.
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    Plenty of Fish
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    I got a half paralyzed arm and I'm working towards becoming a famous fighter. I also wanna be added into the Bible one day.
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    Mr. Romania

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  1. KarateHottie93

    Ooh! Look what just came in the mail!

    4,500 posts in under two years...lololol
  2. KarateHottie93

    Ooh! Look what just came in the mail!

    Ah, well in that case hopefully they won't destroy my card's retail box when they dig through the packaging.
  3. KarateHottie93

    Ooh! Look what just came in the mail!

    Say what you will but for $150 unopened, this thing is quite the specimen. My 980 AMP Extreme should also be here soon...as soon as eBay's UK GSP center decide it's not a bomb or a dead body and send it the rest of the way to the US. Still...I'm so happy to have a Fury again
  4. KarateHottie93

    What do you think when you look at this picture?

    Lol they did which kinda pissed me off but thankfully those old FX pins were tanks.
  5. KarateHottie93

    GTX 980 vs R9 Fury in 2019?

    Lol well recreating the builds are the whole point. If not, I wouldn't buy FX...considering almost all reliable OC boards still costs out the ass. Lol the R9 I already bought should get better FPS than the 980 and 580 both though.
  6. KarateHottie93

    GTX 980 vs R9 Fury in 2019?

    I had a 980 HoF and Fury Tri X back when the Fury had just came out. Even with the Fury on a FX 9590 and the 980 on a 3770K, I remember them trading blows at 1080...but the Fury absolutely destroyed the 980 at 1440 and 4K. Obviously there were exceptions but that was how it typically went. Factor in that my 980 had the highest boost clock of any 980 out of the box. That was years ago and I haven't had a computer (besides laptop) since selling all my parts during that time period. Well look at the image linked below! I'm rebuilding both of the computers I used to have...with the exception of an 8350 and 2600K instead of a 9590 and 3770K. I was gonna hold out for another 980 HoF to come along but ended up getting the Amp Extreme. It has a 25mhz lower boost clock than the HoF, but it's also known to OC much better ON AIR (not LN2 obviously lol). The Fury I got is a Nitro. It has 10mhz higher OC than my Tri X had, but it's realistically not going to make any difference whatsoever. All these things said, my 980 is slightly slower than my old one was UNLESS I decide to OC. Not sure I wanna do that though with such a rare and beautiful, but aging and expensive (for a 980) card. The Fury I got is pretty much exactly what I had before in terms of raw performance. With a custom PCB and better cooler though, it should have slightly more OC potential if the silicone is of equal quality. I can't unlock any additional shaders like I could on the Tri X but I never had interest in that anyways. Basically things should be as they were before...but DX12 wasn't out then. Plus AMD had a reputation in those days for not having the best drivers at launch, so their cards usually got much better as time went on. The Fury was pretty much just a GCN card with HBM though so I'd imagine it was already near potential at launch? I know this question is beyond TL:DR but is the Fury still better? If so, has the gap in performance change at all over the years?
  7. I have one laying around here but haven't had a computer in years. Just now rebuilding the two outdated ones I used to have. Only difference is that instead of going with 3770K/980 HOF and 9590/Fury Tri-X combos, I'm doing 2600K/980 AMP Extreme and 8350/Fury Nitro. Please no "8350 would bottleneck a potato" type of conversation...I just have one simple question I could have asked without all the TL:DR. I see this Nitro version of the Fury has a dual BIOS button that lights up blue when pressed. Does that blue light stay on the whole time the button is pressed in? I'm really excited about this tiny blue LED I just realized was there and want to make sure it will stay on as long as I use the BIOS it's set to. I'd test myself but like I said...still in the process of getting the rest of my parts. Already got the processors though before anyone tries to talk me out of FX
  8. KarateHottie93

    This Romanian girl from Tinder broke my heart!!! 😭😭😭

    Glad to see I'm not the only person who both works out and has human emotions
  9. KarateHottie93

    This Romanian girl from Tinder broke my heart!!! 😭😭😭

    Grow a bit? Lololol okay doctor. That's why I'm the only one here with enough confidence to post my actual self. Stereotypical gym rat? Lol okay. My life isn't about fucking "insecurities". I grew up homeless, have made leaps and bounds on my own to live financially well, and now I want to finish reaching my own potential. Lastly, it's not "white knighting" because I like a girl who hates her body. It's called me loving somebody for who they presented themselves to be. And fuck no I'm not gonna cry. Emotions aren't weak but crying for pity is so lame. I'll do it on a forum because ai couldn't care less about people I don't know. Why the hell would I act that way in person though? I actually take pride in myself. Once again, it's easy to judge. You know nothing of me or how I come off. I guarantee that if we both spent a day together with 100 random people, I wouldn't be the "wacky" one.
  10. KarateHottie93

    Daaaahhhh look what I gawt!!!

    You're a good egg and a wise specimen, indeed! I greatly appreciate your existence within these forums.
  11. KarateHottie93

    Daaaahhhh look what I gawt!!!

    Glad there's another FX lover out there, eh. I just get so frustrated because I had both of these CPUs (kinda) when they were current. My old FX was a 9590 though which is pretty much the same thing with a factory OC and was paired with CFX 290X's. My old 2600K, I almost instantly traded for a 3770K as my friend wanted to delid it. I had it paired with SLI 780 Ti's. Anyways I know the 8350 and 2600K stock performance gap is closer than that of the 9590 and 3770K I had before. I ended up selling both pairs of cards due to legit obvious bottlenecks on both ends...along with insanely high power consumption, and going for a 980 HOF and Fury Tri X (the pre Nitro version). After that I had a decline in life and ended up selling both computers. So anyways to my long drug out point...during my time with both computers, I only ever had two scenarios where I preferred to turn on one over the other. If I was gonna play high rating WoW Arenas, the i7 was noticeably better but the FX was perfectly playable. If I was gonna run multiple virtual machines, the FX ran them more fluid.
  12. KarateHottie93

    Daaaahhhh look what I gawt!!!

    Once again, I don't game. Secondly, I play on 3 1080P monitors if I do game and have ran multiple setups. It most certainly does not bottleneck by ANY noticeable margin, as I get the same consistent performance as I do with the card across other CPUs. It's not until I go up to my 980 Ti that I start seeing bottlenecks worth noting in the majority of games. If I dropped to a single monitor at 1080, of course it would bottleneck. The 2600K would too in certain scenarios. I just hate this notion that the FX and the 2600K are worlds apart in the grand scheme of things, because it's entirely false. Yes the 2600K is about 30% faster in single core usage, and yes it had much more support in terms of optimization back when they were current. Boot into Linux though and run some tests that utilize all cores. The 8350 pulls ahead time after time after time.
  13. KarateHottie93

    Daaaahhhh look what I gawt!!!

    Once again, I've had both before and a lot of those tests are biased. Throw anything at them in terms of multiple cores and you won't see a difference. In my virtual machines, the 8350 completely outclasses the 2600K. It's only better in IPC and a few other things that are optimized for Intel.
  14. KarateHottie93

    Daaaahhhh look what I gawt!!!

    Not really. The performance difference between them is minimal at best outside of IPC. Maybe if you're a no life gamer like most on here but it's not a gaming build.