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  1. A lot of people i helped build a PC like this because they only using it as word processing and flash-based game. They like, "WTF you spend $600 on PC, they look all same." I envy your monitors Me too, AOC 1366x768 for around $69, Ducky Shine 2 for $93
  2. Our boss is like "If it's gets the job done, It's fineee."
  3. Some PC in my Office still using XP with integrated graphics and 80Gb HDD
  4. Bought a Razer membrane keyboard. Razer Abyssus Bought a fake crappy PSU, fried 2 GPU (it was HIS) and i thought they had terrible quality control.
  5. I am using i3 with R9 280x for gaming. ..and in 720p monitor.