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  1. Dual bios is for if you mess up an overclock and brick one bios, you have the other to go back to.


    Could you go to each bios and find out the clock speeds for each? I'll try and get you more info while you do that

    Ya it is same core/memory, both runs at 1030/1500 stock

    the only difference is performance. BIOS 1 is slower performance but lower temps, always crash/artifacts at OC.

  2. As long as you dont have a reference card, 80 degrees is fine for now. Maybe get some extra fans and redo the air flow in your case for better temps

    It's PowerColor TurboDuo.

    Did they create 2 BIOS profile on purpose? because BIOS 1 is almost useless.

  3. Hi, so I just got a used R9 280X and I think it's underperformed. 

    I already make a post about this here


    Then I found BIOS switch and change it to no 2 (I believe it's dual Bios, switch is near CF link), the card seems perform flawlessly.

    I can achieve 1150/1550 easy but it runs very hot about >80C at load. Compare to BIOS no 1 can't even run 1070/1500 without crash/artifact, but run at lower temps about 70C full load.


    My questions is;

    Is it safe? should I worried about it? (at least about the temps)

    Why it has same BIOS but different performance?

    Should I reflash it? or RMA needed?


    sorry about my english  :)

  4. Also, my first custon build had an i3 3240 with no GPU... which left me with HD graphics 2500...

    A lot of people i helped build a PC like this because they only using it as word processing and flash-based game.

    They like, "WTF you spend $600 on PC, they look all same."


    I am using an i3 4360 with a radeon 7750 xD, but 2  1080p monitors.

    I envy your monitors :o


    My keyboard cost more than either one or my monitors. (Acer refurb something 1080p IPS for $120. Brand new Corsair K70 for $130.)

    Me too, AOC 1366x768 for around $69, Ducky Shine 2 for $93