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  1. ya, go gtx 960 or r9 280x. bioshock and dota should flat 60fps on ultra
  2. set the paging file/virtual memory to 'system managed size'. this option eliminate similiar problem when I play assetto corsa
  3. Help, my F5 keys LED went dead. It's Ducky Shine 2. Anyone have the tutorial to replace the LED?
  4. Sony Takes up to 4-6 months to RMA/repair your phone.
  5. SEIKO, Japanese craftmanship GIGABYTE, Dem boards never die until you have to replace it like 10 years later SanDisk, I have 8Gb flashdrive from 2007 and still using it
  6. Can i save BIOS 2, then switch to BIOS 1 and then flash BIOS 2 to BIOS 1?
  7. Ya it is same core/memory, both runs at 1030/1500 stock the only difference is performance. BIOS 1 is slower performance but lower temps, always crash/artifacts at OC.
  8. It's PowerColor TurboDuo. Did they create 2 BIOS profile on purpose? because BIOS 1 is almost useless.
  9. Hi, so I just got a used R9 280X and I think it's underperformed. I already make a post about this here Then I found BIOS switch and change it to no 2 (I believe it's dual Bios, switch is near CF link), the card seems perform flawlessly. I can achieve 1150/1550 easy but it runs very hot about >80C at load. Compare to BIOS no 1 can't even run 1070/1500 without crash/artifact, but run at lower temps about 70C full load. My questions is; Is it safe? should I worried about it? (at least about the temps) Why it has same BIOS but different performance? Should I reflash it? or RMA needed? sorry about my english
  10. Hi, I just want to know if my card is underperformed. Because I can't find anyone that uses hardware like mine in the database. My PowerColor R9 280X seems horrible at overclock. This is in stock. (1030/1500) and can't push further. Maybe It's just bottlenecked? or Should I RMA the card? Any suggestions? BTW I only have 1366x768 monitor :lol:
  11. NFS Underground 2. Then I tried to build my own gaming machine, which is failed because I'm using a Sempron. I was on tight budget. Since then, I always research a lot before buying something.