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  1. Well, to be honest, I looked over some bootup times and some differences, unless I'm dealing with very large files, an NVMe isn't really the best cost-effective purchase, probably going to wait till Black Friday and snatch a good deal on a large capacity SSD. Thank you for the help, though!
  2. Well, I was thinking more of getting an NVMe just for the OS? Would it be reasonable? Also, what's the a good capacity to get and if my motherboard supports it? I have the Z170-Deluxe motherboard.
  3. Yes, I just noticed that, updating the post as we speak. ^^ Yeah, did it in a hurry and I didn't pay attention, my bad. Updated it with CrystalDiskInfo's results.
  4. It's currently sitting at about 439 GB out of 930GB for the main partition (C:\) Yeah, I just checked the metrics were different, I assumed they were the same, but that still doesn't explain the abnormal long bootup times, though. This is I wish I could move the OS, I have a 480GB SSD but the OS was installed on the HDD and I don't know if I could migrate the files without losing data.
  5. Noticed this after a normal boot, it took me 5 minutes (possibly 10) to boot into the system, which is a bad sign considering my HDD is a WD Black which are supposed to be faster than average. What are the first steps that I should take to checking my HDD's health? Currently downloading Defraggler and letting it run for the night.
  6. Do you mean the 3-pin connectors? Aren't they necessary for a bootup?
  7. How can I do that? Do you mean the CMOS button? If so, then yes, I've tried on multiple ocassions.
  8. Qcode doesn't show up unless I boot, would've made life a lot easier.
  9. I've attached a picture, The LEDs that are working are motherboard's built-in power/reset buttons, the BOOT_DEVICE_LED and the main LED. I don't think MEMOK should work without a bootup but it's not lighting when pressed. PS: Since previously mentioned, the case power button isn't working so I'm only using the built-in button to power up. I've also tried CMOS reset but no bueno
  10. That would be a really FeelsBadMan moment because the state it was in before I cleaned it was 10000x worse, if I made it through that alive and not this then big F. Do you mean the DisplayPort cable? I can't see how that plays into the the PC not booting up? Fans aren't spinning and no LEDs, besides the motherboard and GPU power lights. I'm still finals so I haven't tried something as rigorous as you mentioned but going to afterwards, just wanted to see if there was a small thing that went over my head. Also, both of you mentioned the DisplayPort cable. If it's not plugged in would it stop the PC from booting up?
  11. That is true, I haven't thought of that, will change it whenever possible. Anything on the main problem, though?
  12. Z170-DELUXE As in the chassis? Yeah, I broke it down to clean the tight angles, guess how that turned out, haha.
  13. This happened over a week ago but due to my finals I'm unable to fully address it at the moment. Night before, nothing bad, went to sleep and when I woke up the PC won't boot. Initially I checked the cables and noticed the CPU Cooler power wasn't plugged so I thought one of my 3 kittens somehow managed to pull the cable off. I plugged it in, yet to no avail. MEMOK won't light up, BOOT_DEVICE_LED is green. No Q-code, tried switching RAM sticks, using dual channel/single channel, but nothing. I doubt it's the PSU itself since GPU/motherboard lights are on. *sidenote: I don't know much about PCs but I manually removed and installed thermal paste successfully and messed around cleaning dirty parts and cables, when I was done I was unable to turn the PC on from the case button and I had to use the on-board button, so if that relates to anything or anyone can help me with it that'd be appreciated. I included 2 pictures of the current PC state. Yes, there's a lot of dust, but I live in the Middle East and things get dusty rather fast in the summer.