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  1. Yeah I tried,it only recognised the 8gb ssd But not the 1tb hdd
  2. Actually there's also an error for the IPv6 as well. When I press enter it says black bookable devices and restart pc
  3. Help? When I went for dinner, the laptop was OK But when I came back this happened. Erm. The laptop is a Lenovo y50 I7-4710HQ Nvidia GTX 860M 4GB 8 Gb ram
  4. Zrketersk

    Help in getting a mouse?

    Looking at the Logitech G302 Daedelus Prime and the G402 Hyperion Fury. Not really sure which to buy as the g402 is more expensive by $5.G302 sells at SGD59 and the G402 at SGD65. I only play casual fps games like tf2,jc2,payday.I know that the G402 is meant for fps gamers But the lighting effect on the 302 Seems pretty cool and not else sure about the difference.
  5. Zrketersk

    help in choosing my laptop?

    Well That's the same in sg when my dad when to us he saw the y50 with 4k display 512gb ssd 16gb ram At only 1500 sgd. when he y50 with the same specs know singapore retails for 2499. THAT'S 1000 IN DIFFERENCE!! so,which should i get? Y40 or y50
  6. Zrketersk

    help in choosing my laptop?

    Well, Sorry about that , But I did say that I was in Singapore in my 1 post if I'm not wrong.... I said usd because I think u guys are mostly are in us?
  7. Zrketersk

    help in choosing my laptop?

    Oh wait they do sell sager laptops But Apparently the supplier/seller/warranty guy (third party) collected some laptops that were faulty and ran away with him. So idt anyone would wanna buy it now... and he's the only seller of sager also...
  8. Zrketersk

    help in choosing my laptop?

    Haha they seem pretty good But I can't find sager in Singapore...the closest I can find is the aftershock s15, But that costs 1600usd
  9. Zrketersk

    help in choosing my laptop?

    Haha erm I dun really think I need a 900 series tho... its kinda an overkill to me. But based on the y40/50 specs, how long will it last for gaming(some casual games) till it becomes obsolete. Or should I get the y40 instead of y50 I7-4510u 8gb ram 1tb hhd R9 m275 2gb ddr5 930usd But no backlights Thanks !!
  10. I'm kinda new to this site.I'm looking for a laptop,less than 1.5k usd. I require it to be 14-15" screen and to be less than 2.5cm thick. I look at the Lenovo y50 Intel i7 4710hq up to 3.5ghz 8gb of ram Gtx860m ddr5 4gb 1TB +8gb ssd 15.6" FHD screen 1299 usd Or the gigabyte p34g v2 INTEL I7 4710HQ GTX 860M DDR5 2GB 8GB RAM 1TB HHD 14" FHD 1399USD I'll be using the laptop for school work and for some gaming. If u guys have any ideas on other laptops please tell but there's very little laptop brands in Singapore. &please answer me back before 18 March as there will be a itfair. Thanks