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  1. Hello, When I switch on my pc, the monitor doesnt always respond. Sometimes it comes up and sometime it says "no signal". I dunno wether the issue is with the gpu or cable or the monitor itself. How do I debug this issue further? I really need some help with this. Samvid.
  2. Lets say I chose to go with amd, then wouldn't it be better to use amd gpu as well? I am from cs background and dabble in CUDA programming...amd gpu dont support CUDA but Nvidia gpu support openCL. Btw what do you mean by intel's current line up is going to be wiped out in next 4-5 months?
  3. I am more inclined towards intel setup. I think unless I find something better I will go with your monitor suggestion. Thanks. Again, I am inclined towards intel setup. I was actually going for GSkill trident z royal 4x8GB sticks. I couldnt find 3600Mhz CL16 in the list, but if I do manage to find it I will definitely buy those. Thanks.
  4. For Dota it is but for playing Pubg, Wow at high res and fps I dont think it is overkill at ultra settings. Also, I will be getting a second monitor a year or so later with similar if not better specs without any other upgrades to the entire setup. Edit: You cant say its overkill and then go on to suggest $500 more expensive processor ?
  5. Aim: Play games at high resolution and fps --> Pubg, Dota, COD, World of Warcraft, CS:GO, maybe try some AAA titles in the future but mostly multiplayer games. Components: MOB: ASUS Maximus XI Hero Wifi CPU: Intel i7-9700k GPU: ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2080ti RAM: GSkill Trident Z 4x8GB 3200 CL16 PSU: Corsair HX850 SSD: Samsung 1 TB 970 Pro HDD: 2TB Seagate 7200 rpm / 2TB Western Digital Black Series CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken x72 Case: Cooler Master C700P Monitor: I would like to know from someone who has played on curved monitors, if playing on ultra wide curved monitor is better than a flat monitor or not? At the moment I am inclined towards ASUS pg279q and am open to suggestions. I have following requirements from my monitor 2560x1440 (or 3440 x 1440 if playing on ultra wide has more merit) 100+ refresh rate IPS G-sync UPS: CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD Speaker: Open to suggestions but probably something which I can get in India (I am from India). Keyboard: Open to suggestions. I might SLI in distant future if Nvidia is able to fix performance scaling with it, otherwise no. I would like your comments on: - Whether the entire rig is compatible with each other - PSU: Not considering SLI, is my choice - Not enough? enough? Over the top? - CPU Cooler: I think its compatible with my case choice. - HDD: any particular advantage seagate or WD have over each other? - Am I missing something? I am hoping to start ordering parts by the end of the year and get the setup up and running by mid January, depending on when the parts get delivered. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. Edit: I will get a second monitor a year or 2 down the line without any other upgrades to the setup as a whole.
  6. Still cheaper than the LG one at 44k INR. I am from India too.
  7. Check out these links: (bit more than your budget 30k($450) but doable I think) Acer Predator XB271HU 27" - 39k (around 9k more than ur budget) ASUS PG 279Q - 48k Let me know what u end up choosing.
  8. Right now I am undecided between Acer Predator XB271HU 27" and ASUS PG 279Q ... both of them have the exact specs I want in my monitor but at the same time they also have plenty of good and bad reviews - specially related to customer support...at the moment I am leaning towards Acer...will probably get whichever one I find first in a store, to avoid any potential damage during shipping. Still open to any other suggestions u might have. Thanx
  9. I will look into the VA panels...dint know about them till now.
  10. I am looking for suggestions for a monitor with following specs: Display: IPS Resolution: 2560*1440p OR 3440*1440p (Curved ultra wide) Refresh rate: 144Hz or more. G-sync I have 1080ti and i7-8700 processor. I want to be able to play DOTA2 and World of Warcraft at max settings. It will be used mostly for gaming and watching movies. Thanks
  11. Hello guyz, In CUDA kernel call, I am passing an array of points and which is then divided into 4 different quadrants in the GPU depending on their value. After the kernel call is over some more points are added to the initial array of points and then the array is resent. I want to ask when the array is resent, whether all the computations done during the first kernel call be present in the device memory or if all the computations would have to be done again? Thank you.
  12. why not go with 'bluefire' itself...u make the name mean something...the name wont make u
  13. I think it should be 0 cuz the exponent of -5 is ((-0.6)/(-1.5)) and the bracket is closed as a whole. Then new term starts which amounts to zero. So, something * 0 = 0 For the answer to be 1 the exponent should be inside 1 big bracket like (-5)^(((-0.6) x (-1.5)) x (((-5.3+5.3) x 5.5) / 8.7)) but in the above question there are 2 terms.
  14. I think the problem is with the place where u put the charger on the laptop...I have had this problem a few times with my previous laptops...battery and charger have nothing to do with this problem
  15. I think I would have gone with Alienware cuz not being able to do stuff I wanna do on my laptop would make it a pretty disappointing investment. As far as battery life goes there are ways to prolong life by lowering the brightness and switching off wifi and what not. I mean battery life shouldn't be the deciding factor of ur decision.
  16. Hindu - religion, Hindi - Language I just meant that for the person whom I quoted. What I meant exactly is that though sacred is an English word but what it signifies is applicable to anything irrespective of country. I mean its not like people who know only English are going to learn Hindi when they want to refer to something sacred in India and there are words in Hindi which mean exactly the same as sacred. The word being 'Poojniya', 'Dharmik' and quite a few more. So, no contradiction here.
  17. There is no death penalty on accidentally killing a cow in India...at least I hope not Religion is not skewed imo...its how skewed peoples interpret religion that makes it skewed Cows are SACRED in India. Though the term sacred is "Christian word" there are Hindi versions of the word...I don't think u can say a word does or doesn't apply to a country cuz that doesn't make any sense to me. Also cows are worshiped in India the reason being a cow was the vehicle of the God Shiva and hence sacred. Now, I am not a what u would call a traditional person cuz I dont believe in lot of things which I should considering I am Hindu but imho the person who ate the beef accidentally doesn't need forgiveness from someone else but its about whether he considers the fact that he accidentally ate beef to big enough sin that he can't forgive himself. Not considering the religious nuts (cuz they are stupid) honest mistakes are not suppose to be be all and end all. Also, imho about the whole thing there is nothing to forgive cuz the moment the person realized what he did he rectified the mistake and no-one got hurt.
  18. Easily more than half TB...anime, TV series, random vids and whatever else that comes to mind :lol:
  19. Sure...I'll update the thread as soon I get it done and over with.
  20. Thanx...yes I wont be touching the drive. Just keep it locked away for the time being...I did try to run the HDD 3-4 times after it fell to see if it would work or not but since then it hasnt been touched.
  21. That seems like a wise choice. I hope you're able to recover your data or have it repaired. I have one last question...my exams are very close at the moment and I dont wanna waste my time running around with the HDD. So if I wait for 2-3 months, will it lower the chances of data recovery?
  22. The Height from which the HDD fell from wasn't much...a couple of feet or at max 3 feet. But taking apart the HDD would void the warranty as the HDD is barely 4-5 months old. I think I'll first check with the service center if they can do something about it and if not taking it apart it is.
  23. It wasnt powered up when it fell. Also what kind of damage can falling cause in a HDD It is an external HDD and there is a single port which isnt damaged but I cant really disassemble it at the moment. Also it is not making any noise. When I plug in the HDD the laptop confirms that something got connected to it but after 2-3 min the laptop again makes a sound related to unpluging of that something but during the entire process the HDD isnt being shown in MyComputer
  24. Hello, My 2tb external HDD fell by accident and now it isnt being detected by my laptop. Is there any way to fix the HDD or at least retrieve the data as it had about 1.5tb of data which I dont have a backup of and are important. Thanx.
  25. Hi! If the 2 ram modules in a laptop have different memory speed and CAS Latency, then do I have to adjust anything in the BIOS or does the laptop find the middle ground or sets itself to the as per the module with lower values? Thanx