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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to T.Vengeance in Power Supply too small...   
    How do you mean it's too small? It should fit perfectly.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to MegaDave91 in any tweaks to this 3 grand system?   
    What will you be doing with it? Regardless of what you're doing, a 1000w power supply is overkill.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Bagmup in Elegant Force   
    Nice build, but prepare yourself for the "must have a custom loop on an extreme edition cpu" crowd.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Ryan_Stein in CPU running 48 degrees on IDLE!   
    intels stock coolers work A LOT better
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to helping in CPU running 48 degrees on IDLE!   
    you have stock cooler
    stop using stock cooler
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to HeyNinety in Compare your PC to a car   
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from kks21199 in 4770K 40 degree when idle   
    Load temperatures are more important, as long as they're okay, then there's nothing to worry about.
    It's inaccurate because at idle the CPU is ramping up and down between clock speeds for different loads, and so is very hard to accurately measure temperature.  
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to fringie in 4770K 40 degree when idle   
    Take out your GPU and check the temps then. When I installed my 290x my idle and load temps jumped up quite a lot. I had my radiator exhausting air which meant the gpu would heat up my radiator.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Askew in Console vs PC gaming.   
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from imthewalrus in Planned build for x99/CPU Watercooling questions   
    That's unrealistic at best. The 5960X alone will cost $1000. plus $500+ for the motherboard, $800+ for water-cooling...etc.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to exyia in Went from 1080p surround to LG34UM95   
    Just pulled the trigger and bought the 34UM95 today (local Fry's got them and I've been debating it since it was unveiled - when I debate something for this long, chances are I'll end up doing it so I decided to quit wasting time and get it over with).
    So just thought I would share my experience as someone who actually came from (and ENJOYED) surround.
    4930k @ 4.5GHz
    16GB 2400MHz DDR3
    GTX Titan Tri-SLi @ 1250MHz core and 3500MHz memory
    Acer H236HL x3 in landscape (5890x1080 bezel corrected) -> LG 34UM95 obviously
    Right away, the colors on this LG are AMAZING. I've always been told LG makes the best IPS out there, and I'm a believer now. Just switching from the different color palettes is a joy (cinema, gaming, normal, etc etc). normally you're switching these to find the one that doesn't look awful - but ALL of them look good in different ways. I was open minded to TN panels, but after seeing the beauty of this quality IPS - I can't go with anything less.
    Productivity I'm not 100% sold on. I still prefer the whole "each screen is a task" vs the "how much can fit on screen" mentality since I've grown up on it. I still find it much more intuitive to drag and drop a window to it's own monitor rather than split things up. It felt faster and less hassle to not have to resize windows or anything - just drag and drop and know "this monitor is ____, that monitor is ____"
    That said - the screen split program is pretty good. I was wary at first, thinking it would be very clunky and not worth the hassle. I was hoping Linus would give some detail on it in his video, but he didn't.
    Pretty much, it's in your taskbar icon. Click on it, and you select a few "templates" (like side to side, triple, 4-way, etc). Then it draws what are essentially parking spaces on your screen of your selected palette. Then you can drag and drop onto them and the window will be resized easily. It's pretty seamless. The only minor adjustment you will have to make is turning your templates on AND off when done. I won't say it's a downfall, just a reality of using the software. Not sure if I'll adjust enough to it to use it full time, but it's implemented well enough to not be annoying.
    Now - for surround gaming vs this 21:9.
    I'm not a surround hater. I enjoyed surround, even encouraged it to some. I actually lived with surround for over a year (unlike others here who base their experience off a 5 minute session). My one and only gripe from going surround to 21:9 was how games render fov.
    On landscape surround (I never liked portrait personally, so leaving that out of the equation), the last ~25% of the side monitors is so distorted that it's almost useless. Adjusting fov doesn't really help this issue. Game engines still center fov rendering around a center display, not three.
    This isn't a big deal except for one issue - I'm wasting rendering power on this when it could be used on making the image sharper (higher resolution and/or more AA). You're still playing on mainly a mere 1080p screen, and pushing as much AA as possible is still stressful for even 3 watercooled, flashed and overvolted Titans.
    So I wanted to trade some pixels on the sides for more in the center - the 21:9. The total pixel count on a 3440x1440 is still much lower than 5890x1080, so I would even be able to push AA to make the image even higher.
    I was NEVER bothered by bezels - this is personal preference: some are, some aren't. they never bothered me personally. I always found myself immersed enough to tune bezels out.
    But having bezels removed REALLY changes how you mentally perceive this image. At first, it really didn't feel very wide at all. I felt like it was a huge downgrade. I DO notice the loss of screen estate. It felt like going back to a lowly 16:9. But I kept telling myself that any extra pixels on the sides would be in the "distorted" range.
    After a while, the experience IS immersive in a more natural way. The higher pixel density with even more AA is VERY noticeable - something that you just can't really have both of with surround with current hardware. It's the combination of the colors, pixel density + AA, and lack of bezels that makes the viewing experience more natural.
    Overall, I'm happy. It was expensive, and now I'm going to have to figure out a new desk setup for this monitor and acc monitors, but I'm happy as far as gaming. I didn't hate surround, and I've always said the "quirks" were completely overblown - but I couldn't get over how much rendering power I was wasting on distorted side images. Now I can max out AA on an already much higher resolution screen. I traded the sides for more pixels in the center - exactly what I asked for. This is the best mix of both aspects (imho).
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from kks21199 in How to clean new radiator   
    The reason for it is that there's usually a few flakes of paint or debris from it's manufacturing process stuck inside the radiator. 
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Altecice in Anyone with a GTX 780 do any 4k gaming with it?   
    This... one 780 will not be able to play the latest games on Ultra/high at 4K
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to dizmo in Anyone with a GTX 780 do any 4k gaming with it?   
    One card is not really enough. I mean sure you could drop everything to low but...if you're spending the money on the monitor you obviously care about graphics quality.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to TheRoss0411 in Anyone with a GTX 780 do any 4k gaming with it?   
    Say goodbye to fps
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Rorgash in AMD VS NVIDIA graphics cards   
    true.. i keep forgetting that
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to aricleather in Need Recomendation!   
    Nice username
    How many watts do you need, what are your specs?
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to nishank93 in Asus Gtx 780 or Gigabyte r9 290   
    If you're gaming at 1080p, the 780 will serve you better overall. At higher resolutions, the 290 will start pulling ahead.
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from PassionFruit in Corsair AX860i vs. RM850   
    I know? They're both equal in terms of quality, I just didn't type the "i" because what I was saying referred to the AX series as a whole, not specifically the AXi Power Supplies. I don't understand why you corrected me....
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to daemonowner in Corsair AX860i vs. RM850   
    Except it's generally overpriced.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to TheNinjaNextDor in Help..   
    I probably won't get back since it's 2AM, but for other people this is good.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to GloriousPain in which graphics card gives best performance for my money   
    Sums it up nicely. Sweet spot graphics cards are in the $100~$200 range, I reccomend 260x, 750ti, 265, 270, 270x, or 760... with the middle being the best price:performance wise 
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to TheNinjaNextDor in which graphics card gives best performance for my money   
    Save your money until you can buy cards that aren't garbage and a waste of your money. Save up like to like $120 and get a 750 or a used card.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to dizmo in R290 crossfire with 750w   
    Definitely go with the 1000w then. You'll want to OC.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Phllips in [UK] Asus R9 290X DirectCU II OC with Free Asus Cerberus   
    I wouldnt suggest it the asus r9 290 is the worse version it overheats and crashes because they used the 780 cooler