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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to panfriedpuppies in X79 Motherboard recommendations?   
    The rampage IV extreme is probably the best x79 board that fits those criteria. Not sure about the RAM/mobo cooling on them, but I've seen a few cheaper gigabyte boards that didn't look too bad.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Raptus in X79 Motherboard recommendations?   
    I've got the P9X79 Pro now and it's a great board with no problems. However, if you really want a hardcore board the ROG-series of X79-boards are as good as it gets. The Sabertooth is a good board as well. However I am not familiar with watercooling so I can't speak of the boards in form of that capability.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to calebp123 in Switch 810   
    Well I love the 810  sleek look but the 820 is just meh. I hate the shape. I really want a case that has the switch 810 rad options but is metal and has a window.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to KikoHQ in White Shinobi on a Budget   
    On that note I suggest getting an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition CPU. There is no point in getting an i5-3570 non K, because honestly.... Why spend that much on a cpu that you won't be able to overclock. The 965 is a very underrated cpu and it's performance is outstanding given the price point. You can even overclock it according to your needs. Also games today do not reach over 4 cores. And I don't think they will be for another few years. And for the gpu, the 660 is not worth buying new. Like I said, just ebay your video card. The 5850 overclocked is almost or better than the 660 (depending on how much you overclock it) and it is at such a cheap price on ebay.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to KikoHQ in White Shinobi on a Budget   
    Try eBaying for some of your parts. I scored a corsair vengence 8gb (2 x 4gb) ram for $40, and a Radeon HD 5850 for $100.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to nightlitezzz in White Shinobi on a Budget   
    I believe all of XFX's PSUs are made by Seasonic so yeah...
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to joelthezombie15 in White Shinobi on a Budget   
    Why not go AMD if you want a good budget PC. also there motherboards are cheaper.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to wansie in Good Cheap 2560x1440 Monitor   
    This is a good one:
    Getting these kind of monitors under $500 is pretty hard right now... If it's not urgent I would say wait a couple of months, the pixel race is happening so they might get cheaper fast.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to IAcKI in Could i get a h60 in my case? (and other questions)   
    It'll work in that case fine, it just attaches to the exhaust of your case.
    Yes, it'll be quieter as you are eliminating a small fan (which are typically louder).
    No precautions needed just plug it in and go!
    However, you won't see a performance increase if you're overclocking. If you're overclocking go for a H80i. If not the H60 would be great!
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Deaven in the perfect GPU for "The Banker"   
    EVGA 770 ACX matches it =) Gold
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to hehehehhehehehe in the perfect GPU for "The Banker"   
    crap I can't believe I didn't think about that :P
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Reuben in SLI 770's or Crossfire 7970 Ghz Edition cards   
    Two 770's, because of AMD's frame stuttering, Nvidia is a much better choice. If you can, go with 4GB cards because if you have that much graphics power you probably could use the extra frame buffer. A 760W PSU is probably enough, but I'd shoot for at least 800W.
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from d33g33 in Define XL R2 vs Corsair 650d vs Define R4   
    With having just skimmed through the specs and some reviews, and if you definitely only want these three, get the Define XL R2. Looks beastly. 
    By the way, with your CPU cooler. Go for a Swiftech H220. It performs better than the H100i and has better fans. (bare in mind, that it does cost slightly more).
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to virusal19 in Low Budget Gaming Build   
    The CPU is not a mobile CPU just to clear things up. If you are going to be getting the 3350P keep in mind you MUST have a discrete graphics card otherwise it will not display anything because the CPU does NOT have integrated graphics. The 3350P CPU also cannot overclock well and the stock cooler is extremely loud (Like all stock coolers). 
    For a more budget orientated PC, I recommend the AMD side of CPU's because they are a fair bit cheaper and still performs nearly the same.   
    If the PC is only for gaming, 1TB of mass storage is not needed. A 500GB or 750GB will be more than enough, reduce the cost of things that are not needed and try to get a SSD for boot. 
    8GB of RAM would be nice for a future-proof gaming PC. 
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to joelthezombie15 in Low Budget Gaming Build   
    Isnt that CPU a Mobile CPU? cause FCLGA1155 isnt LGA1155 and you may want a slightly stronger PSU like 500w 550w. for gaming you will want more than 4gb of ram imo more slower ram is better than less faster ram. And go haswell maybe, prices are almost exactly the same.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to delet my acc pls in Army! Army!   
    if you can afford it get a 7950 indstead of a 7870 because the price diffrence is not big and a 7950 overclocked has the performance of a 7970 BTW 7870 is still a great card
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Dim in Army! Army!   
    If it's purely for gaming, go the 4670K. With the money saved you could step up to a HD 7950.
    I would drop the RAM down to 8GB unless you want it to fill all slots (understandable).
    Sounds good.
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from BRiteBak in Project - Building Gaming Computer   
    I'd go for two 680's / 770's. The 680's will drink less power than both the 7970's and the 770's for similar performance.
    Also, if you want an AIO Water cooling system. Get a Swiftech H220. It performs much better than a H100i and has a copper radiator vs. the H100i's Aluminium rad.
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from Ghost in Coolant vs. Distilled Water   
    There's every bit of chance something will start growing in coolant, both will have biocides in them once up and running, (PT Nuke, Kill coil) 
    Basically there's very little chance of it happening. 
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to JamesIsBatman in Need help deciding on 1150 mobo   
    I'm gonna wait for reviews of most of the mobos. I can wait out 2 or 3 weeks. I have finals anyway so I won't start my rig until after