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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Jobbe03 in My friend wants to do this.....   
    4690k >
    Learn from my mistake
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to ripanotha2013og in nvidia Shield Tablet a Flop ?   
    Uh... They're in a different room than what their PC is in?
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Hans Christian | Teri in nvidia Shield Tablet a Flop ?   
    You mean like they did with the original Shield? People (especially Linus) seemed to like that a lot..
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to juretrn in Azurite - Computer Build - By a 16 Year Old   
    I thought you'll be making a computer out of 16 year old components.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to menendez1293 in NZXT Kraken X61 280mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooler - Thoughts?   
    Agreed. I have the H90 and I have been looking for a replacement fan for it and I honestly haven't found anything that will work other than Noctuas. 
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from pbenologa in taking mid tower in check-in luggage   
    Dude just put it in with your family furniture and other stuff and ship it over with that. It's probably not going to survive, and if it does there's a good chance you'll end up with a warped/bent case.
    Luggage handlers aren't going to treat it carefully. I'd pay extra for shipping.
    I'm on my phone, just type 'luggage handlers' in on YouTube, you'll get plenty of results.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Bagmup in Best designed PC case in your opinion?   
    Anything Phanteks is making...
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to ZacDaMan72 in taking mid tower in check-in luggage   
    That doesn't mean shit man...
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to AlwaysFSX in What are the thoughts on my first build?   
    But...you already made a thread for this...?
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Askew in Why can't you control the graphical settings on console?   
    I can see that, OK let me break the situation down.
    Consoles are guarunteed to all have the same hardware inside right, say you're developing a game for the PS4, you know what specs everyone has so you make your game with those specs in mind, lots of aspects of the game are tweaked in order to achieve a smooth running experience on that given piece of hardware, a frame rate target will be chosen and a resolution target will be chosen.
    Given that the most common framerate is 30fps, allowing users to increase graphical settings would result in an unplayable experience.
    Now here is the part that lies with the devloper, why not allow users to drop the graphics in order to achieve a higher framerate? Well there are a number of reasons why that may be but in a lot of cases where it would be possible to allow it developers choose not to, presumably because they want the game to look as good as it was originally advertised and want to make sure all users get the same experience (unless you're Ubisoft).
    There are exceptions of course, FFXIV allows users to drop the resolution in order to ensure staying at 60fps in densely active areas rather than face drops by forcing the game to remain at 1080p, Warframe has several graphical options including FOV adjustment in the menus as the game is capable of running at max settings on a PS4.
    I am with you on wanting to see an option to drop the visuals or resolution and get a higher framerate, but only where reasonable to do so and not to large detriment to the overall experience.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to TheSLSAMG in Why can't you control the graphical settings on console?   
    They already pin it out to the highest possible settings. In theory, no one would want to play a game at 24FPS or at 144p, now would they? And who playing a console would actually give two cares? They can't handle more than what they are doing. It's like asking why can't you upgrade a console or why can't you install Windows on a console?
    May as well add to the GIF flow.

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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to .deco. in Why can't you control the graphical settings on console?   
    I don't want to live in a world of slideshows
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from LukaP in Can I Change AMD R9295X2 Radiator Fan?   
    Exactly. Still, I may go push-pull on the top radiator with some eLoops...they so sexy. 
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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from BloodWithIce in Best all in one water cooling kit for bitfenix prodigy?   
    Agreed. The reason? it's not a crappy Asetek-made radiator, meaning that it's a full copper radiator, akin to stand-alone radiators for custom loops.  
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Maciek in I need to buy a new ship...   
    Sounds like a plan
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to jscho in I bought an Xonar ASUS sound card, but it doesn't fit?!   
    The Asus DG is a legacy PCI sound card.

    Unfortunately it will not fit in a PCI-Express slot and the MSI GD80 Z77a board doesn't have a legacy PCI slot.

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    TheDigitalRealm got a reaction from Cacao in Blue Snowball vs. ATR2100-USB vs. Samson Meteor USB   
    Yeah, I'm using it at the moment, it's a great mic...but that's sort of the problem. Everything from keyboard noises and general background noise, to my toilet flushing. I'm probably going to pick up a modmic. 
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to DavidTheWin in Contests on LTT should partially be geared towards regulars.   
    Would encourage a lot more shitposting to reach 100 posts or whatever you consider a regular so that they can join the good giveaways.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to MikeTz in Best Nvidia card for 1080p 60fps gaming   
    760 but I would buy the 280(non x) for the same price for better performance.
    @JJB remember to follow your thread
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Cacao in Water cooling on GPU   
    Why would you spend like 500+ $ water cooling a 200$ graphics card? It might look good, but it would make absolutely no sense. I would much rather have a 780 or whatever than a water cooled 270X..
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to LinusTech in ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY   
    NCIX: http://bit.ly/UXYMqg
    Amazon: http://geni.us/1IQe
    The G550JK is a well-balanced machine that strikes a solid balance between form factor, looks, performance, and cost.

    Alright, now onto the really good stuff. We have an ASUS G550JK (signed by some of the HighLANder attendees including Linus, Luke, Logan, and Austin) to give away to one lucky viewer! All you need to do to qualify is post your favourite thing about the G550JK from the review above in this thread and you can be selected at random to win this laptop!
    Best of luck to everyone!
    One entry per household.
    The giveaway is worldwide and closes July 18th. The winner will be drawn LIVE on The WAN Show, so make sure you're watching at twitch.tv/linustech at 4:30pm Pacific on July 18th!
    The winner of the notebook is ShuColate
    The previous winner did not respond, so we drew a new one - congratulations [member=jacewa]!
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Lays in Which would cool better?   
    Push pull made a huge difference for me at 600 rpm on my 60mm 480 rads, I  push pulled one radiator, and dropped 4 degrees without increasing fan speed (that was only one radiator as well, if I did it on the other rad, it may have been 5-6 degrees, maybe more.
    Push/pull has always made a decent difference at higher thickness-es and higher FPI, but for some reason people like linus test it with h100i's, which is a bit of a joke IMO.
    I already have 8 gentle typhoons, so it's not like I'd have to spend extra money on fans, as I already have enough for 2 on a 240mm in the roof of my r4, and 6 on the 360mm in the front if I push pull.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to Katsu-K1L in [AT] ASUS HQ Testing Facilities Tour   
    Asus making overpriced, quality products.
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    TheDigitalRealm reacted to H4X3R in What's the best bang for my buck upgrade from a Radeon 6950?   
    But the 290 is better (~same perf + more vram). The 6950 is still a great card, so i suggest you wait for the 800 series if you want an nvidia card.