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Majestic Narhwal

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  1. Majestic Narhwal

    4690k crashes

    So my problem is that when I am playing a mild to intensive game I will alt+tab out to check my cpu temps and after that my computer is slow to open task manager and will not open my game back up,also, I cannot navigate task manager. When I finally do get it open it says my cpu is at 83% and I am guessing that my problem is the CPU's fault the specs of my machine are: i5 4690k at 4.3GHz running at 50 degrees celsius MSI GTX 760 4gb 8gb of patriot viper ram SAbertooth Mk1 Mobo
  2. Majestic Narhwal

    4690k crashes

    My disk usage is lower then 50% Other then the game,steam,and the OS no.
  3. Majestic Narhwal

    4690k crashes

    This happens while playing PayDay 2 and NBA 2k15 and I am not streaming
  4. Majestic Narhwal

    4690k crashes