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  1. Ok I ran windows memory diagnostic tool. no memory errors were detected. I don't have any spare RAM to check tho.
  2. Yep . I have cleaned CPU heat sink just in case and reapplied fresh thermal paste. So the CPU temperatures are well below 60 all the time. Even GPU temperatures are normal.
  3. All my regular games run on constant 60+ fps. Although, since 1 week all my games suddenly started to stutter. Even on lowest settings games still stutter.The only last thing that got updated or installed was geforce experience update. I tried to clean install all the display drivers using driversweep. Sometimes it works after new driver install but after I restart my pc, the stuttering resumes across all my games. The only way I can stop games from stuttering is to reinstall the gpu drivers without clean install and then play the games. Again after PC restart the games start to lag again. I noticed that even video playback stutter. So even if there is minimal load the video stutters anyway. I have even tried installing drivers excluding Geforce experience, but no use. I tried to monitor GPU usage on asus gpu tweak software. GPU usage is dropping to 10% to 20% every 5 seconds. Also I have kept my GPU on default settings. No extra Overclock. I have no clue whether it is faulty GPU ,since games works great if i reinstall the drivers. I have to reinstall display drivers every time I start my PC. Please help me solve this problem. PC specs: i5 3570k Asus GTX 760 DCII Corsair vengeance 8GB stick
  4. I might as well slap that corsair psu "powered by corsair" case badge on the new keyboard to cover it up
  5. connected my fan led switch of cm 690 to ground in the frustration of pc not booting up no matter what I do.Didn't realize i was connecting it to ground as anger had taken better of me. After that puff of smoke ,Fried the switch :blush: Thing I learned , "Never get clumsy while working with pc components".
  6. awesome experiences there bro. Love to hear about people appreciating the work one did.
  7. I currently have intel i5 3570k. I will suggest you to get 8350. I wonder why so much hate on 8350? Its a good cpu and does whats supposed to do in gaming area. Hell it will do much better now that next gen games are utilizing more cores. take battlefield 4 for an example. It performs better on more cores. YESS I agree it was optimized,but still.You have to agree that more cores is the future , now that is the way consoles are going. Plus you get future upgrade option with AMD as socket on AMD machine has longer lifespan. What if i5 is 10% faster? You can spend saved cash on other hardware which affect gaming experiance more like graphics.
  8. not now , at least not at the time of release...... They will make it available through Update though.
  9. Bought 300$ card for Battlefield 4 and it is not even utilizing it at all to fullest! Giving full load on my CPU though. Should have bought 8350 instead of 3570k :'(