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  1. Okay, I restarted my pc, launched RDR2 back up, first off no sound again, but then randomly there was game sounds. Seems legit..
  2. 1. I have, the right one is selected. 2. Onboard audio (Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless headset)
  3. So I just started playing RDR2, but the game plays no sounds. Only when you launch the game and see the 2 shotgun shells being loaded and shot, there is sound. After that, no more sound. No menu sound and no voice or envoironmental sounds. This really annoys me because I also had to wait like an hour because it had to be decrypted first.
  4. This is the best picture I could get both monitors are the exact same model and they were bought on the same day. On the right is the monitor without issues, and the one on the left has the horizontal lines. Also the text on the left display looks "glitched" or something I already did this to try and fix it: - Downgraded to an older display driver - Swapped cables to see if it was cable/gpu output related - Changed the display settings in windows Is there anything else I can try before I have to take it to the store and get a new one?
  5. Fixed it by changing some (don't know the translation) setting in Nvidia control panel
  6. Yup, when I'm in the game it's limited to 60fps
  7. I recently upgraded my 2 Benq RL2455HM (60hz 1080p) monitors to 2 AOC G2590FX (144hz 1080p) monitors. I never had an issue playing Forza Horizon 4 on my 60hz monitors, but when I got the new 144hz monitors, FH4 started glitching like crazy to the point where it's unplayable. Here's the video (recorded this myself, so this is the exact issue I have) : How do I fix this annoying issue??? I have already tried: - Different in-game settings - Change monitor to 60hz in Windows settings
  8. So yesterday I got my new monitors, I got 2 AOC G2590FX which are really nice, but I do have some issues with them/144hz. When I was using Spotify, both screens would flicker and the mouse became really laggy (it's been fixed by turning off hardware acceleration in Spotify settings). I wanted to play Forza Horizon 4 now, but I can't because the game is stuttering like crazy and in the startup menu the screen has weird black artifacts. Changing the settings in FH4 doesn't do any good, only changes the way the black lines "behave". Here's what I mean:
  9. Uninstall GPU drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller and install a fresh GPU driver
  10. So I have had my Phanteks P400S black for over a year now, as I like to change things up a bit from time to time, I now want to get a new case for my PC. But I just can't seem to find a case that fits my likings/needs. Maximum I'm willing to spend is around €130 (case can of course cost €40 if it looks good, fits my needs and has a tempered glass panel) Most important stuff that it needs to be able to fit: - Space for 2x 2.5" SSDs - Space for 3x 3.5" HDDs - Mounting for a Corsair H115i (280mm rad) - ATX board And I also want a tempered glass side panel
  11. I know that, that's why I'm asking if it is fixable
  12. So I have always used a Samsung and I wanted to try an iPhone for once. I bought an iPhone 6S 128GB for a pretty good price, because the battery was pretty bad and the Home Button works well, but it has a very little amount of travel and almost no click. I just now replaced the battery, only thing I want to know is if I can fix the travel/clickiness in the Home Button? If so, how can I do that?
  13. I really need help because I have searched the internet and couldn't find ANYTHING helpful. Ask if you want/need to know more. (Also, please read all of the text. And I'm kind of all over the place because I'm Dutch and English isn't my main language) So I'm having a really weird and very annoying issue with Windows 10. Whenever I want to install anything, I get this message: Roughly 2 weeks ago I pre-downloaded Battlefield 5 open beta, when it was done I opened it just to see how it looked (so it worked fine). 1 or 2 days later when the Open Beta actually started I wanted to play BF5 OpenBeta. I wanted to open Origin (which is needed to open BF5) but I got this message: (same message as the one above) In the error it says to reinstall the program, so I did, but when I clicked the installer to open and start, I got that same error message again. Today I saw there was a new Nvidia Display Driver version available, but it couldn't install, and I'm 100% sure its also because of this same error message. My monitors worked fine before I started the installation. But now when I start up my pc, it goes low resolution on 1 monitor, then goes full res with both monitors working and then after a little time 1 monitor goes black and only 1 works in full res. My pc also doesn't detect my videocard anymore after I tried installing the new drive update. I wasn't able to open Uplay either, but I could open Steam (and games on Steam) and Minecraft (didn't test other games).
  14. We need info like your pc specs. Also, what's your internet speed and ping on Speedtest.net
  15. Mhhh I have no idea. I watch TGFbro but I never heard that song in one of their outro's
  16. Please read carefully, my English is all over the place I wanted to play BF5 open beta, but when I tried to open Origin, it gave me this error. Later when I tried to open Uplay to play The Crew 2, it gave me this (basically the same) error: I was able to open Origin and download (and open) BF5 2 days ago and I haven't deleted anything or had any system crashes/ hard shut downs.
  17. Already tried that. I uninstalled Origin and when I try to install Origin again, it gives me the same message...
  18. I wanted to play BF5 open beta, but when I tried to open Origin, it gave me this error. It didn't give me this error yesterday and nothing wierd happened between then and now.
  19. If you're gaming on that system, you won't notice 2133mhz vs 3000mhz.
  20. Anyone here who wants to buy BeamNG with 20% off? I got a coupon from Steam because I just bought Automation. I already have BmeaNG.drive so I have no use for the coupon. I don't want anything for it, but if you got something you don't want you can trade it with me.