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  1. killtothis

    Vega 56, high temps, Faulty?

  2. killtothis

    Vega 56, high temps, Faulty?

    Purchased an MSI air boost vega 56 a few days ago, stock profile on latest drivers it's idling at 60c, temps underload hitting 80c. Is this normal? struggling to find any benchmarks online that mention temps, if its faulty obv I can rma
  3. killtothis

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    Aria headset appeals to me the most, aesthetically it's probably the best I've seen in the "gaming peripherals" category, and the use of wood *swoon*,
  4. killtothis

    Why are some people Devil Worshippers?

    Wasn't aware goth culture coincided with religious beliefs, but yeah whatever. Wouldn't class myself as a goth though. I'm not going to lie and say yes, but it's nothing to worry about. I'm not going to harm myself or anything insurance wouldn't pay out if I did.
  5. killtothis

    Why are some people Devil Worshippers?

    I'll take my chances, Not scared of dying, wake up a lot of the time dissapointed that I didn't die in my sleep.
  6. killtothis

    Please give thoughts to PC specs!

    Asks for opinions then tells people to stfu, peak for you.
  7. killtothis

    Dirty Bomb

    I play it's a decent game, whether or not it has a player base in 6 months is the biggest concern.
  8. killtothis

    64 - bit 20 FPS boost legit?

    Yeah situations peak, lowe it though what can you do. EDIT: Non UK translation: SD22:Being spied on isn't a good situation (referring to Windows 10) K:Yeah, it's pretty bad, but it's integrated with the OS, if you want to use it what can you do. (other than disable what you can providing you're using a Pro license)
  9. killtothis

    Do you think Violent Games= Violent People?

    Yes, I played GTA then punched my wife.
  10. killtothis

    On a scale from 1-10 how noisy is Your PC?

    Around 30db* most of the time. According to my HTC m9.
  11. killtothis

    Anyone had bought a item and got a weird bonus?

    Interim patch is out now, seems to have fixed 90% of the issues I had previously.
  12. So you never actually had the Alienware? BTW Guys I have a Ferrari Enzo, can it go above 50mph? Sorry guys I'm not getting an enzo anymore.
  13. killtothis

    NBA 2k16 is going to be nuts

  14. killtothis

    Is it safe to use a vpn to activate russian keys ?

    I'll send you a euro?
  15. killtothis

    Something electronic for £7?

  16. killtothis

    NBA 2k16 is going to be nuts

    Watching paint dry is pretty boring imo, sports games aren't for everyone though. If I had no interest in basketball I don't think I could appreciate 2K in the way I do, it's not as accessible as something like NBA Jam is. Same can be said for anything though, One genre I don't understand is the current influx of Japanese novel type games, but I know they seem to sell so someone must be buying them. That's the joy of gaming now there's so many genres and options out there means that there's something for everyone
  17. killtothis

    NBA 2k16 is going to be nuts

    PC, I'm sure we were both hyped this time last year lol if I remember right were you the guy at the same university as Shabazz Napier (shame he went to Orlando, he had talent)
  18. killtothis

    NBA 2k16 is going to be nuts

  19. killtothis

    need HDMI and Ethernet cable

    http://www.toolstation.com/shop/p10412 http://www.toolstation.com/search?searchstr=cat5 Likely the cheapest you'll find in store. You don't need a trade account.
  20. I'm 30 I got paid and ordered parts.
  21. killtothis

    (Forum Game) Corrupt-A-Wish

    I wish I was dead.
  22. killtothis

    Favourite membrane/rubber dome keyboard?

    I did years ago, Used it myself for over a year before I made the switch to mechanical boards, sold it to a friend who's still using it now. I got it when it first released so I want to say its 5 years old at this time still going strong. Edit: Afaik it has a 3 year hardware warranty too.
  23. killtothis

    Favourite membrane/rubber dome keyboard?

    Microsoft Sidewinder X4.
  24. killtothis

    I feel so old.

    Randomers. Meaning people you don't actually know, I assume.