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  1. I play with 1,000 eDPI but haven't played much cs recently. For some reason i've been having a lot of fun playing older Call of Duty's.
  2. If you're looking for a crew, i highly recommend Great Boob Divide. They have a really active discord server and everyone i've played with is super friendly.
  3. This only happens when I try to install the Windows Update needed to install Windows 10. It's really bugging me. Error Code # is Code 800F0922. It's having issues installing KB2976978.
  4. It really depends. Right now, Intel (for the most part.) If DirectX 12 can utilizethe higher amounts of cores in AMD's CPU's, then it's going to be close.
  5. Most likely a RAM issue. I'm no BSOD Genius, but I did some digging, and it show's that it's most likely to be caused by a RAM problem.
  6. Nice! Have you tried surround on the Cloud II's? I've heard that the artificial surround was amazing on them.
  7. That's a good deal? I believe I got my 280 for ~$200 free shipping.
  8. A lot of people don't realize this could be used as an amazing Headphone stand. Going to put that on my wall for my Audio-Technicas.
  9. You did a sound test with music? These are gaming headsets, so you should probably test them on what they're built for.
  10. Definitely agree with you on this. You don't need 8 Gigs of ram for a NAS. (Although I believe he has the pentium cpu sitting around, as it's listed as already purchased.)
  11. so 128 gb + the 1 TB drive? I don't know about you, but my 1 TB drives fill pretty quickly so idk how you're planning to backup 3+ PC's.
  12. 120 gbs? I hope that was a typo.
  13. I don't understand the hatred either. Starting your own company isn't cheap, which is why I pay for Vessel.
  14. They've already mentioned getting multiple gigabit connections to support their 100TB NAS when they get an office.