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  1. This varies so much, there's not really a straight answer. NVidia GTX cards seem to aim to improve performance by one card each generation. So 960 = 770 = 680, etc. Though this is not consistent and each generation normally has a mid-range sweet spot in performance making it normally the most popular card of it's generation. Popular cards: 660 Ti, 760, 970.
  2. Radiator fans are still going to act as either intake or exhaust fans. The only difference is radiator fans will either have to spin faster or cover more area to make up for the extra air resistence caused by the radiator. Make sure you use SP (Static Pressure) fans for radiators. I recommend buying high quality quiet fans if it has to push air through both an air filter and a radiator as they will likely need to spin a bit faster to keep the air moving.
  3. There's no need to over complicate case pressure. The most important thing is airflow. Pick a direction you want the air to travel through your case and make sure it passes by all of your components. I often think it's best to have either 2x 140mm or 3x 120mm as intakes depending on the case type. This way you're pushing air in evenly across the entire front intake filter (for most cases). Exhaust is typically at the rear toward the top or the top toward the rear and can be achieved using 1-2 120mm fans. This works because hot air rises and you want the air to exhaust as far as possible from the intake so that no dead spots are created.
  4. Did you physically check to see if the fans are spinning while the computer is turned on?
  5. I kind of think you're better off going with 6600k exclusively for gaming. I doubt you will bottleneck with that CPU in games for quite a while. Yes games may utilize more cores, but as the reliance on more cores increases so will the standard of single core performance. In other words, the 5820K won't future proof you any more.
  6. Looks good to me, although I don't see an SSD. You will definitely want one for video editing and general performance. I don't recommend 390 over 970 anymore. There's benefits to both, pick the one you want. Although, looks like we're getting new NVidia cards in June, something to think about it.
  7. I think by "only need CPU" you mean you only need the computer itself, not monitor, etc. You do need to give a location/currency though
  8. http://www.gamnesia.com/news/ubisoft-will-punish-people-who-exploited-a-glitch-during-the-divisions-firs Was this posted already? Is it a valid article? If it's not legit feel free to delete. I just feel like this kind of bs needs to be spread around if it's true. You cannot fault players for a bug, game exploits are completely and entirely the fault of the dev, end of story.
  9. The stock fans will work, but I find the S340 has excellent airflow if you put 2 140mm fans in the front and use the stock fans as exhaust.
  10. Lose the K CPU with that motherboard, and if you need to sacrifice a RAM stick. Better to have 8 GB of RAM and a better GPU than 16.
  11. Yes you can download it from msi free.
  12. That's a good point, set vcore to manual and see if it fixes the problem. Could be adaptive screwing with things.
  13. The fan should be tied to temps and temps are tied to GPU usage. If you want to know for sure, use a program such as MSI Afterburner and manually set the fan speed to listen to the noise it's making at various speeds.
  14. Kind of odd that it doesn't crash while gaming but if you boost your vcore a bit and it fixes the issue than it's definitely CPU stability that's the problem. That vcore is pretty low.
  15. Probably the fan on the GPU cooler wearing out. When the card has to work harder the fan spins faster and makes the noise.