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  1. Arct1c0n

    Should I replace my Hyper 212?

    Why the fuck would you do that? There are computers that are over decade old running on shit paste from the factory that still work fine
  2. Looks like most people went with the CLC popular crowd
  3. Way, waaaaaayyy toooo fucking big for my tastes. I"ll go AIO before I ever have to run a HSF that fucking huge
  4. I wanna see screens of RealTemp or CoreTemp chart on this.....
  5. Gonna have to call serious bullshit on this from the bechmarks/reviews i've seen. Stop spouting falsehoods
  6. My trusty and solid Theramalright True Spirit 140 Power is ready to retire from cooling my 4790k Devils Canyon and move onto greater things, namely a 9700k setup in the next few weeks. I still don't really care for AIO/CLC water coolers for a variety of reasons. Not likely I will be overclocking my new setup to prevent frying another mobo like I did with my 4790k the other week. That being said, I'm curious what other HSF units are other people of the air cooling persuasion using on their modern intel setups?
  7. I'm not spending the money on a Aorus. Period.
  8. I'm looking into building a new 9700k gaming rig since my 4790k Haswell rigs motherboard died and this might be my last one for a good while as I've got a new lady from Japan in life and I may be very busy starting a new life with her next year which is gonna cost some money as well, so this may be the last chance in a long while I get to build a new gaming PC. I likely won't bother overclocking the 9700k as all I do is game at 1440p at 60 hertz, so it's kinda pointless to push it harder and I don't wanna fry any equipment like I did with my devils canyon and my Asus Hero VII that died last week from overclocking possibly. I'm also reusing my Thermalright True Spirt 140 Power HSF, so no water cooling. I'm still an asus man, I hate Gigabyte with a passion and the AsRock boards look like complete ass in the looks dept so I don't care how good they are, they are not going in my case, so don't suggest a non Asus mobo please. I do is game at 1440p/60 hertz. No encoding, no benchmarking, no compressing, no streaming, no video compiling, ect...ect... So don't suggest an AMD build. Since I'm aware of the VRM quality issue with Asus vs other mobo makers but won't be overclocking, so any real tangible benfit to paying extra for the HERO XI model compared to the PRIME other then the ROG Bios and the totally useless onboard Wifi? Or just save some money and get the better looking PRIME board for my needs?
  9. Just moved the 4790k into HTPC setup on H97 mobo and it fires up no problem and runs PRIME95 and fuck tons of other apps via multitasking and no problems. So that that pretty much means mobo is fucking toast, due or not due to overclocking these past 3.5 years.
  10. Pretty damn sure a CMOS clear of several hours won't do anything a 2 minute removal can't do
  11. I don't feel like tearing apart my HTPC just to verify this, nor wasting money buying a used one
  12. The Ram works fine another DDR3 setup as I already mentioned and tested. Putting in different DDR3 RAM also had no effect
  13. No, this Asus model does not have one nor do have one to even plug in if I wanted to. The diagnostic LEDs also keep fluctuating on ever reboot and hard power cycle so they are of no help either....
  14. I'm just fucking fuming mad and confused right now! My over 3.5 year old overclocked i7 4790k setup just took a total shit a few hours ago after just using it for internet usage for Amazon return. It's the following: I7 4790k at 4.7 ghz via aircool on 1.26v if I recall Asus ROG Maximus Hero VII G.Skill Trident X 16gigs DDR3 SAMSUNG Evo 850 1TB NO Gpu, as I sold my 1080ti Seasonic Snow Silent 1050watt Setup had hardly given me any troubles over the years. But now my machine just randomly "shut off" in middle of Amazon support chat. Wtf? That's new..... Power it up again, goes to windows and I verify my APC 1500watt UPS is fine and it is. A few minutes later it black screens again. Power it up and it POST screens but then crashes again. I remove full power and try again with cold boot. Now I have no POST whatsoever on my on board HDMI! Fuck!! I plug PSU into wall instead and try again. Now my mobo just constantly Power cycles every 3 seconds. The fans and lights come on but no POST screen at all. Yank power and it the motherboard LED diagnostics keep changing every single time then it crashes and powers off. Then powers on and repeats the power cycle loop with the PSU relay switch tripping every time as I can hear. I've done the following aleady: 1. Plugged in known working PSU. No change at all. 2. Removed mobo/ram/cpu assembly out of case and onto cardboard box with nothing else attached. No change, still no POST screen, still power cycle loop with different PSU. Onboard LEDs constantly change numbers, no pattern. 3. Reseat RAM. No change 4. Move RAM into HTPC setup. Htpc boots normally with gaming RAM. 5. Move HTPC RAM into gaming rig. No change. 6. Pulled CMOS battery and also used Reset button on Mobo. No change. Fuck!!!! What the hell is going on here??