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  1. Eating a bios battery will replenish my lithium xD

    1. CircleTech


      One time I pointed a heat gun at a bios battery and it violently exploded and woke up my family at 2am. 

    2. eat childs

      eat childs

      the battery goes sicko mode

  2. Dang. Wish I came across this earlier. I just went ahead and installed Win 10 Thanks for your help though. @JefferyD90 thanks for your help too and nice guide btw.
  3. Well, a screen appears and you have to bypass it in order to get to the next step, which is installing windows 7. does that guide include details on windows 7? i mainly see windows 8/10 info.
  4. Have you ever tried installing windows 7? You need to get through this part in order to install windows 7. I cannot access the manufacturers website without installing windows in the first place.
  5. So yeah, what the heck, it says it cannot find cd/dvd drivers. I am using a USB bootable drive made through the Microsoft USB Boot application My motherboard is the asus z170-pd3, which i think is the suspect. i cannot find the problem though. CPU: i5 6600k, 8Gb ram, 840 evo 250Gb I've tried switch the usb to another port during installation. also i have been using USB 2.0 ports, not 3.0.
  6. It's really bad. It skips around and isn't accurate at all. Feels like it cannot keep up with my motions as it lags behind. It uses a generic driver, and there's no panel/application for the trackpad at all. Any solutions?
  7. It's much better than Youtube. No ads in LTT videos, other than a quick 5 second ad in the beginning.
  8. Pfft, even if they do agree, governments are still going to research this in secret. Think about what DARPA is already doing behind us.
  9. Dis be bs, been waiting so long for mine lmao.
  10. I'm an ass? You're the one who commented "try control + r" when I clearly stated that F5 or refreshing the page would not work. It makes it seem like you did not even bother reading the post and instead just posted some random crap that anyone with a brain would think of. You definitely did not read my post as evidenced with your last sentence. I'm not even going to bother to respond to that.
  11. Please do not comment if you're not even going to bother to read my post. Thank you so much, I will try it when I get home.
  12. Do you guys know of any online software/downloadable program that lets goes back and forward automatically? I'm trying to get into a school class and it only works when you go back and forward again to refresh the class status, meaning using a traditional F5 auto-refresher won't work. Thanks!
  13. Not sure how you write, but I usually rest my palm/bottom of my hand on a surface...I would rather not hold my hand up the whole time I am writing.
  14. Yes, I am looking for one as well. Can someone recommend one that is encrypted so that if I get hacked the passwords won't go along with my other data?