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    itachi737 got a reaction from LynxThe1st in Gtx 980ti sli 50 fps in csgo   
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    itachi737 got a reaction from i respawn. in Gtx 980ti sli 50 fps in csgo   
    I managed to make it work by changing the power settings for the gpu in nvidia control panel from adaptative to prefer maximum performance. I don't know if that will work for you, but it is worth giving it a try if you haven't already. 
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    itachi737 got a reaction from Enderman in Is there any difference between displayport and mini displayport?   
    Thank you very much for all your answers. 
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    itachi737 got a reaction from don_svetlio in GTX 960 SLI   
    Even at 1080p, if you want to ultra newer games or older ones with a lot of mods, the 2gb vram is going to be a problem. Then you also get the sli thing. Nowadays, most games run fine on sli so I wouldn't say that it is to much of a deal breaker, but the upper gpu tends to get pretty hot so you better have a good air flow in your case. Also a single card, gives you more room to upgrade in the future. You can buy a second one and sli them or even sell it faster than selling two 960. I would also consider amd's 390 if I were you. It performs slightly better than the 970 for the same price (In canada the 390 seems to be 5 to 20$ cheaper). In any case, the 970 or the 390 are a better options in my opinion.  
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    itachi737 got a reaction from vanished in I'm not sure what my gpu clock is when I look at HWINFO   
    By looking at afterburner I reached a max boost of 1414 in crysis 3. I have been using afterburner to oc my gpu since I bought it (July), but I never scrolled that low on the monitoring graphs. I used to only look at the temps and gpu usage. When I was looking at gpuz it displayed a gpu clock of 1224 and a boost of 1300. So I always believed that I had one of the worst overclocking 980ti. 
    Thanks a lot, knowing that my gpu can reach 1400+ mhz really made my day!!!!
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    itachi737 got a reaction from don_svetlio in Gpu usage under 70% when sli (please help!)   
    Corsair ax 860i 850 watts platinum. The new one was using g sync. I turned it off in nvidia control panel. I also used my old one that doesn t feature g sync. I got the same results.
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    itachi737 got a reaction from SubTract in Pc won t boot after windows 10 update!   
    (Long story)
    I tried to repair it but it said that the drive was locked. Then I tried it your way and I got a messge tgat said that it failed. I was decided to clean install it,but then I saw that tgere actually was an existing recovery partition so I went to boot manager to try to find it. I couldn't see it over therr, but I managed to find an option called boot manager. It booted by clicing on it. Then I restarted my pc and set my bios to default. Now it works again.
    (Short Story) I set my bios to default and it works. (Yea I know I should have done that before but I m a total noob!
    Thank you very much for your help!
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    itachi737 got a reaction from wotm in Acer xb270hu vs asus mg279q vs acer xr34cka   
    So you believe that g sync is worth the 200$ price difference between the acer and the asus one?
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    itachi737 got a reaction from KarateHottie93 in MSI GTX 980ti Gaming G6 underperforming? Need some advice!   
    You should increase the power target to 110 but that won t make any tangible improvement. It might just be a bad overclockibg card.
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    itachi737 got a reaction from Raffy98 in Does this Motherboard Support sli?   
    Yes that why I am also asking because it list crossfire but not sli. Thank you for the advice on the cpu.