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  1. Hey Guys, As the title suggests I thought I would start a little topic about the biggest fails, whether tech related or not, so I'll start with mine. I was building my first pc, which im still currently using, and whilst taking the cpu out of the packaging.... well I managed to drop it from about half a meter straight onto a solid wooden desk. As it hit the desk it bounced and flipped over and then the other side hit the desk too. Because I was new to pc building I was worried that I broke my cpu... somehow it took no damage... I think. Anyway, feel free to share your biggest fails, whether tech related or not.... and please keep this sensible.
  2. I have been using a old computer mouse, back when they had no fancy dpi settings. Im stuck in the dark ages and I need an upgrade
  3. I would start my dream of streaming. Took me over a year to save up for my computer, this would finish my set up for I can stream.