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  1. I have phrased my sentence a little weird. I didn't mean to imply to all of his old videos. I meant the new reviews of the 3000 series of AMD. I am not a AMD hater. I love AMD and I hope they soon surpass Intel in gaming, but that day is not today. So his review of saying anything more than gaming is not hitting his audience when recommending for applications that 90% of the people that can careless or do not use.
  2. Because 99% of his viewers are video editors /sarcasm .... His benchmarks have shown that AMD is on top of basically everything or at least he claimed. Nvidia didn't get big from all of the video editors. Honestly people need to calm the hell down with video editing. I can bet you it's less than 1% of the population. Most people that are building computers are gamers. Not video editors.
  3. I watched less of Linus once I heard he basically reads the script once a person sponsors him. Back in the day he would give honest remarks about products even if it's sponsored. I don't take anything he says to be truth. AMD vs Intel and he claims that it's much better to use AMD. In most benchmarks from other reviewers they show you get more FPS in almost all games. The single threaded performance crown is intel. Single threaded performance is important for games.
  4. On topic: I seen this happen a mile away. Tinder is known for this especially when you have pictures of people looking like models and have in the background some European plugs or brick like structures in the background (Which you will not find anywhere here in California). I fell into the match.com one. Where you think the person is actually interested in you, but as soon as you pay the subscription the messages stop or they have no interest. Off topic: I met some crazy women on online dating. To pathological liars (Didn't know what it meant at the time) to girls that want to maximize attention being on them. Online dating you have to actively search and patiently wait. Been on many dates, and I am happy with the person I am with today.
  5. You would still need data. If anyone wants to get a hold of you or if your car breaks down you are SOL.
  6. So I cannot do a headless install if I have the wireless model... That would be nice to know...
  7. Global phone version vs Chinese phone version (prime example Asus ROG tencent phone 2 (500$) version and Asus ROG phone 2 global (900$)) Topics to address: 1) Not all global band frequencies are listed but does that mean I get worst signal? Or does it use one band and doesn’t need the others. 2) Are warranties not accepted? 3) Is there a way to avoid getting scammed? 4) Are we locked out of phone updates? 5) Are there easy ways to get playstore on the phone. i know most of these answers but most consumers wouldn’t know, so I think the episode will help shoppers wanting to buy a Chinese phone for a lower cost.
  8. There are a lot on there type in "Rasberry pi" But it's more expensive than other options.
  9. But you have to keep that computer on 24/7 if everyone is to run through that DNS.
  10. I am wondering for anyone that has Pi hole can you please see if this would block Americas got talent advertisements? Often times if the advertisements are blocked some websites will prevent you to watch a episode or they won't like the page to load. Edit: Is there a way to prevent data of being shown? It doesn't feel secure if it's all displayed on whos logging in where. If any authority comes in the house and takes the Pi then your basically giving them all of the data.
  11. There are pros and cons doing this. The DNS response times will be much higher for those who live across the globe. Also you have to trust this DNS server that it will never become malicious. I am more interested in blocking Ads through all upcoming traffic on my iphone on cellular connection, which is basically impossible. There is Luna VPN, but sometimes it doesn't work, and again you would have to trust this company with your data.
  12. Linus please review Asus ROG phone 2. This is by far the best phone I have seen from the specs alone. Flagship phone for 515$ (Aliexpress) with very little compromises. -6000 mAh battery. -120 hz display -Amoled display -Speakers that are exceptional (2 front firing speakers) -Snapdragon 855+ (Overclockable by gripping 3 secs) -48 Mp camera -Air Triggers (actually useful) -No notches -accessory support is mind blowing. It makes this phone look like a switch (with a dock and controller like design) Honestly this is the best phone for being around 500 dollars.
  13. It came from way back in the day. Basically how unbox therapy got successful. He told people to subscribe to him for a chance to win a iPhone 6s *corrected*... basically no one can prove if he ever gave out any. (He posted a picture of his truck full of those iPhone 6s boxes.) i personally love the design, since it looks different among the bland phones with nothing on the back, but nowadays most people use a phone case.
  14. Alright I fixed so all of you can be happy. No that’s the 1st version. I am talking about the 2nd version.