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  1. Techsource's studio got burgled.

    I loved his videos but after I learned a lot about him I stopped watching. 1) his website he sold merchandise that were reviewer use only. (Don’t know if he still does) 2) had a sweepstake and shit talked to someone that has won. (Old reddit case) 3) some of his reviews on products are a garbage lie. (Bought some wireless headphones based on his review and sounded terrible and easily fell off) back when I watched his channel he had only amazon links didn’t have eBay, so basically he is interested in giving deals that he gets a kickback from.
  2. Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain (PC) $4.99 US

    Not available...
  3. Overwatch $12 Humble Monthly

    Reached GM and I have 3 accounts. I don’t see a reason to get another 😅 For those who are on the fence to buy it: I would say just do it because it’s not boring. There is strategy that is involved in this FPS game. (They are constantly adding new characters and balancing the game. There is no meta breaking hero currently)
  4. AMD wins Patent Infringement lawsuit against Vizio

    That's assuming your current position as financially stable, but if on the other hand you needed cash then you would feel differently. AMD I would say is not financially stable through these years. Lost its main headquarters. This little bit helps them out.
  5. AMD wins Patent Infringement lawsuit against Vizio

    How about you make a awesome product, and everyone starts to copy your idea then makes money off of it? How would you feel?
  6. Honestly this article could have done the argument but it approached it totally wrong. This is what I would do if I were to ask to buy it now. 1) You can resell it for higher price due to Shortages. 2) You can get a refund if you don't like it. 3) By the time you get the card performance numbers will be posted (assuming you were on the first back order), so effectively you can cancel the order if you don't like the performance numbers. It's much easier method of getting a refund. This is basically a no risk and high reward method. But the article went totally a different way in forcing it's opinion about a product before it's launched.
  7. It's not just about the passion. Actually the best way to get to know a person fast is to argue (or debate), but no one takes this route in relationship and the honeymoon phase kicks in for a year or two. After that phase is when they figure out the arguments, and decide they cannot live with that person anymore. Most people do not factor this important element in. They get fed up with this type of nagging / stress and divorces comes into place...
  8. There are a lot of Bots on Tinder. A ton of fake profiles. For example looking in California, but getting images of vintage towns in a Siberia coat on. This is a way to combat this since bots cannot obtain .edu emails. Also campuses are not getting paid for tinder using their email. Actually they can block them, so this feature might be unsuccessful. The only way to success is to fail many times. You develop social skills the more you talk to people.
  9. The 3rd match where twitch chose the heroes for the bots made the probability for bots to win at a 2.9%
  10. Verizon Throttles Fire Department Data

    I agree. But that's the risk living in the outskirts of any city. Google highlights this area as green, but it's not like that all seasons.
  11. Verizon Throttles Fire Department Data

    sure those are the outskirts of major cities, but we all know there wouldn't be a wild fire in the middle of Los Angles.
  12. Verizon Throttles Fire Department Data

    They should use caution. With the land a farmer has they should section it off from all of the other dead brush or pay to get a controlled fire around his property. They can get insurance as well, but the point is trying to minimize risk. Living out in the middle of no where increases the risk of forest fires.That is known, so reduce this risk by using measures to prevent the fire.
  13. Verizon Throttles Fire Department Data

    But who's fault is it when they live in the middle of nowhere? The government? The person? Anyone buying a house should know that when it's summer there is a bigger chance of your house catching on fire if you live near large fields of dead grass... Same goes for people living in mountains they know the risk that there are snakes, bears, and poisonest plants.
  14. Verizon Throttles Fire Department Data

    Most people don't know that fires are actually good for the environment.... Look it up.
  15. RTX 20 Series Cards Confirmed With Pricing

    You guys are absolutly insane. The back order on RTX 2080ti is NOVEMBER 12....... Holy shit for 1.2k dollars. By the time this card releases I am sure the back order will be next year.