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  1. I think I am going to use the rental router from them for a month or so and then figure out what my options are and push for ONT since i will be internet only. Thank you everyone!
  2. Thanks! thats what I as afraid of...they would use coaxial cable to the modem.
  3. Hello All, I just ordered Verizon Fios for my new to me home. For now I went with the 100mbps speed and I will be using my own router. I am curious on how the service will be installed? Since it is Fios would they be using the ONT(Ethernet cable) or a coaxial cable? I still need to find a compatible router as well. Thank you Ryan
  4. Cool I will look into these things. 650W be sufficient? Thank you!
  5. Oh wow... did you notice it in time when it died? I have the cooler master 212 evo now and Ilove it just wanted to try water cooling this time around
  6. Thank you for the heads up but I think I am going to stick with Intel...
  7. Hello Everyone, I plan on starting my second build within the month. I have been rocking my budget build for close to three years now and its time for more power. I am currently running and i3-4300, evga 960 SSC 2gb, 8gbs of ram and 600w power supply lol. I mainly use this playing COD and Battlefield. Here is the link to what I am planning on building. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/TMPg2R (I will be reusing my hard disks) Its nothing crazy I know, just looking for some opinions and if I should wait on anything cool coming in the near future it would be greatly appreciated Main concerns are about the gpu selection Ryan
  8. Ah gotcha.. Was hoping Google had an offline version of their player. Now you have to manage two apps...?
  9. Yea I seen that. Just want to figure out how it would would if I have no internet connection and cant get to the web player. I would have the music files just no player for them.
  10. Hey Everyone, Looking to make the switch from Itunes to Google Play. I have used Itunes for years. I understand how Google play works and that your music is saved to the cloud and you can also download it for offline play for both your PC and mobile phone. What I dont understand is what do you use to play the music while offline. Do most people just use windows media player or is there a google desktop app for that? Thank you
  11. Thank you for your help! From some research it seems that my secondary router does not support bridge mode... back to the drawing board/
  12. Oh ok that makes more sense. Where would that be configured? on the main router or the secondary?
  13. I have a new comcast modem/wireless router which is the 10 gateway and then off of that OI have wireless router which is the 192 gateway. I made it this way to extend the wireless range initially. Where would the vlan have to be created?