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  1. Thank you WereCatf! Because of you I looked to GPU passtrough since I have a hashwell CPU in the NUC. After enabling the passthrough, this works! 1080p at 30fps no problem! Thanks!
  2. Hi there! As a tech enthusiast, I have built a nice looking website, interacting with lots of data, which displays a real-time dashboard. You could compare it with for example a realtime stock market dashboard. The website looks great in full screen. It runs on a VM running on my Intel NUC (4rd gen; i3 4010U) in VMware ESXi. I only got residential internet (no fixed IP) with an upload of 5Mbps. I see some benefits in streaming this dashboard to youtube instead of trying to host it as a public website: - the streaming is free, no cost compared to hosting a website to reach thousands of users - the viewers have unlimited bandwidth - the viewers can open the dashboard anywhere, smartphones, old computers - there is no security risk compared to exposing a website, interactivity is not needed - the stream can be embedded in another (low cost) hosted website - possibility to monetize... etc This is what I already tried: - create an additional linux CentOS VM on my NUC with OBS software, open Firefox and stream my website to youtube 1080p: I get 3fps with the CPU at 100% - create an additional Windows 10 VM on my NUC OBS software, open Crhome and stream my website to youtube 1080p: I get 4fps with the CPU at 100% These fps ratio's are not acceptable since there is a lot of visual content on the site. Also changing the color depth to 15bit did not help. Changing the resolution to 720p did not really help either. OBS only shows software acceleration. So now I am looking for: - a PC that can open my website in full screen on a 1080p display. I think almost any pc from the passed 10 years can do that. - a way to stream that to website youtube 24/7. preferably this is the same PC. - in the most energy efficient way possible, like maximum 35 Watt power consumption - for the cheapest price possible, as in 100$, used parts are OK Any ideas for me?
  3. At this point I really like to know how this performance per dollar ratio compares with second hand PS3/PS4 or used Xbox360 without controllers and games.
  4. Have already put comments previously, just to say: episode 7 is great! This still is the best series on youtube, worth the waiting. The benchmarking with 3 persons simultaneous gave chills. Also Austins presence was very appreciated and an advantage. This will surely give a lot new subscribers. Keep up the good work! My advice: keep it in this style (practical) and don't go back to 'home made water cooling scrapyard wars' type.
  5. I assume DBrand prefers paying for 7 weeks of releases on peak-moments (weekend) instead of 7 days during 1 week. Also they will prefer 19 minute videos with multiple commercials instead of 5 minute videos. That is understandable... 7 weeks of editing is not... I am not a professional video creator but like said before, in reality tv infomercials like this, you don't need stories you just need to filter the interesting parts. For 7 weeks I would expect overlayed timelines of when everybody is doing stuff, interactive maps of where everyone is driving, 'shopping baskets' that show an overview of what everyone purchased for what amout of dollars + passmark scores, 'summary slides' that show the status of each competitor. Because now it is nearly impossible to keep track of what everybody has purchased, where they are, what they have spent, how this stuff is rated... Maybe improve the efficiency in the creating of the content more (only film the usefull stuff and delete rightaway, 'stage' some comments a bit and don't talk all day long into the camera...) and get more of the above. Just a hint.
  6. It is really frustrating to wait a week, then see it is a 18min video.... and AGAIN find out it is still not the final. What is the point of having 1 week between each episode? Why can you not have 1 episode each day? From a commercial point of view, it would be the same amount of videos and the same amount of views right? Don't tell me it takes 7 weeks just to edit everything. In that case you have serious efficiency problems. It is not up to the editor to go through hours of footage, 3 days, 3-6 cameras. The camera man should take notes of all noticeable content during the filming already. Some of these road trips took hours. Can't they already delete all junk videos during these trips? All the editor needs to do is take these filtered clips, put them on a (automatic) timeline, and combine in one video. How long can it take? So what is the strategy about this? Is it a way of forcing people to subscribe? I was just wondering.
  7. If you like building pc's, you will like syw3. The selection of the parts and getting them really is so much fun worth full episodes. The dx wakeup for Linus, buying broken parts, silly email requests for pieces, getting a cheap motherboard to work, Luke building his own case, Linus going all about mathematics but forgetting the price of the other parts, Luke getting discounts for missing screws, and then that Austin guy... Who does not seem to know anything about was he's doing and just ends up going to a store If you prefer watching an episode about linus climbing a tree to get sand in a cupper pipe for bending it... Go ahead. Maybe you will also like their other channel where they shoot balloons at each other. But syw3 is the real scrapyard wars!
  8. So this SYW is about performance per dollar. Dollar is clearly expressed in a number, but performance? Will you just add up all the benchmark results and that will count as the 'performance'? Is this something that is measurable/comparable to dollars? Does it makes sence to do a summation of different benchmarks? How are they weighted? I am not an expert on this, are these test just based on average fps in fixed settings? If a 100 dollar system gets an average 10 fps, that would be just as good as a 500 dollar system gettings 50 fps right?
  9. Great new scrapyard wars you made! Back in the style of the first, but better! Best one so far! And the integration of the sponsor is very well done. We all know these series are expensive so sponsors are very respected.
  10. Next job: each of you gets a sata and records 1tb RAW video footage in ultra hd. Get hardware and get it transcoded and uploaded to youtube with a 10mb line as fast as possible. first guy with 1000 likes wins.
  11. +3 on the reaction to eachothers builds But I really liked part e and looking at the builds and presentation. Best part of scrapyard wars 2. Very entertaining Thank you!
  12. "Thanks for watching! Cya next week for episode 2g!"