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    antviking77 (always changing my names)
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    New Jersey
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    Gaming, tabletop games, computers, computer building
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    I've always been interested in building computers and have a great passion for it. When I was younger I use to take apart computers and put them back together on my own. Since I was always the "tech guy" in my family and friends group I learned more by actually fixing issues.


  • CPU
    i7 5820k
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    Asus X99-A
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 16gb
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    GTX 980 ti
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    Corsair Graphite 760t
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    Intel 730 series SSD 240gb, Western Digital Black 1tb
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    EVGA SuperNova 850 watt
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    Asus VG248QE, Some old Dell Monitor(utility monitor)
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    Custom loop
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    Ducky One
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    Logitech G502
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    California Headphones Silverados
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    Windows 10

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  1. Sybre

    Static noise on mic

    Wow you guys don't know any audio engineering do you? If that was true, and the Sabrent doesn't degrade audio (which I used previously and it did), No one would ever buy a nice DAC or any external sound kits. This, as stated, is simply an adapter and isn't meant for people who care much about sound quality. Please don't give information, this forum is mean to help not hinder.
  2. Sybre

    Static noise on mic

    It would most likely degrade sound quality Aux to digital conversion is a bit complicated and small things like that won't work. If you're that concerned about it I would get a DAC
  3. Sybre

    Static noise on mic

    What microphone is it? Is your gain high?
  4. I mean they're alright open back headphones. I'd take the 598's over them any day but they're also double the price. If you like them then great no need to worry about my opinion.
  5. In your sound settings on Windows, go to playback and make sure the headphones are the default. When running the games open your volume mixer (the sound icon on your desktop) and see if the games are there. If they aren't click the device name and cycle them through. If you see it pop up, they are playing through different ports.
  6. A tip: 7.1 surround sound is good for speakers due to those speakers being literally around you. With headphones, you are still technically only getting stereo sound and "surround" even virtual surround will muddy the sound stage. This will make it even more challenging where sounds are coming from. That's why high end cans don't have 7.1, It's really just a gimmick that stuck around because 7.1 surround is a buzzword.
  7. Thanks for the response even though I'm a bit late. I realized this might of been more of a pipe dream due to many constraints. I think I might just get a decent single output receiver and put my turntable on powered speakers.
  8. I'm looking for a decently priced 2 input 2 output stereo receiver for a sound system I'm planning to build in my new home. While I understand the concept of receivers, are there any that exist that have 2 inputs and 2 outputs that can use both simultaneously? One would be connected to my turntable and the other would be connected to my TV. This is so if the TV is in use, I can put my turntable on smaller speakers. Otherwise I'm just going to have to purchase two receivers. Oh and let's not break the bank if it does exist. $150 max. I don't need anything insane.
  9. Don't buy ANY gaming chairs. A good chair will feel awkward when you first sit, but will put the proper pressures on the correct spots for long term sitting and will feel way better. If you can't afford a high-end IT chair, I'd recommend you to buy a normal "executive" chair. Those will be the closest to long term comfort you will get.
  10. That's the thing. I'm using a POS router/modem combo that century link gave to me. It was slow from the start, and I feel like a 3MBs connection can at least do 1080p (not at 60) fine.
  11. So I currently have 24 down and 2 up connection and it's the best I can get. My current router/modem combo is damaged and is no longer functioning. When it did work, I couldn't even stream 1080p or 720p@60 youtube videos. Will purchasing a decent router allow me to stream them better? I feel like a 3 megabyte download speed is more than enough for 1080p. Will it also run better if I'm hardwired? Or is this a speed issue and won't make a difference? Thanks for the help in advance.
  12. Sybre

    blue yeti

    Don't bother with a full setup. If you use the mic to talk to your buddies on a VoIP then just get a simple desktop mic. Ignore what the other guy's saying. The blue yeti is a great cardioid mic for a decent price that all you need to do is plug in to work. No drivers, no pain. There's even the cheaper alternative of the blue snowball which would probably even better suit you price wise. I mean there's a reason why many people use Blue products, specifically the yeti. Not to mention I guarantee you'll probably get the same sound from using a yeti or snowball than an oversized wanna-be professional setup. This is coming from someone who does have that oversized wanna-be professional setup for work.
  13. For $150 you would probably want to look into audiophile headphones with a mod mic. Look into ath-m50x For a closed back headphone.
  14. RAZER* Kraken headsets are really shitty and this problem happens all the time with them. Odds are a wire got split in the mic. Gotta keep in mind, even though the shell of the headphones is fancy, they use a very basic microphone, equivalent to a clip on mic.
  15. If you have the same problem with all headphones odds are the problem is Electromagnetic interference. This is when you essentially hear the "noise' from your hardware in your computer. This is very common with any non-shielded or isolated sound systems on motherboards. It's hard to actually hear it unless you have dead silence from your headphones so you might of not noticed it. There are a few options to remedy the situation. The best one In my opinion is to buy a DAC. You can also get a sound card, or do custom shielding to your sound area of your motherboard, but that's really uncommon.