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  1. Falkentyne

    Did my CPU got fried???

    You should buy some Deoxit D5 contact cleaner and fully clean the pins of the power pins with it. It's safe to use (just let it dry for 10 minutes after using it)
  2. Falkentyne

    Did my CPU got fried???

    No, discard the motherboard and power supply (unless you have another 12v CPU cable if it came with two of them, then discard the motherboard), but it's probably best and smartest to buy a new PSU as well. The power supply plug melted because only four of the 8 pins were connected, and I think the 4 pin is rated to 165W maximum (that's absolute maximum, not sustained load, 165W sustained will melt the connector). This was a common thing that happened people upgraded Conroe X6800 boards to QX9650 and overclocked, when those boards only had 4 pin connectors (designed for dual core originally). Either your board had a connection fault or the cable wasn't fully inserted.
  3. Falkentyne

    CPU power pin issue

    They will separate. You have to 'slide' them apart, not pull them apart. If you try to pull, they won't come apart. One of mine is like this also. That's how I know.
  4. Four different CPU's? How did you get all that hardware? You work in a hardware shop? Board shutting off is probably why it was sold to you in the first place. Dead board. Could be a problem with a USB port, PCIE/video card port, voltage issue, etc. Check for grounding issues by doing an outside mount first.
  5. Did you plug in the Power supply's GPU PCIE power connector into the GPU?
  6. Falkentyne

    Fortnite HWID Banned

    The people who run the servers have a lot of power to track people, you know? And once a cheater, always a cheater. No one here likes cheaters.
  7. Falkentyne

    My friend just blew up his 9900k

    Acceptable voltage? You have no idea what VID is or how it works with loadline, do you? 1.5v means ZERO AMPS going into the CPU. Zero. In other words, if you use ANY sort of Loadline Calibration, all bets are off. That's why 1.404v idle at 5 ghz with Auto voltages is safe as long as you stick to all bios defaults. 185 amps will drop that 1.4v to 1.24v at full load, with AC loadline (Not loadline calibration) boosting the input voltage to the VRM slightly depending on load, to help mitigate vdroop without using Loadline Calibration. If you try setting 1.4v manually (still with LLC set to normal or standard, which are still Intel defaults of 1.6 mOhms of VRM Loadline), your vcore will be 1.10v at 185 amps, and that won't be stable at 5 ghz.
  8. The notebookreview moderators will instantly delete his posts and I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't banned from the MSI forums already. For the REST of you, SVET is a very valuable resource. I actually *bricked* the intel management engine in my own MSIbook completely, no 30 minute timeout, but it was impossible to restore. Prema from notebookreview couldn't restore it. Plutomaniac (forgot the name but the main Intel ME guy from win-raid) couldn't restore it; all the tools kept saying it was stuck in an "error state." They were saying I would probably need to hardware flash it, as all software, even EFI tools were failing. Even the MSI flasher was not restoring it. SVET was the only person who managed to restore it without me having to buy tools and risk losing my SMBUS data. And I donated to SVET after he fixed it (it was my choice). People need to do their research before they start writing troll posts.
  9. This thread needs to be locked and the original poster punished or worse. SVET has been around for YEARS and has been modding MSI laptops since the Kepler days. He was the only person capable of modding MSI laptop Nvidia vbioses and changing the fan curves. He's a lot more knowledgeable about hardware than most people on these forums. I even donated for the registered version of the old vbios editor (when I had a 570m). Reporting the OP for troll posting.
  10. Falkentyne

    Overclocking need Help with voltage!

    Do the *temps* increase when you raise the voltage slider, even though the voltage doesn't change? What about power draw/watts/TDP? If somehow stability changed, then temps should change too.
  11. Yet that crappy shithole company expect all their League of Legends players to be perfect human beings and act with "honor and dignity" when they can't even do it IN REAL LIFE in the workplace, and if you mess up, their automated shitty "reform" system bans you for OTHER People verbally harassing and attacking you and you even opening your mouth once to defend yourself. Thank god I left that piece of crap game awhile ago and am MUCH happier for it.
  12. Falkentyne

    Can I use a USB cable to clear CMOS?

    Yeah, back in the old days, motherboards used to come with a clear CMOS shorting jumper, usually attached to 1 of the two pins to be bridged. Then I think they started saving money and not shipping jumpers anymore. Gotta save those 20 cents those jumpers cost !!
  13. Falkentyne

    Is 32 GB ram enough for gaming?

    I think you all just got trolled by the OP. Like seriously. 16 GB is considered standard now for gaming. 8 GB runs into problems, especially since windows 10 uses a nice size of it for itself, and paging sucks. 32 GB is "overkill" but it's a nice cushion to have. You can open several games at once, stream, have browsers open...most gamers don't *need* 32 GB right now but it's nice to have.
  14. Vboost doesn't exist A negative loadline is NOT possible on any current hardware! Transient spikes (which is not this 1.368v) are NOT vboost! Nor can they be measured in onboard sensors (requires an oscilloscope). The reason you think you have vboost is because of the Super I/O sensor. https://www.overclock.net/forum/27686004-post2664.html
  15. Falkentyne

    9th gen cpu in a 6th gen motherboard

    6th gen? If you mean Z170 or Z270, no, it won't work with anything any normal person can do. It "can" be made to work electrically, but this requires a complicated pin mod so the proper signal pins on the 9900K/9700K get activated, then it requires a VERY complicated bios mod as well, and you may have to avoid updating the Intel management engine firmware also. You have to insert the 9900K microcodes in the bios, as well as do a mod to extend the # of supported logical "Cores" (not just talking about turbo boost ratios here), otherwise a hyperthreaded chip won't boot. And the code for this comes from AMI, so even mods from win-raid.com won't work here, if you can't extend the # of maximum cores in the bios (consult win-raid for this)--so you can kiss hyperthreading on a 9900K goodbye. In other words--don't even bother unless you like doing stuff for science. Do it as a modding experiment, not just because you want to "save money."