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  1. Swietlix

    Sony Xperia Z2

    The Z2 is great now that it has an IPS display, and dbrand for giving you stuff to review!
  2. Thanks HTC, i'm still using the wildfire, would be nice to get a new phone.
  3. Swietlix

    Revive the fallen (can older PC be cool?)

    You're calling a GTX 460 old, and i'm just sitting here with my 9600 gt...
  4. Swietlix

    100$ media PC

    Thanks man, will look into that.
  5. Swietlix

    100$ media PC

    Hi there! I'm looking to build a small form factor media pc for 300PLN (100$), that could handle 720p video. I already have a dvd drive, a hdd and a Geforce fx5200 graphics card. Can I use such a card? I don't really know much about building small pc's, so if someone would be so nice and could list some parts for me i would be greatfull. Edit: I'll be using ubuntu if that changes anything.
  6. Swietlix

    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    I'm paying 30$ for this
  7. The Roccat Valo is membrane. I can personally recommend you the CM storm quickfire tk which is a great mechanical keyboard with backlight. Also what country in the EU (judging by the fact that you use euros in your posts) doesn't have access to all those companies, because you know, there's allways international shipping (unless you're in North Korea).
  8. Swietlix

    Desk Build: Monolith - Big Green Powerful Machine!

    Looks fantastic :o
  9. I wouldn't say it can die when i'm playing, and the sensor is good WHEN it's working. I also thought i'd be fine without changing the dpi, but as i said it can randomly change dpi. For example i'm gaming at 2000 and suddenly it changes itself to like 400, despite still showing it is at 2000, then i have to bump it upto 4000dpi, and after that that it'll stutter for about 30sec. This occurs both when using a cloth and hard mousepad, aswell as just using it on a wooden desk.
  10. I don't know about the naga, but i have the ouroboros and it is a great mouse if you look at the build quality, buttons and so, but the sensor is SH*T. It keeps on stuttering when you change the dpi, and sometimes even if you go right up to 8200 it wil behave like it's at 600. Also when you turn on your pc, and synapse isn't on yet it'll run on 8200 dpi for like the first 5 min or so, making it unusuable.